Skyrim Mod: Populated Forts Towers Places

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Populated Forts Towers Places

Populated Cities Towns Villages

Populated Lands Roads Paths

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • blizk24

    2:40 Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Micky Mehmet

    If I see one more wood elf archer bandit with a hunting bow iron arrows and fur armour I'm gonna go clinically insane

  • Ike Wasweissich

    hey why is this mod not available on nexus anymore?

  • WarmongerL0M3N

    Good mod if you run with multiple followers.

  • Mecha Emperor - Knightmare Lancelot

    the dances at the end of Broduals videos <3

  • kimono Dude

    I can see that you are suffering Brodual from the lack of material now. aha... every beginning has an end.

  • bigblob27

    What gpu do you have? I really want to run skyrim with mods like that.

  • Nick Wilson

    iv done about everything possible to do on console skyrim wish i had a good pc lool    

  • Ericsupreme

    I used to have 5 mods...Thanks to Brodual, now I have 500

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    It's back, get it quick:

  • PommeNoisette007

    Dude, with OBIS, Immersive Creatures, ASIS, it's impossible to play, in the fort near Whiterun, 30 bandits attacked me and some of them one shot me LMAO when  i saw the compass all in red wow I was in a trance ^_^ i have to uninstall it, it's too too much

  • Dave

    Are theese mods compatible with SkyRE?

  • Ryan White

    Ha! I finally downloaded a mod before Brodual reviewed it! But I doubt it'll happen again, so tell me more amazing mods I should use!

  • Finn Gardner

    1:47 All new enemies come with unique appearances and races. 5 seconds later there are two necromancers on the screen that look exactly alike. wat

  • Andrey Miloshevich

    Mod is really useful! The more enemy NPCs, the better!But there is little question. This mod adds more NPCs in the forts, castles and so on. It's good. And it also adds undead as skeletons draurgov that was shown in the video?

  • Matthew Caraway

    Hello & welcome to Brodual. 8D

  • Callum Dawson-Williams

    0:28 Anyone else think he looks like Khal Drogo?

  • Mikkhep

    Problem with this mod; bandit explorers.They randomly run into places like Morthal and some of them are quite overpowered, so they manage to kill alot of people before they are taken down.Its sad, but for this reason alone I am uninstalling the mod :/In under 15 minutes being in Morthal two of these bandit explorers has attacked the town. Just pure luck that they haven't killed anyone yet.Had to load to an earlier save before, because the first time I visited Morthal four people were dead and one bandit explorer stood fighting 3 guards.

  • PreyDragon

    Have they ported this to ps4 version yet? Last i heard it was on hold due to containing assets which aren't allowed because of sonys restrictions but they were meant to be making a ps4 friendly version?

  • Jack

    it'd help if the bug that made the npc faces all red/green/black blotched

  • LegitGamerXpro

    The nexus mod link won't work.

  • Aidan P OHara

    this is the best mod spotlight show ever

  • Bernard Roda

    The mod isn't there :(

  • Lunar Umbreon

    how do you get the npc's to dance?

  • Nuzul Bawono

    what's that bow he's using?

  • Magnus Anthun

    I've been a fan of you for a long time, Brodual, but I have to say this: You're awful melee fighters. You're good archers, maybe even awesome, but you're terrible when the enemies come close.

  • Spencer Leisch

    I've gotta download this to test it on my one man army necromancer, see if my armies can wipe clear the fort.

  • Chris Williamson

    I find it hard to believe there are more Bosmer in Skyrim than Argonians. I mean, have you ever been to Riften?

  • FranomaNova

    what is this outro song?

  • aderek79

    It looks like this might be good with the easy vanilla enemies but if a two on one combat situation is already challenging this will make it practically impossible.

  • arandil1

    How does this mod affect forts occupied by friendlies?

  • BannerWolf

    Download is not working for this one either

  • Erkeil

    If you are interested, now you may find Populated Forts Towers Places mods only searching on google for Erkeil Team mods

  • HuntMcD1

    Survivor 2299 is back up.  The guy admitted to it being fake but there's a new date on this anyway.

  • Jed's Tubes

    How about a mod which lets you hire mercenaries to take over heavily fortified forts/castles

  • Micar

    Can this be found on the steam workshop? Not a fan of doing mods manually 

  • Highlander91

    what mod is used for his textures? they look sweet..

  • Cebi Korr

    If anyone wants to know what happened to these mods, basically Nexus admins banned the author of this mod after evidence of self-endorsement of his own mods, aka making multiple accounts and endorsing his mods with them. The Author requested his mods be taken off the site after he is banned. He came back under a different name and supposedly reuploaded his mods again only to be banned again permanently.He moved his mods to some site called Erkeil Team (basically a place for people who don't like or got banned from nexus at the moment), if you want to use the mods with Nexus Mod Manager, simply put the mods from this site into a zip file and click the add mod by file option at the top of the mods tab, select the zip and there you go, though it may not have the features of nexus mods  such as version checking though do not quote me)

  • TheKahunaLagoona

    This mod author was banned on the NexusStuff now found here:

  • Xeldryd

    i've always wanted to know, what do you use to make the characters dance at the end? I see so many videos where characters dance and i really want to know how they do it.

  • John Smith

    This might be good for a mod that works well with people, like magic mods. Of course, in vanilla Skyrim you could eventually cast Mayhem to deal with huge numbers.

  • Alice Margatroid

    This With OBIS + ASIS increased spawns + Immersive patrols + Sands of time!OH MY GOD wtf bandits everywhere!

  • zCallum532

    I like that the whole video is serious and professional and at the end there is just a dancing dragonborn

  • Aviv Lobel

    what happen to that mod ! i realy wanted it but no file for it any more also the Populated road is gone too..

  • Lord Beerus

    sadly this mod is removed

  • Maltezerz Bob

    wow he dosent exist anymore no more on nexus

  • Constipated OhTwo

    Does anyone remember the Skeletons in Oblivion, and the MASSIVE amount of them? Took a lot of time to kill them in Oblv, but now in Skyrim it's just: "Hey skeleton! I have a spoon! I hit you, oops! Sorry... Oh, you died? Sorry."

  • TheBlackAuraGamers

    hello im the coconut I run a youtube channel a bit like brodual its me and yolomuffins zer0% we do a lot of vids have a look at our channel and maybe subscribe to it we are very commited and love making vids and please check it out it would really mean a lot signed

  • Cablecar18

    Getting a PC, and going to download lots of mods. Will you guys be doing videos for Fallout 4?

  • Gannicus

    That of more bandits look cool, but warlocks and necromancers... well, one necromancer casting flames is enough to drop my fps to 20, so I don't think I'm getting this mod :/

  • DarthElDescanzo

    Skydie/Populated Forts Towers Places/legendary: REALISTIC

  • Marcus Dube

    another one to add to the list! populated dungeons caves ruins!

  • RoyaCanadianInfantry

    Is just fucking stupid to pay to download mods from Nexus. 

  • Grant Walter

    There isnt just 3 there is a poulated prison mod too

  • The Grin Reaper

    This mod will increase the number of twin brothers and sisters in skyrim :P

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