Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Skyrim legend, the tale of the Dragonborn! Understand this thu'um master's story, where he came from and how he became the god-slayer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of the Dragonborn, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Apples with pears

    you say the thalmor defeated the army of skyrim, but didnt really. first of all it wasnt the army of skyrim but the imperial army and second the emperor of cyrodill made a piece treaty before they even lost.sorry for being like this :P

  • Sasoro Haruno

    Seven points to ponder:1. Why does everyone, and most Nords in Skyrim, assume all elves are Thalmor? The Thalmor are primarily High Elves, or Altimer. I have yet to see a single Wood Elf or Dark elf in the game that is in league with the Thalmor. Frankly, that's just racist to elves.2. Why was your character chosen to be the Dragonborn? It's unclear if you're of the Septim line especially if you're a Wood Elf like my character. It's also not specified of your characters qualifications. They could have been a noble that just happened to travel across the border and had no experience in battle. So why was your character chosen? Did Akatosh just look down on Helgen, see your character and said, "That's the person I want to be Dragonborn"?3. What will happen to Skyrim if your character chooses to stay out of the Civil War? Because frankly, I don't like either side. So I don't want to get involved with the Imperials and encourage the Thalmor presence. And I don't want Ulfric Stormcloak to be high King because he is a giant ass and a racist against all elves, and they don't deserve that.4. Why do the Thalmor come and attack you after the embassy Quest? Do they know you're looking for Esbern? If so what do they have against the Blades? The Blades have been disbanded for well over a few centuries. So why are the Thalmor after them?5. Why can't you become High king/Wueen or Emperor /Empress? Technically, all of the Emperors up to Martin Septim were all Dragonborn. And, in my opinion, if you stopped Alduin, that makes you the savior of Tamriel. Why then shouldn't you have the right to be high king or emperor?6. What happens when the Dovahkiin dies? And I don't mean in game. I mean after the end of their life, if that's even possible. Are they immortal like dragons or are they mortal like humans? If they can die like humans and have completed several test for the Daedric Princes, where do they go? I've read a theory that Akatosh has first dibs on you since you are his child, technically speaking(You have the soul of a dragon). But as I see it if Akatosh takes you into Sovengarde, won't that start a war on Earth with all the Daedric princes? Because I can assume they are going to be right royally pissed off.7. Do the Daedric princes know that you are Dragonborn? As far as I can tell, without the Dragonborn DLC, none of the other princes seem it to notice or mention the fact that you're Dragonborn. So if they do know, do they still think that they can claim you once you're dead?

  • Luis hernandez

    i have a question.. so the aedra cant communicate with humans because they used there power creating nirn soo.. why doesnt talos do it? my threory. talos isnt a god, he just died

  • Barmi

    dovahkiin actually means dragon slayer born because only few dragon borns can slay dragons by (i dont know how to write it) divouring their souls

  • Evilchild 6

    I just realized if he had dragons blood does that mean one of his ancestors got freaky with dragon.


    thalmor can go kiss my ass. i like the imperials and i like Talos. Lol

  • SleuthingFog Gaming

    I knew all these noob facts....

  • Evan Walker

    Ive found a plot hole in the game all of the people of skyrim thought dragons were a myth so why did they have dragon burial sites with real dead dragons in. Why Bethesda

  • TheObelisk TheObelisk


  • Chicken

    dragon sole not blood

  • ico zeko

    The story you never knew but he is only talking about the main quest line

  • atlas

    skyrim be like: human GET THE FUCK DOWN!!! dragon UUHUHUHUUAHUAUHUUAhUUUH "falls to the ground" dragon WHAT IS THIS?!? human YOUR DADDY TELLING YOU WHAT DO DO! dragon NUUUUUIUUUU

  • VoidExEternity 123

    Very good video, Keep up the good work guys!

  • 27LegendThe

    I Hated the Thalmor for that Thalmor embassy quest since i coudnt beat it cuz i didnt understand what malborn was saying at that time so I accidenaly put my worst items to him and used it. fuck my life

  • Ghetto Gecko Gaming

    So... he's kind of like the avatar from ATLAB

  • Riptide_Elite gamer

    Has any one noticed that the last dragonborn is really a dreadric Prince because if you read the back of the case it says that you could never die cuz you always respawn and you really could defeat any deadra

  • Siberia's Shadow

    but the thing is that when you play in the beginning, ur gonna die but live instead, but if alduin hadn't came, then u would be dead so he kinda saved u

  • s a r d o n y x

    Wait how will you make a video about the dovahkiin if we make the backstory for ourselves and Bethesda never made an official backstory for the dovahkiin

  • The unknown rex

    Treesicle: dragon born, dovakiinme: a cat

  • Baea Finn

    When you didn't get to hear the Dovahkiin shout because the dialogue scene happened right after you defeated the dragon and everyone is saying "Did you hear that? The shout?"

  • Jusey1

    Tiber Septim never ascended to godhood. His soul only makes up 1/3 of the God Talos.

  • Tommy Carlin

    Skyrim has to be the best game ever made

  • barbara reynolds noonan

    i like the thalmor robes

  • Sam Almonrode

    i do not know how you made the dove a king even more badass

  • Colt Zar


  • Nicolas Brouwer

    sorry but the impirials aren't puppets of the thalmor... the empire is what keeps the thalmor out of skyrim... the stormcloaks are weaker then the empirials and the thalmor want to attack skyrim again so if the stormcloaks would rule skyrim, skyrim would be skrewd...

  • Wesley Cantrell

    any High Elves out there

  • Unsmartphone 05

    The dragonborn comes 😩💦💦

  • Dracor Verash

    thats scary i died at that exact same place and same kill cam at 9:20 lol

  • Bitch Duck

    If Hollywood decides to do a Skyrim movie, I want James Earl Jones as Paarthurnax

  • Ümit Yılmaz

    Punching a dragon in the face :D Hell yeah

  • MrTonttu

    9:32 thats my wallpaper lol

  • Riot Gaming

    Come on no one uses fus ro dah in dragons you just spam Dragonrend so you can poke with a shitty orcish sword cuz a draugr deathlord disarmed you but you couldnt find it and you havent saved in thorty minutes so you almost threw your controller through your tv... wait what was I talking about

  • Maxime Larivee

    Wow... so many wrong facts. I had to stop watching after a few minutes due to over-cringing.

  • Leafy Sauce

    Race: Imperial, Side: Stormcloak. (Insert black and white Japanese confused guy

  • Vagaroth Lorkar

    But I already knew this.

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