Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Skyrim legend, the tale of the Dragonborn! Understand this thu'um master's story, where he came from and how he became the god-slayer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of the Dragonborn, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • ben alvarez

    Who else noticed him say throne of the world

  • Limitless

    God of destruction? Bitch please Beerus would cook him

  • Amazed Alloy

    Dovakiin could also be a combination of dov, dah and kiin meaning dragon-hunter-born. This makes sense as every dragon's name is 3 words of power.

  • Jesus Valdivia

    So dragonborn Is like ang the air nomad avatar / and where does my character you playing as come from like it said he was found by the border what border are they talking about and can you find it in the skyrim game?? Whats your past history you play as?

  • MondayNightRyas

    So... what about that was I supposed not to know?I knew everything!

  • Andy Zheng

    Dovahkiin the cat that punched a dragon to death


    9:12 People do not fear youBandit: You sure about that?

  • Read this

    I just realised the respawn saving and loading mechanics are actually a thing the dragonborn knows how to do with them being the bridge of mortality and immortality

  • OokileyGMR

    I've never played Skyrim but i REALLY LOVE TES. Just, the whole series has an epic, so meticulously detailed lore, that even sounds better than actual reality. It's the best lore i've ever seen in a game. And when i saw Oblivion in this video i almost fainted of nostalgia!

  • Respect Is Needed

    Actually, Dovahkiin is split in three words.Dov(Dragon)Ah(Hunter)Kiin(Born,Kind)

  • The Nerdy Gamer

    if the story of Dragonborn channeling Akatosh is true how come we dont get to do it? that would mke the game much better

  • wesley

    I already knew this (might have seen too much lore)

  • frostyguy1989

    2:36 Interestingly, if you're following the dragon naming convention (treating their names as Shouts), it's Dov-Ah-Kiin, which roughly translates to "Born Hunter of Dragonkind."

  • Aidan

    U sound like the Mike Korzemba version of skyrim

  • Bone King

    And.............. Oh that was the video

  • Cubie Mccuberson

    0:25 you have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what say you in your defense

  • Assassin Sword

    Does that mean...OH GOD Dovakien septon!!!!!

  • SoweKon _AT

    Skyrim is not the land of the nords the snow elves were the first

  • Nova Chrest

    Dragonrend aka gives dragon existential crisis

  • atticus chea

    Actually Dovahkiin is a combination of 3 words Doh meaning dragon ah meaning hunter kiin meaning born......dragon hunter born.....every dragon language got 3 words same with their name.

  • Immortal Vela

    hurr durr i have 3000 hours and i knew everything said here hurr me is expert dragon fucker

  • Elias Nordgren

    Dov means dragon not dovah. Dovah means dragon hunter.

  • coreox the pesky arrow

    Anyone else think there more dragonborns before this one but no one knew because the blades killed them all

  • Van Nessa

    Ulfric knows dragon shout. true nord of skyrim.but orcs live longer before nords came to skyrim

  • Renan Andrade

    The funniest video eveeer kkkk ;)

  • TheZeroNeonix

    It isn't really clear in this video, but Alduin is not a villain because of his "World Eater" status, but because he has chosen to neglect his duties and rule over Tamriel rather than destroy it. As first born of Akatosh, the dragon god of time, Alduin plays the crucial role of ushering in the end of times. Once the world is destroyed, the world can be reborn again, kind of like a phoenix that bursts into flames and hatches from its own ashes. This has happened many times before. The time between the birth and death of a world is called a "Kalpa." Alduin is the villain because he decided that he would rather rule over mortal races, oppressing men with the superior power of the dragons. While the Dragonborn slayed Alduin, bringing an end to his reign of terror and the official end to the reign of dragons over mortals, he did not absorb Alduin's soul. Paarthurnax suggested that this was because Alduin was destined to return once again, to usher in the end of days as he was meant to do. The Dragonborn didn't stop the end of the world, he protected the natural order.

  • King killya

    Dude everyone who payed attention to the games knows this stuff

  • endermarionette

    Damn son where'd ya find

  • Raleigh Villanueva

    1:03 Fight Alduin? Or fight Dicktuin?

  • Zed

    "The Imperials think we need their laws. Pfft."

  • Tristan Halbert

    5:38The exact moment upon which my pants where shat the first time I played this game.

  • Chrisfragger1

    In all fairness wouldn't you as the Dragonborn, be the true heir to the Empire?

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