Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Skyrim legend, the tale of the Dragonborn! Understand this thu'um master's story, where he came from and how he became the god-slayer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of the Dragonborn, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Wren Tamayo

    Can I become Talos mk2 by using exploited overly powered equipment?

  • Lev Gasanov

    The vikings was a nords

  • Aiden MacNeill

    So dragon rend gives dragons crippling depression


    The only thing I learned is that as Dragonborn I can kill anything. Including those stupid jerk Daedric Princes

  • TheDestructiveGiant

    1. "Dovahkiin" is three words, "Dov" dragon, "ah" hunter, and "kiin" born, being "dragonborn" and "Dovahkiin" are different things, many Dragonborn throughout history were not Dovahkiin, also, the greybeards summon the Last Dragonborn the same way the he/she summons Odahving, three words of power forming their name.2: Alduin is not the god of Destruction, he is part of an eternal cycle, Alduin will devour the world, and after it is devoured Lorkhan will create it again. Also Mehrunes Dagon is the god of destruction.3: Martin Septim is not confirmed to be Dovahkiin (though he probably was) and he didn't kill Mehrunes Dagon, he banished him, the way Dovahkiin kill dragons is by taking their soul, and Daedra have very different souls from dragons.

  • Pirate Toast

    XD I loved the jimmy neutron reference!

  • Lisa Chagan

    who saw the face at 6:20

  • Red Nukke

    you didnt anything that we didnt know you just talked about the lore that the game tells the player you are just little game theory

  • Borna Ardehi

    Dude your conclusion sucks. Like... you say you decide the fate of gods and mortals, but you forgot that Dovahkiin is a god. Dovahkiin is the embodiment of the God of War, Ysmir. In Skyrim, Tiber Septim is the embodiment of Ysmir. But in the next installment, it would be very likely that this title comes to belong to Laat Dovahkiin

  • Tiffany Phillips

    doesnt that mean were the emporer

  • Gilgamesh of Uruk

    Uggghhh. All the misunderstood lore...

  • Tanzanight

    If I were the dragonborn I'd be like hey alduin let's team up and kill all the mortals I mean all they did to me the one who saved their lives is say something about knees and arrows and scream at me for take a sweet roll

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    Hate to be that guy but alduin isn't the god of destruction

  • Xavier Stark

    UGH now I'm going to do the main questline

  • da best o' da best

    gain respect? yea like when everybody especially the guards treat ya like shit!

  • Be MOe

    I had autoCaptions on and it spelled Dovahkiin perfectly...

  • SmashedWorm64

    Have an intense battle with dragon with guard helping, you winGuard:I can't believe it5 mins laterI'm here on guard duty whilst my cousins are slaying dragons

  • The god of war Odin 24

    Where is the elder scroll dragon


    Oh but wait, Dragonborn canNOT kill important Characters. And those damn kids.

  • SNGaming

    all my friends play cod and FIFA. compared to this masterpiece both games seem like crap.

  • PrincessSoulGem

    This made my day....Not Paarthurnaxbut.........Partysnax

  • Virgõ Sapphire Støñe

    This is lore for skyrim begginers

  • Deadzone 575

    Wait there was a path to the top of the mountain

  • Caydon Davis

    The dunmer (dark elves ) would be the strongest race in tamrial if it was not for the red mountain exploding that is what broke their economy and lead to the black marsh invasion

  • Jaynoeys 122

    11:13 Martin wasn't the ripe of dragonborn your thinking of. He does not have any dragon blood like you do in skyrim

  • Javen Epperson

    Wait but if alduin can go into a different time wouldn't he just kill your mom in Skyrim so then he wouldn't die and he would rule over the continent of tamerail

  • Maverick Crow

    Martin and Dovahkiin both are a dragonborn facing another dragonborn, the mythic dawn cult leader is dragonborn, and dovahkiin fought Miraak lol

  • MrDerpLight28 !

    How does a treesicle taste

  • Danimaster 789

    skyrim its actualy the land of the snow elves it was the nords who invaided skyrim. just saying

  • Demonic Dark Valkyrie

    talos that youre shor about the last dragonborn being an incarnation.

  • Stacks of Potatoes

    You didn't even mention miraak.

  • The Legendary One

    This was literally a summary of the skyrim main quest and partially the oblivion main quest.

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