Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Skyrim legend, the tale of the Dragonborn! Understand this thu'um master's story, where he came from and how he became the god-slayer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of the Dragonborn, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Brngsh

    Literally anyone who played Skyrim knew this.

  • Pronkman666

    Mehrunes Dagon is a daedric prince not a god

  • Luke Tarry

    This is literally just telling me the main quest line from skyrim then part of the main quest line from oblivion in a summary but who cares

  • The RandomYoutuber's Channel

    Meets PaarthurnaxThis guy is awesome LaterSome D*ck : You must kill PaarthurnaxF*ck you

  • Vaineratom

    maybe the secret power of the dragon born is the ability to travel back in time using the quick save system.

  • Akash Dragneel

    Hey when did alduin retire dagon as the god of destruction lol..

  • IAmTheRedd

    hmm, kinda thought this would be Dovahkiin lore, not just a retelling of Skyrim

  • SmashedWorm64

    Have an intense battle with dragon with guard helping, you winGuard:I can't believe it5 mins laterI'm here on guard duty whilst my cousins are slaying dragons

  • WarOnFire 32

    That and, in game, they explain that the Dragonborn is to kill Alduin because he/she can absorb his soul; thus permanently killing him.

  • Aiden MacNeill

    So dragon rend gives dragons crippling depression

  • xXRyderSJXx A Normal SD Operative

    The reason the dragonborn is tasked with defeating alduin in because the dragonborn is the only one who can truly permanently kill a dragon, by absorbing it's soul.

  • da best o' da best

    gain respect? yea like when everybody especially the guards treat ya like shit!

  • Seb Bro

    2:35 There's actually another way to understand it. The word 'Dovah' is already made up of two words, Dov and Ah. The former means dragonkind whilst the latter means hunter. Ergo, Dovahkiin can also alternatively be translated as 'dragon hunter child', or born dragon hunter, empathizing on a dovahkiin being the ultimate dragonslayer.

  • lighting wolf 3.60

    I will never see Skyrim in the same way again :-p

  • Nicolas Brouwer

    has anyone noticed that if you kill the dragon at whiterun it will say: dovakhiin, no! ??? and that is before you will absorb his soul wich means dragons knew you were dragonborn before you knew it yourself. maybe thats also why helgen got attacked, alduin knew you were dragonborn and hoped you will ally with him but instead you turned against him.

  • Aurey Cox

    This is the worst skyrim video I've ever seen or heard

  • Gabriel Robinson

    What is cooler then riding a f*cking dragon

  • Zecrion

    Pruzah grind fahdonne, bo fin lokke do Keizaal. Daar pah.Incomprehensible to men? I think not.

  • Ben

    Nah, this dude is wrong. The reasone The dragonborn is the chosen one is becouse he is the only one who can devour a dragons soul, so it never comes back. Ulfric can't do that. No one but you. The Dragonborn

  • Cie Vona

    so..... dragonborn = naruto.

  • King Media

    Sick bruh I love yu! You rely don't deserve this much subs u deserve a bunch more! Thx for da vid!

  • Ninaad Das

    Loved this episode!Please also do a story you never knew, about DoTA 2.

  • Mars Leonova

    The thalmor dont like talos worship because he killed thousands of elves to take tamriel and then the nords make him a god

  • SP Inc.

    Now I have to go play...

  • Osiris Gaming

    Next time tell us what u know about his childhood, his past where he is from, who his parents are, where in skyrim they live.

  • Louis Pushia

    you time killing FUCK!!!! BREAK A LEG NEXT TIME

  • Wren Tamayo

    Can I become Talos mk2 by using exploited overly powered equipment?

  • Lopaulers Name

    I love how I have 863 hours in skyrim and full daedric armor and weapons but I haven't speakers to the gray beards yes lol

  • Stacks of Potatoes

    You didn't even mention miraak.

  • Gamzee Makara

    Oblivion was so comically bad, it's just enhanced the gaming experience into a really, really fun game

  • Archangel X

    Do basically Dragonborn is Dragon jesus

  • Caydon Davis

    The dunmer (dark elves ) would be the strongest race in tamrial if it was not for the red mountain exploding that is what broke their economy and lead to the black marsh invasion

  • Tiffany Phillips

    doesnt that mean were the emporer

  • Vnixz Shrestha Artist

    "The story you never knew" ???More like "spoilers for those who hasnt played the game yet"Disliked

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