Archer uses Unlimited Blade Works with Emiya ost Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works TV

"Archer uses Unlimited Blade Works with Emiya ost Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works TV" no description available.
  • LittleKLas

    Archer emiya is still the best . As much as I don't like emyia shirou , I like archer :) he is so cool

  • Roberto Espindola

    work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger

  • Anna Yvette


  • JourneyML1

    Shirou sucks, Archer on the other hand is awesome

  • Darth Portus

    Archer is my favorite character in Fate series :D

  • Paradoxical Com

    man still not the full chant

  • Cannibal Candy

    "I am the bone of my sword. Unknown to death, nor known to life. Unlimited Blade Works!"

  • ProBallistic Gamer

    A user of the Unlimited Blade Works cannot defeat someone who is in the family of the maker of that...

  • Don Qco

    more like unlimited budget works

  • 邱梦超

    Why archer is not a caster

  • Alex Bamberger

    I just noticed a small plot hole in this scene. Archer says that if two holy swords clash humans in the vicinity may not survive but when Shiro copies Archer's holy swords he is just fine... How does that work?

  • TheWarrior

    The ost is 10/10 and the budget is UNLIMITED

  • Major Degurshaff

    Unlimited...Blade Works!Epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic!!!!!!!!!!!!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノヽ(*≧ω≦)ノヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ(/^▽^)/ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

  • Derek Bates

    they explained how and why Archer looks the way he does, but it still doesn't make sense. How does a magic rebound change your appearance, I don't follow?

  • Yamian Rivera

    This fight is more epic the second time around

  • I'm Asian

    For fucks sake shirou, I wanted to see archer via aaber

  • Paul George

    How is archer so much more epic than shirou?

  • Trainer Jefri

    i'm the bone of my brainunknown to schoolnor known to classunlimited home work!! (-_-')

  • DragonOfTheNight

    Is someone knowing what was the OST of this part ? (I mean the original one, not Emiya.)Thank you in advance ! :)

  • TheWarrior

    blue aura appears, ost starts playingUnlimited Hype Works.

  • Aziz Saidy

    What's up with you people liking Archer, but hating Shirou? I mean I won't lie, GARcher is cooler than ginger boy, but wasn't Archer supposed to be the embodiment of everything wrong with an idealist? Someone who blindly jumps in to whatever they're getting into without taking consideration of their ideal? Someone who doesn't stay true to themselves, and turns away from a dream that despite being flawed, is beautiful, simply because of the stupid decisions he makes? Someone who immaturely thinks of the ideal as a goal that can actually be achieved, and not as a way life worth living?Just because the other is more awesome, doesn't say anything about their character >:( !

  • TGGnet

    unlimitid blade woks!

  • Asada Sinon

    what episode is that?

  • henry .moriasi

    heeeyy guys ever wondered if archer uses his bow « one of the strongest weapon he has cadabolg?» vz lancers gaebolg ...which one has more might ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • varoksa

    ok whats the damn theme playing

  • Austin Buford

    "I am the bone of my sword.""Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.""I have created over a thousand blades""Unknown to Death.""Nor known to life.""Have withstood pain to create many weapons""Yet those hands will never hold anything.""So as I pray, UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!"

  • Hiroto

    Yeah, it "works"

  • clarence albert

    Both of the Archer Class Servants in the Fourth and Fifth Holy War are fucking OP!!!!! Gilgamesh and Gate of Babylon, Emiya and Unlimited Blade Works

  • Colonel Sanders

    Whirlpool of Fate is honestly the more fitting theme, Emiya has always been the theme of Shirou's resolve.

  • Famiel Xing

    If Archer can reproduce any weapon he sees, can he reproduce Gilgamesh's EA?

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