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Showcase and personal comments for 10 best armor mods for Skyrim in 2016 according to yours truly.

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My load order:

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • War_Cheese

    Could you fit some music into the dead silent spots? feels a bit off, I think you're doing a great job and want to see you improve that's why I'm speaking up. maybe edit out the coughing too.

  • Organic Giraffe

    I'll feel like a bus? coool

  • Stratos Adam

    how can you hold your weapon like that when you are wearing resplendent armor? i guess its a mode

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Modding Guide for Mage: Player Homes: Quest/New Land Mods: out my Mass Effect 3 Ultimate Graphics video: to first of "TOP-10" video series. We'll begin with amors :)Check out my latest TOP-10 video: free to write your personal opinions about best Skyrim armor mods and thank you for watching!P.S. Forgot to remove 2 cough sounds, lol :D

  • Joshua Karchut

    Is the Resplendent armor on Xbox one?

  • Master Games

    best mods for daedric armor at skyrim pc's

  • Smol confused racoon

    Great video man! Also, thank you for not showcasing all the popular/slutty armor mods. Subbed

  • ifofcourse

    what mod do you use for your drawn sword animation while standing?

  • LongerThanLyfe

    Great vid my man, took a ton of armor from this, your voice sounds like a indian tech support robot and I love it xD keep up the good work!


    Is any of this on PS4

  • marcos

    Imo I feel you should include more of the armor shots from the front

  • Coryndiuns

    isn't nexusmods full of virus and shit or is it totally safe?

  • Peanut mc butter pants

    are there any realistic weapon and armor weight mods for console? Cause all I can find are made by idiots who don't realise even plate mail isn't that heavy, so yea a mod made by someone with education cause the stupid weights in this game just ruins the game for me. I mean seriously 10 pounds for a sword wtf swords are light even two handers are light in real life

  • Nightx3aw Games

    you're great at photography, but get a better mic pls, it could make videos better

  • Cloud Nightshade

    What weapon is that at 0:45?

  • Rasmus

    This is the worst english i have ever heard.... only watching that video without sound

  • Glitch Master Gaming

    i disliked cuz the voice quality with the speaking was shit

  • glass babies

    Lmfao You don't own Skyrim or Mods!? So you just make video's on Skyrim Why? Click bate? :)

  • Christoffer Olofsson

    Stop say Character with an ''SH'' sound to it, character is pronounced Character with a K to it.. jesus, learn some English man

  • pandakadabra

    Don't mind the naysayers Sinitar. Though I never figured out why your English is so funny all these years, your content is pretty decent and you bring it to the fans for free and in quality. What matter is your effort, and we understand what you say and it's legit and we love it.

  • Jollibee

    Does this work for skyrik se? Or ported

  • Wilking Gómez

    Don´t know what your accent is, but it's pretty good and understandable, considering i'm a latinamerican who learned english by videogames and movies.

  • Prince Alexandriar

    great quality, terrible mic XD

  • Shadowstep Rox

    What's that weapon you're using in the beginning of the Master of Beasts spotlight? The one that looks kinda like a black version of a drastic sword? Looks pretty cool!

  • knights night

    what is standing pose style mod name?

  • Master Games

    how to get armor? please

  • QualitySound1993

    How can I contact someone who makes the armors?


    Thats an accent right?

  • Haha #

    What enb do you use?

  • Milo Jovanov

    how are you able to hold your two handed on your shoulder?

  • David Reed

    My the only one who thinks he kinda sounds like bane in batman???

  • Mack daddy Hank

    are these available on console

  • Jericon Mc

    What mod is that the style of ur character standing?

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