10 FREE PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have

There are must-have apps that every PC gamer needs to check out to improve their quality of life. Here's what you need.
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https://www.launchbox-app.com/ or https://gameroom.me/

Flux - https://justgetflux.com/











Nexus Mod Manager

Process Explorer

Ultramon For Dual Monitors
  • One Sad Furfag

    Windows 10 has its own flux setting built in. F.lux gave 2 of my win10 PCs constant BSODs.

  • Stoyan Yovchev

    Number 9 - Better is "Iris" - the best application for your eyes health!

  • iCyber

    2:39 why would you bring a heavy laptop outside and carry it? I mean it could break your back xD

  • Yannxcks 2nd Channel

    Wtf u have 4mil subs but ur mic quality is awful!?

  • Roman King

    0:03 - ... No, its Linux! - worthless videc

  • Thor the Gamer

    I'm the 121 thousandth like, my goal has been accomplished.

  • Sypticle

    windows + w duhh.. fuck all these image capture tools..

  • Mafdet Gaming

    I'm new to pc gaming and I want to get an emulator does anyone know of any that are reliable and won't give my computer aids???

  • oImpaa


  • Dxpress

    4:28Okay... But why is this useful...?

  • buder5

    do key tweak allow control profile?

  • Sumba Tibanye

    Thanks for pointing out the flux manager, really useful.

  • Owen Jones

    What app for clipping stuff do streamers use - if u know Sinatraa the overwatch player when he hit the midair stick with the pulse he clips it what is the app that he clips it with called please help if u do not know that vid then to explain it a little black rectangle pops up on the right side of the screen with a green circle and green text that says recorded last 45 seconds

  • Chronic_Slayer

    Can somebody front me $1700 so i can stop watching pc videos and just buy a pc already. Im running out and alot of saving to go lmao 😭

  • J d

    Software to use a ps4 controller for pc games ?

  • LeBronFan101

    I'm gaming on Mac (JKS)

  • 60 FPS Or Bust

    1:24But doesn't Windows 10 have a night light built-in that does the exact same thing as f.lux? You can set which time you want it to activate, the intensity of the "warm" colours, and so on.

  • Misterviggo

    Its one Software i always use when i use My computer!! Like ALL THE TIME, its Windows!


    F.lux is great! It actually works.

  • Radwan Radwan

    long live thepiratebay !!!

  • Raging Wolf

    can i use msi thing for my intel celeron and be able to play roblox without lag? (ik its terrible)

  • pedro soliano

    my msi afterburner crash on pubg.anyone has a solution for this?

  • HuntinTox

    My favorite gaming apps i cant do without is microsoft store really keeps me up with those brand new games ;)

  • The White Angel

    OMG Overwatch r u f*cking kidding me? BTW Vibrance GUI.. ;)

  • Neko Jonez

    Everything from Voidtools (just easier to search your PC with) and PatchMyPC. (Updater tool that updates your software automatically and silently.)

  • Jack W.

    Gaming or not CCLEANER

  • Carmo Jams

    Don't forget razer cortex

  • Latios

    Would be nice if borderless gaming didn't require admin

  • Alex aka Weekenders

    what kind of shit list is that in the description...... rewrite it

  • ProMattieG

    i actually pressed alt f4 and it closed everything including gta

  • w0nders

    Awesome video. I like the programs you featured, I'll try them out. I made a video with some additional programs I think windows users should have. Feel free to check it out!

  • The Bastard Son's

    Does the msi afterburner work just for the msi videocard

  • Maicol Nova Lòpez

    the msi affterburner app havent been updated since 6years ago

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