Skyrim Battle - Strongest Creature in Dawnguard

Welcome to the Arena. Where we pit different NPC's in a fight to the death for our own sick amusement.

Here are the strongest creatures added to the game through Dawnguard fighting for supremacy.

No dragons were added to the arena battles to keep it short and simple (The 2 new dragon types that were added are way over leveled for a 1vs1 battle). Also, the arena showdown was only for mob creatures; not named creatures like quest NPC's or special creatures.

Kevin Macleod

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  • ChuckleFace McGee

    frost giant v frost trolls x4

  • Seamus Gorr

    All dragon race free far all.

  • Lord Yveltal

    I wish Skyrim could let us become Gargoyles

  • AzaronGaming

    howd you make the arena?

  • Omar Zahid

    Forgemaster was really hard for me. Frost giants were pie. Maybe it was cuz I killed the frost giants on novice and forgemaster on legendary

  • The Flash

    Legendary dragon for sure

  • Preston Garvy

    any tips for the dawnguard dlc

  • KMTime

    Rhexx how did you get this arena if this arena is from a mod can you provide me the link to this battle arena mod please :)?

  • Kastal Speziali

    hello my name is kastal and i play skyrim it,s a fun game to play can you plese woch my videos plese and subcc

  • Preston Garvy

    is it bad I play on novice

  • Lyonx

    well gargoyle won just cuz of his life drain

  • Johnson Ly

    Bone man was like sit down to the frost giant

  • Zac Hodgkinson

    karstag vs next strongest enemy

  • MAJK

    Keeper vs Gargoyle Sentinel?

  • Crazy Killjoy 2.0

    "My votes on the big one"

  • minecraft master

    Ebony warrior vs legendary dragon

  • Ryk Latortuga

    Maven Blackbriar vs. M'joll

  • Kylan Thomas

    do Hargon V.S. the dragon born

  • JMD Productions

    Did he forget durnivir

  • Kitcat111 Minecraftgamer

    100 lydias vs 100 marcunios

  • The Poet

    Bruh. The Sentinel have hits where its health can come up. Just look at the red that comes close to it

  • lofan bucket

    ebony warrior vs miirak

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