Skyrim Battle - Strongest Creature in Dawnguard

Welcome to the Arena. Where we pit different NPC's in a fight to the death for our own sick amusement.

Here are the strongest creatures added to the game through Dawnguard fighting for supremacy.

No dragons were added to the arena battles to keep it short and simple (The 2 new dragon types that were added are way over leveled for a 1vs1 battle). Also, the arena showdown was only for mob creatures; not named creatures like quest NPC's or special creatures.

Kevin Macleod

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  • Good Job Retard

    i love how the first battle is like a small kid fighting a adult and the kid wins

  • vinny the terraian 132570

    hey rheex make karstag and ebony warrier fight!

  • Beilly Zhu

    Is karstaag a frost giant?

  • herogod00

    Why the FUck no shellbug, IT WOULD'VE WON! xD SHellbug was not known back then

  • Sniper Puppy03

    Lord harken vs dragon born dlc boss do not know his name 😂

  • vinny the terraian 132570

    but i allso have full set deadric armor and im lvl 62 and my one handed skill legendary dubble

  • vinny the terraian 132570

    oh and how you had to spaink the forgmaster then he died XD

  • trololol i got nothin

    dragonborn free for all

  • DuhaTV

    televanni vs arch mage

  • JOKKERvlogs

    How do you get the arena?

  • Gabriel DeVeau

    Cunt Muffin vs Murphy

  • Nobunaga han

    springgan earth mother vs forge master

  • rafael de gracia

    Two giants vs one frost giant :D

  • The Average Youtube Commenter

    Was the Giant Really Necesarry?

  • Manuel Maghirang

    Rip headphone users :3 0:06-0:12

  • TheChinaMan 25

    5 Armoured Battle Trolls Vs 5 Gargoyle Sentinels

  • Bidhur Chakma

    ice/fire wraith vs magical anamoly

  • dinesh pathak

    what about giant vs frost giant

  • vinny the terraian 132570

    oh rheex make a thousand Imperials fight 1000 karstaags and 1000 Legendary Dragons 1000 miraak's and a thousand and 1000 isrons and 1000 Lord harkon's 10000 Frost trolls and a thousands mammoths and your character oh and two thousands argonians level of thousands

  • Savage of The West

    100 samuels vs 100 skeletons

  • Drakurio

    how do i do this? i cant get them to fight .-.

  • Savage ShadowZ

    Alduin vs karrstag vs parthrnax vs lord harkon vs Isran vs babbete vs forge master vs ancient dragon vs mirrak vs mirrak's dragon vs ebony warrior vs the emperor vs draugr death lord

  • Teamsmash TV

    Put miraak vs alduin vs ulfric vs harkon vs frostgiant vs mammoth vs graybeard vs 30 ware wolves vs 500 stormcloak guard vs 10 legendary dragons.

  • vinny the terraian 132570

    yellow harry I think the argonians are going to win because they have a poison resistant ability and they can regenerate health so I think the Orcs are going to lose easily in a battle so they could go against I 500 Legendary Dragons so this is going to be an easy battle so yellow harry I'm going to get back on like Skyrim so I can get all the way to level 1000 actually 2000

  • I'm really angry x98372

    come on wtf is this music

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