Skyrim Mod: Multiplayer Couch Co-Op 2-Player Mod

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Couch Co-Op Multiplayer Mod

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Space Cat Nuggets

    Imagine Skyrim in multiplayer ahh that be fun cause things would be way easier cause I could use my lvl 61 character and my brother could use his lvl 56 or so character lol

  • yunolose

    reminds me of the 2 player thing in gta san andreas

  • horridshrimp2k37

    its sort of like fable 2 coop

  • UberEye

    I wish TES online was like these mods.

  • zain siddique

    say why can't we port the split screen functionality from RE 5/ Biohazzard 5 to skyrim for some neat co op

  • LordVader1094

    I kind of wish this had been in the base game.

  • megawarrior Space Games

    This reminds me of summoning people in dark souls, just with less of a chance to be paired with someone who has no clue what they're doing

  • ertyuıopğü wertyuıopğü

    What ENB do you use?

  • TheKhanornator

    they could probably try to implement a system using the programming of the "lock on mod" to make the camera stay in between both characters

  • EmperorRagna

    is this on Pc only ??

  • tatetalk

    It would be nice to just be able to invite one (or a small group) friend(s) to join you.

  • Catsaretheworst

    Skyrim has couch co op now but halo 5 doesnt.Thx 343

  • Daedra

    Well, there is a problem. There is no one in the front of temple. Am i doing something wrong ?!

  • jason Gallagher

    what happens when player 2 dies or does he

  • Dinar Dinar

    Split screen is impossible because the world needs to be rendered twice, which will simply break your game

  • Rick- J420

    Couldn't they mod a camera system kind of like Champions of Norrath?

  • Shushkin

    I appreciate how much hard work the developers put into mods like these, but I must say. Couch co op is ass. I hope someday we can play skyrim with friends online in our own houses. Or at the very least, connect 2 pcs with an internet wire and play multiplayer that way. 2 seperate pcs.

  • Joey G

    Are you fucking kidding me with this 35 second ad? Piece of shit!

  • Maxwell Green

    This reminds a lot of the dark souls soapstone system...

  • Ruin Paladin

    Sooo its a scaled down Fable 2 co-op.

  • SuperSpawn77

    If only this worked on console.

  • Mortis

    Is there a way to zoom the third-person camera in and out on console?

  • Paarthurnax Friend of Man

    I like the idea of fixed camera coop or vs minigames in skyrim. Modders pls make

  • The Computer

    2030: Skyrim: Legendary Co-op game of the year remastered platinum games VR DLC special edition

  • fallen knight shadow

    Plz make this mod on xbox one it be sooo amazing

  • King Lock15 mapper

    I hope ES6, we can play co-op


    what is the name of the mod that shows health bar above enemy and also shows the remaining health points?

  • Sam Snow

    Imagine if you got a couple of LAN cables and refined the mod a bit. Might be able to use 2 screens but still run it on 1 pc

  • Wildifre The Fox

    Does this work with Xbox?

  • 808 Solid Entertainment

    Lame, rather play by myself. Whats the point if u cant indulge your self in the full experience.

  • Vicar of Avarice

    Bethesda seriously needs to add co-op to Fallout and Elder Scrolls. The game is just oozing with opportunity

  • Beast Beast

    Reminds me of fable 2

  • Caticidal

    Tamriel online is awesome

  • ReDirect

    An idea would be to see 2D, to lock the cammera at a point, following player 1 from bird eye view, or see from a croner, or just toggle beetwen cameras...

  • Blue★

    This is eaxactly what people are requesting when they say MP capability's. simple 2 player invite coop. The second player does not need to be related to the story just like the followers.

  • Killsper YT

    Wait I don't have friends

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