Skyrim Mod: Multiplayer Couch Co-Op 2-Player Mod

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Couch Co-Op Multiplayer Mod

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • SuperSpawn77

    If only this worked on console.

  • Joey G

    Are you fucking kidding me with this 35 second ad? Piece of shit!

  • Mr. Arens

    Has anyone got this working on sse?


    podrias por lo menos decir como mierda se instala hijodeputa

  • Original Dave

    So im only for supporting mods that add multi, any official build by bethesda will probably give us eso2 and not TES6, but it will still be called tes6, ruining elder scrolls least officially. Fanboys might love eso 2

  • UberEye

    I wish TES online was like these mods.

  • ReDirect

    An idea would be to see 2D, to lock the cammera at a point, following player 1 from bird eye view, or see from a croner, or just toggle beetwen cameras...

  • Dædra

    Well, there is a problem. There is no one in the front of temple. Am i doing something wrong ?!

  • Andramat Game & Toys

    This gameplay in 1 coputor,or 2? Say please (i do not speak english good)

  • peter sparre jørgensen

    dose this work for the special edition

  • 808 Solid Entertainment

    Lame, rather play by myself. Whats the point if u cant indulge your self in the full experience.

  • fallen knight shadow

    Plz make this mod on xbox one it be sooo amazing

  • Nort h Sout h

    Immagine skyrim pvp, this is shit, why play coop if you can kill everyting in the game pretty fast. This game isn't built for multiple high damage players doing bosses and stuff.

  • SoupSandwich

    It reminds me of GTA sa local multiplayer.

  • jason Gallagher

    what happens when player 2 dies or does he

  • Venegas 612

    reminds me of playing fable 2 with my older brother

  • Jayden Tofoy

    can i use this with mods

  • Catsaretheworst

    Skyrim has couch co op now but halo 5 doesnt.Thx 343

  • MrJuggsjuggler _

    Man they should do this to game console

  • Ninjamantis

    This needs splitscreen? Wtf why is there none

  • Princepe Daedra

    mas este mod multeplaier e so para pc tem para ps3 ou xbox 360 não.

  • Cole G

    what do i press after i select the second player?

  • Maxwell Green

    This reminds a lot of the dark souls soapstone system...

  • horridshrimp2k37

    its sort of like fable 2 coop

  • Ruin Paladin

    Sooo its a scaled down Fable 2 co-op.

  • wilbert olivo

    you can or you can play local with a second player?

  • EmperorRagna

    is this on Pc only ??

  • Martin Hague

    not for special edition???

  • Dwemero

    pleas new link in script dragon :/ script dragon need

  • Blue★

    This is eaxactly what people are requesting when they say MP capability's. simple 2 player invite coop. The second player does not need to be related to the story just like the followers.

  • BlitzCabooseRVB

    Is this for Skyrim Special Edition?

  • John Goldfield

    so it's like playing tails in sonic 2?

  • King Lock15 mapper

    I hope ES6, we can play co-op

  • Rick- J420

    Couldn't they mod a camera system kind of like Champions of Norrath?

  • Skittlez Monster

    Is this mod on Xbox?

  • Herr WaffelTraktor

    This reminds me of summoning people in dark souls, just with less of a chance to be paired with someone who has no clue what they're doing

  • ertyuıopğü wertyuıopğü

    What ENB do you use?

  • Beast Beast

    Reminds me of fable 2

  • George Whyte

    so its like fable co -op

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