Skyrim Dawnguard Awakening: Meeting a Vampire Named Serana (has an Elder Scroll)!!

This is the first mission for the Dawnguard where you meet a mysterious vampire woman named Serana, in Dimhallow Crypt. She has an Elder Scroll!!!

3:40 Gargoyles Enemies!
  • chira00chira

    Catherine, Lust, Serana...

  • Piotr Hektor

    Yes? You need something?

  • yzchenwei

    Man, your fighting skill sucks.

  • Cheese Hernandez

    what happens if u kill her when u meet her

  • Kryptic Studios Corp

    Thaaaaat VOOOOOOIIIICCEEE!!! Most of the voices for female followers are rubbish and basic but Serana seems to be unique. AWESOME!

  • Tj H

    zomg that kira carsen from swtor..

  • Zloy Volshebnik

    You play same as me:blade and magic.

  • bruce livingston

    Weird watching this after playing Tales from the Borderlands, she doesn't change her voice at all between Serana and Fiona, lol.

  • Tai Wind

    Being voiced by the same girl who voiced Lust from FMA is one thing, looking kinda like her is another.

  • Wolfbane_41

    Serana is actually the only companion i felt that had a personality 

  • Sky Crabtree

    My God you are level 81?

  • Kali Bush

    you didn't grab necromatic healing hand

  • Red Play

     Best Voice Best BloodRayne ))))

  • ninjakitymew

    her character in shin-chan is a little boy who pulls down his pants and does an "ass dance" and yells "ASS DANCE!"

  • chase1146

    if she doesnt know of the empire then she must have been in there since maybe the early second era. possibly before the Cameron dynasty

  • Living Dead Paradox

    I never really watched that show, but whoa, Serana does look like Lust from FMA! Da hell

  • domidium

    Is there a video somewhere that shows the process Bethesda went through to make Serana?

  • ninjakitymew

    Its really hard to believe its the same person who yells "ASS-DANCE!" and theres also Sana from Kodocha...

  • Chief Soggy Pancakes

    Yeah this is something I don't get. Why do people say her name is syrena they don't spell it like that but the say it is anyone know why

  • Zylice Liddell

    @Cheburashka207 Same! *^_^*

  • Locutus Borg

    Bella fucked a vampire. Serana fucked the vampire god.

  • Preston Thompson

    I told Serana to wait in a certain place for a while and now I can't get her to follow me again. (The "follow me" option doesn't even come up when I talk to her). Does anybody know what the deal is?

  • Asia Slack

    She reminds me of Selene from underworld

  • Living Dead Paradox

    lol Serana is awesome! But you can't marry her unless Bethesda updates something.

  • VolosBlur

    This moment was eerie for the first time.

  • SlavicWhiteWolf

    What will hapen if I find Serana as vampire ?

  • SquiggleD

    I knew the moment she almost landed on her face, that it was love, and we would go on many great adventures together...even if I have to wait an hour or two. Togetha forevuuuuuuur

  • DkHaku

    Laura Bailey as Serana... MUCH LOVE !!!

  • Chris Nichols

    She sounds like Rayne from BloodRayne..Sexy voice.

  • daishou13

    damn good actress for the gig

  • Robson Leão

    Her voice is so sexy. Laura Bailey made a perfect job.

  • Crow of the Abyss

    Serana might just be the only follower that i feel...She IS the only one who had personality...

  • Free Bird

    Hands down hottest character in 21st video gaming

  • Marck Juarez

    Oh man i hate vampires so much.The twighlight series didnt help either but even before that just the thought of a blood sucking human made me kinda scared of them. I like the old monster vampires and sometimes human vampires are cool like dracula. But i always see them as enemies that should be defeated.Yet upon meeting serana i could not bring myself to hate her.Shes just so baddass and her personality is awesome. I cant imagine being with any other companion and it even got to the point where i became a vampire for her. I still went back to being a werewolf after, but id never thought id willingly do that.Great character. Kinda reminds me of Elizabeth from bioshock infinite.

  • Darius Knol

    i may sound really dumb but can you play as a vampire?

  • tk1850

    serana means shitter in croatian!:D

  • Living Dead Paradox

    Nice background -- Morgana from merlin.

  • Zylice Liddell

    **•LAURA BAILEY!!•** ;DDDD

  • tigasnake

    What the what..? I don't remember Kira becoming a vampire recently. !?

  • ComeSweetDeath

    I think she looks like Selene from underworld.

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