Looking to improve your werewolf experience? Want to see what's offered or confused on how to configure moonlight tales? Look no further.
Discover moonlight tales, I shall be showing you ALL skins available in this mod, how to configure the mod and some gameplay on how the mod works.
I do hope you all enjoy!

For the whole manual for the mod or troubleshooting for the xbox one version, please visit the original nexus page at:-

All footage is my own, if you liked it please leave a like and subscribe.

Special thanks to:- (For making such a fantastic mod)
Brevi - Main author and developer. Creation of the esp & all scripts.
Al99 - Creative design (several perks & abilities), feedback, documentation and testing.
NsJones - Creative design (perk tree shape, several perks & abilities), feedback. Creation of the Moon Howl & Moon Roar sound effects.

Textures - Werewolves:
NsJones - Heart of the Beast skin and eye textures.
KrittaKitty - HD Werewolves skin and eye textures.
Fiszi - Big Bad Wolves Skin Pack.
Jeremy Hamilton / artifex0 - Natural werewolf skin texture.
Foxcraft7 - More wolf-like werewolf skins. (The normal maps are used in the mod.)
Bellyache / wrig675 - Realistic werewolf skin textures. (Parts of the textures were used as base.)

Textures - Werebears:
KnErBSE73 - FURTASTIC werebear textures.

ubuntufreakdragon - Contribution of various bug fixes that were carried over from Werewolf Essentials (lunar transformation optimization, script registration, race detection).

Annie, Al99
  • Chambers_81

    How are you a vampire lord and werewolf? And does the mods better vampires and moonlight tales work together

  • gamer 1991

    While I'm a werewolf and I she's my claws with X no revert form comes up or anything

  • Jade Fire

    what is the mod used to change farkas ?

  • pizzafaceawsomness

    I cant find how to become a werebear, any help?

  • Bart Tabbytosavit

    was looking for a video like this, thank you!

  • JaVont Bell

    Is it actually possible for you to have red eyes??

  • I'm Moose

    Thank you for actually showing the skins, really appreciate it. No one else I've found has actually labeled and has shown the skins.

  • Cody Rhodes fan

    I have revert form but it doesn't work pls help

  • gueroPistolero1

    Thanks for showcasing the mod. I couldn't find anyone who showed it in depth.

  • MsxKatty Stylex

    Thank you !! <3 <3 have been looking for someone who shows all appearances with name . finally ! :D <3

  • Al Calavicci

    Nice review. Thank You :) I HIGHLY recommend a sound mod called Heart of the Beast. It's essential to me :)

  • Brother Balance

    Just saying thanks for Actually Showing All the Custom Appearances for the Mod. Appreciate it & Take Care Everyone, & God Bless! ^,..,^

  • David C

    This video really deserves more likes then what it currently has. Great video, just what I've been looking for

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