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  • SP3CZ Barrett

    Who said deers cant be thots

  • B.T. Rogers

    I can't find anything on it, but when I downloaded and extracted the Driinkiin race mod my game just crashed when loaded. I removed it, and sure enough the mod was the problem. I have regular old vanilla skyrim, not SE. Anyone know what the problem could be? I downloaded the topmost "HERNE RACE DRIINKIIN REBORN" file that was uploaded on 18 june 2017, and placed all three files in my data folder.

  • Chunder Dragon

    Kill able children never stopped them from interacting in my game. Whenever they interact with something they just become adult size. Yes It is horrifying.

  • WolfyJaide101

    Omg those deer are amazing! I play Skyrim on Ps3 so I can't download much stuff. Although I do think that the new race was a great idea and would download it if I could.

  • Young Horse

    my fav part the guildwars music at the centaur race mod :3

  • demonface96

    I came back to check 4 months later and it's still wek

  • Cirosa

    I turn off ad block for this

  • Nyrufa

    I'm pissed off that the majority of your mod show cases aren't available on steam. Or if they are, they seem to be made for the enhanced edition, rather than the older version of the game. :(

  • Chris Hale

    You’re using music from Bleach? Seriously?

  • Azari

    Anybody else notice the " wek "

  • ZDY

    IS THERE A VID ON HOW HE MAKES HIS CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE THIS ASIDE FROM THE ARMOR. Can't find shit on it. His characters all look amazing. I want to simulate characters from a show (oh Yea and I need to control them... So how do I do that...)

  • Jerab Moans

    Are these for sse or normal skyrim?

  • Dark Arcane Wolf pack

    Deer race i wish that was a in game race i'd be playing that and not a cat all the time

  • Yes Man

    anybody know which of mxr's videos has a small section of male armr mods that looked really good? its in the most recent videos

  • enonsages

    now to be honest , that is the right way to roll

  • Potato Fucker

    5:36 is that in-game portrait of ciri from witcher 3? Lmao

  • sportiolli

    driinkin race has to come from some furry lovers

  • Pokemoner Ketchum

    waitwaitwait. does anyone else see that? "INTRODUCING THE NEW DRAGONBORN - Skyrim Mods - Wek 226" WEKHE SAID WEK

  • Peril Ignus

    I really like that deer race due to there stats and beautiful characters!

  • The Guardian

    you should review the pretty dark elf's mod

  • Negi Springfield

    So what body mod are you using for the Driinkiin Race?

  • Tristan downey

    yo no matter how many times i refresh a mods weekly vid im getting an ad. so does this mean its fixed?

  • Logan Bogarve

    What's the name of that Jungle/DnB song when he fucks around with the Deers Ears?

  • Brannoch Watt

    Which tribal armor is that btw I need it for "reasons" lol

  • Hernán Falcón

    When did skyrim turned into Narnia?

  • Hiking Glint

    A Centaur has two rib cages.......

  • kyle collins

    am i the only one that's seen the mobile game add that uses footage of the tk dodge animations to try and sell you a scam filled mobile game. because i do

  • OneOfTheMasses *

    Except for Braith...😂😂😂 IKR!!!

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