Why Bethesda Won't Release Elder Scrolls 6

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No matter how much you might want it, Bethesda doesn't need The Elder Scrolls 6. Not yet, anyway. After all, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still one of the biggest and most popular games on the market, and Bethesda has a lot of other games to keep them busy. While The Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitable, it's also a long, long way off. Here's why...

Haste makes waste | 0:22
Branching out | 1:08
Finishing Fallout 4 | 1:35
Skyrim is still hot | 2:29
Old tech | 3:18
Big publishers | 3:59
It'll come eventually | 4:45

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  • La Filipina

    Skyrim never gets old

  • Phillip

    "Why won't Bethesda release Elder Scrolls 6?"First few seconds of the video:"While the release of Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitable [...]"Thanks for the clickb8 m8. Exactly what I was looking for. LUL

  • Shady B

    They want to know more about 'future technology' before they'll make it, causr now they just can't figure out how to make it better than Witcher 3. Period.

  • kuba .06

    That game is so good, they released skyrim about 5 times!It makes no sense to release the 6 part of tes. ( i didin't wayched the video

  • Whiterun Guard

    They will have too think of the money they will make

  • Wolf Warrior

    Here's why they don't need to


    Yeah Betsy, take all the time you need... but I swear, if there's plenty of bugs, no better leveling system, your followers can't level up with you, you can't climb a mountain (if Link can do it, so can you), you can't run and jump at the same time (never got used to that), you can't do gardening (why take from others when you can plant your own?), hold farm animals, personalize your horse (you know, stuff like hook a wagon to your horse or put a pimped saddle on em), have a pet (dog, cat, birds, whatever), watch your kids grow up (and don't make the kids that way, that I can't resist to punch em in the face and have to start explaining to the guards), cook different dishes (would've been great to be Dovahkiin Goldentongue, the gourmet artist of Whiterun... oh well), give a personal touch in armor and weapon crafting (like branding your name or logo on every armor and blade... make it more special), you jump like you got the worse sunburn ever (who jumps like that anyhow?), magic doesn't have as much impact as it should have (like enemies actually standing on the spot and jolting when they get hit by sparks), no clear waters with more marine life in it (with different sizes and shapes... I wanna swim with the wales), no birds in the sky, no option to make your own guild and customize it as you like (being the hero must attract a lot of wannabe's... why not invite them to your guild and give them the chance to prove themselves?), no variety of gears in different tiers (I wanna be a master-hero, so I wanna go on an extreme treasure hunt for the master Items), then you better not bring that game out!!!

  • La Filipina

    They keep it secret cause other Idiot companies would also copy the theme of the game.

  • Variety Sensei

    They have made a elder scrolls 6

  • xxGhostfreak11

    I just want a new elder scrolls 6 because I have the ps4 version and I’m not even blaming Bethesda. It’s just both for me really to do with limited mods thx to Sony. So I just want a new elder scrolls game

  • John Blaufuss

    Good one you clickbait title lookin head ass. "Oh they won't release tes 6... At least not yet😏" fuck off.

  • Lord Gains

    Its sucks how long its gonna take

  • Mr_klawd

    After that shit with fallout 4 and CC... think I'll go for anthem instead...

  • [insert name here]

    Hahahha I got a kingdom come deliverance add (also known as the new Skyrim)!!!

  • Kyle Mendoza

    I hope this won't be like Half Life 3

  • Alex Bellmore

    Bethesda keep doing what your doing you have made amazing games that I love so much

  • GoGoHopping.com

    F*cking trash.They won't release it....because they haven't even started making it yet!

  • dalton yates

    Dude, i hate this lady... i doubt she has ever played a game, shes just reading a script.Skyrim is still hot? Who the fuck plays skyrim anymore, the list of better games is almost endless

  • BallsDeepInCereal.

    Elder Scrolls is the neglected title for Bethesda. I know Skyrim like the shaft of my dick. I need a new Elder Scrolls games

  • Lando Lanstetter

    Oh, maybe they are making a new game engine, NOT!

  • Dante, Swagger of the Burning Abyss

    Wrong. Bethesda took steps to revolutionize rpgs with every TES game they made. Now it took them several years to make morrowind. Several years to make oblivion and after oblivion 5 years to develope skyrim, they would not want to let the customers down in their expectations. And that. Takes. Long. However. They should not put too much time into it as the same thing could happen as with half life 3. Expectations so big, they could not be satisfied anymore.

  • Eddie Dexx

    From what I know.. the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 is planned to be a huge game and cover larger area than the previous games. And since the engine they're using is basically the same engine as the morrowind engine they really need to make a new one which will take time. Fallout 4 was the last game that Bethesda Game Studios will release with this outdated Morrowind-engine. In other words, last time they made a brand new game engine was between Daggerfall and Morrowind (Arena and Daggerfall used the same engine) and that engine is almost 20 years old. they have managed to update it plenty of time during the course of the years passing by but after Fallout 4 they really need to develope a brand new engine. When that new game engine completed then we can look forward to Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5

  • Bendie Sticks

    Skyrim gold edition for ps5 and ps6 port woooo!😂

  • SS10111011

    Wait, did you just called Fallout4 a AAA game? WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right!~

  • Shelby Jovenni

    "Not yet anyway ?" Did you just assume into 06s of your video that the title is clickbait ? I feel sooooo offended.

  • Markarth Guard

    I don't get enough septims to have my heart broken by this video..

  • MetallicaFan0503

    Maybe trying getting all the bugs out of skyrim before making a new one. Then you can start working on debugging fallout 4... and all of your games

  • AidenNapalm

    you know why?they havent killed the cow yet

  • Phagia

    Can't wait for the sweet little lies to start again...

  • Alladeen Madafaker

    "They want to be know for many games",i know bethesda only because of skyrim and fallout

  • Kamila

    Maybe because they are still making a bunch of money from Skyrim Elder Scrolls. Like the remastered version and online..

  • Jim Roe

    heres the deal, bethesda denies a game is in development until its pretty much ready to be be released, usually within a year at the most. obviously those titles take more than a year make so just because they are denying that its being developed means jack shit.

  • Jayden Warran

    Hey bethesda wanna get Skyrim to everybody as much as possibleGIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE YOU BEESHES

  • Mini bit Psycho

    Until I took a arrow in a knee

  • aieden

    Uh,yes they will.. eventually.Fucking awful title.

  • Bas X

    The elder scrolls online is the best elderscrolls game i have ever played, it is bringing out a lot of updates and is is basically also the reason why the elder scrolls 6 will never come out (it is allready there and so is 7 and 8). The strength of ESO is the 4 player dungeons, large battles in cyrodiil and playing with friends/ duelling. There is no elder scrolls game that comes close to that. In Skyrim there was no boss that comes even close to the bossfigths in 4 player dungeons of ESO.

  • MultiMangaGuy Gaming Channel

    Instead we get the golden gem Kingdom Come Deliverance :D

  • Firelawa Gaming

    Thanks for putting that NCIS clip in there. I ended up laughing when I saw it the first time.

  • David Troutman


  • Gabby G

    I've been playing skyrim for a few years now and I've still not completed it 😅 I either usually just create characters over and over or I have main character who is still traveling in soltheim somewhere <-- there's just so much to do 😅

  • dsedew efeferf

    TESO - reason to not rush

  • Whiterun Guard

    Also ive completed 100% of skyrim 5 times over i want more dlc =(

  • LurkyDaMurk

    Want to know why they won't release Elder Scrolls 6??? They need to milk it more

  • David Gray

    What are other games?? Make Elder Scrolls 6 you will make billions you idiots.

  • Owen Mooers

    Maybe these 2 other games will give them practice with the new engine to make it

  • Masoud Fasihi

    And you forgot something creating a new impressive story required a lot of time. Great video though I don't expect to hear from it until 2021 or 2022 and I believe it is going to be for the next generation consoles

  • 099Nitro

    Nobody likes ESO just start elder scrolls 6


    I dont think its ever gonna come out if its not an online and raiding expierience with other people its just not as much money to be made there anyway .

  • qbrrw

    fucking clickbait titel. dumb slut, get fucked.

  • Noah Fridrich

    Title of video: “Why Bethesda won’t release Elder Scrolls 6”First five seconds of video: “The release of Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitable”

  • Swaz Jokes

    People are talking about certain provinces that tes 6 should take place in, but since Bethesda is waiting until technology improves to start development, won't tes 6 tamriel make sense. Just think about it, an entire continent to explore(Skyrim, Cyrodil, Morrowind, elsweyr, and so on) on a next-gen gaming machine. It would make a phenomenal game and could be Bethesda's biggest project. I'm willing to wait 10 years for something like this to release.

  • Feuerblut

    Did you all forgot about Elder Scrolls Online after Skyrim? lol

  • Chit Mon

    Hopefully half life 3 would be announce

  • jolena auvuya

    i was 100% certain Todd Howard had died for some reason...weirdI am glad he is alive

  • Hassan Khalid

    When you say they want to show us that they're capable of more, it sounds kind of like they're compromising what the fans want just to prove something to us. Their company their decision but I'd personally recommend them (If it wasn't too late with them starting new productions) to focus all their assets in putting together the best Elder Scrolls 6 possible. They've exceeded the average time gap between TES games and they haven't even started. In addition, they plan to make 2 new games which will push it further. I think it's already exceeded the gap between Daggerfall and Morrowind. Competition is also getting tougher, Witcher 3 was such a big hit, expectations have risen. They've also left enough time for an indie brand to rank up into a potentially tough competitor, Kingdom Come Deliverance looks like a pretty big deal.

  • donny dutchmen

    I really do not believe Bethesda is not working on TES6. To think that is simply naive. You do not stop working and thinking about a franchise as a company when it is one of your biggest. Maybe the big production has not started yet, but plans, ideas and concept art is already being worked on. BTW, these games really need a new engine by now. A engine that supports Fallout and future Elder Scrolls games as well. So not taking all games in account and testing it to be suitable would be stupid and illogical.

  • Dottier Glint

    To be honest elder scrolls and fallout are the only good games they’ve ever made

  • Wilton King

    Here’s the thing though... Skyrim and Fallout 4 are very massive games, even without all of their DLC. I have played Elder Scrolls 3: Blood Moon, and Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I played both of those games over recently too. I beat both within 9 Days, while taking my time and grinding along between each quest. I’ve been playing Skyrim since 2015, and I still don’t have it %100 down (yes, the DLC included). I am still missing a few trophies and I have yet to play any of the elf blood lines (from high elf to orc). Played as a Breton and as a Kahjeit.

  • Brian Greenberg

    You know what would be cool in Fallout 5? If you could repair major structures in wherever you are. I'm thinking New York would be a good place.They better never make Fallout Online. It would ruin the Fallout Games

  • Draugo

    When Todd Howard says they don't have the technology yet what he actually mean is "We will prerender or otherwise manipulate the content and then release the game without that technology"

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