Skyrim Mod: I Can't Believe It's Not An ENB

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I Can't Believe It's Not An ENB

Our ENB: (Fantasy)

ENB used in the video: (Realistic)

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Ihza Anantama

    i play with average of 15 - 20 fps everytime with all performance enhancer mods and apps

  • Captain Nemo

    You sirs…are a god send...

  • Domiduck

    Is it normal for it to be super bright?

  • Knight Artorias

    can anyone give me their specs for I can't believe it's not enb. I want to make my game look better

  • MacFluster

    what settings did you have on imaginator?

  • Abhimanyu Verma

    Do you know why I subscribed? To bloody watch those last dance moves :P They are funny as hell :D

  • Sniper The Viper

    How can i uninstall an ENB from skyrim? I want to use this, because the ENB what i'M using is too shiny..

  • César García

    diferences between Realvision ENB and Truevision ENB?

  • Nick Dantzlerward

    I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun....But I sure as heck am the best dancer

  • lil arpurp

    how do we install it it just told me to extract in skyrim folder??

  • 周涵

    thx for sweet sharing :)

  • Capitan Nerevar

    How do i make the skill menu so exaggeratedly BRIGHT

  • RaSudi2012

    Thankhs for all the Skyrim videos man, I'm subscribing right now. peace!

  • The J5

    So i only have to drag n drop it into the skyrim main order?

  • iReality

    i am more curious about those dancing animation mod XD :>

  • Bilel Bouzegza

    can you link the configuration of imaginator and your sweetfx because mine is showing too much colors, if i continue to use it I'll go blind. please :D

  • gfx

    Why is there no ''Download (NMM)'' button?

  • IsThisAGoodName?

    How do you uninstall?

  • TbonePlays


  • Soldier4USA2005

    I'm not a modder or a graphics person, but all I really got out of Sweet Fx was that it made everything blue.


    I installed it, the game starts flickering at the menu. Loads up alright. WEhen I conjured a bound sword the game crashed. Is this a conflict of lighting mods?

  • Objectified Cross

    The nicest thing about SweetFX is it includes SMAA. Which is usually quite close to 2xSSAA in quality.

  • Smiley_3000

    is this compatible with low end pc ?

  • Victor Burhoi

    Is it just as complicated to download as a normal ENB?

  • Andrew Bowers

    0:56 It just looks like I have blue sunglasses on...

  • James Parker

    It looks better than the ENB :O

  • Doctor Duck

    is the sweetFX mod a nexus mod? in that case who is the author?

  • Saturn 土星

    SweetFX adds colors that are much too intense, while ENB adds calm, cool colors. I think I'll go with ENB

  • jokerswang

    Can't uninstall this shit without breaking the game, Can someone help with this.

  • David Bowie-Sama-Senpai-Sensei-San-Sama...-kun

    So I could use this alongside an enb?

  • Internet Traveler

    What imaginator settings you're using?

  • BasedDisciple

    After I placed the files in my game folder, I wasn't able to startup SKSE, but when I removed them, it worked fine. Tf?

  • G Rom

    well its all cool and nice... but how you can make sweetFx dof or AO to stop from interfering with gui in games? Also i had an issue with bethesda's games trying to apply any type of ao from reshade framework caused all shadows to go crazy all around

  • Epik

    I have a 750ti, and probably couldn't reliably run an ENB, so this is great until I get my 970.

  • Synthra Official

    Too bad it's confusing as HELL to install. I've been looking for a video on how to do it and for the life of me I just can't figure it out!

  • Arthfael Online

    Probably gonna go with a bright vibrant enb when I get my new pc

  • TheKappa

    Does anyone have a preset to go with this to make it look like Tamriel Reborn ENB? I have ICBINE 3 and Imaginator.

  • Awful Gamer

    Can someone tell me how to uninstall this?

  • Anna Banana

    I HATE that this doesn't work on my laptop.

  • VeterisGeneral

    I swear to god If I get another quick book ad im gunna flip

  • Arul Kirubakaran

    Can't you just go with the Immersive Saturation/Contrast Boost mods?


    oh crap i only just seen the before and after on my game with and without the mod and is way better now

  • Hank W


  • Pan

    i can't believe it's not butter

  • Peeco

    What sweetfx is this used with D:

  • a person

    I get almost 60 FPS in most areas with Natural Lighting and Atmospherics ENB (and a whole ton of texture overhauls, grass, bigger trees, etc) but in a few areas I've seen my FPS drop to around 40. This looks pretty great, though, and I always turn off depth of field anyway since the effect is way too strong in the ENB I chose, so I might try this mod out. Thanks for reviewing it!

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    pc master use real vision


    its a shame i've got no clue how to install an ENB so i guess i could just watch other people's game instead of my own.

  • GitSumPasloe

    Where has this been all my life? it's frikin' 2016 and I didn't know about this...

  • Useless Cunt

    SOMEONE PLZ HALP Can this be used with an ENB because it's technically not an enb

  • Grand 069

    can i have the link of last part of video? make the npc dance.. pleaseeee i want it

  • NAVY Calvin

    what a self explanatory name mod

  • Magpie

    Why do Brodual have such soothing voices, it makes me watch more videos, which makes me download more mods, which means I spend more time installing mods than playing.

  • Zach Bro

    I have a powerful pc but I can't figure out how to install an enb, so I will try this. I hope it is easier than an a enb install, which always crashes my game.

  • Grim Terrarian

    i think u are ryan Higaa

  • mail2ted

    A great Mod and very easy to Install, thanks!

  • ichschwoersosehr

    am i the only one who doesnt like depth of field?

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