Skyrim Mod: I Can't Believe It's Not An ENB

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I Can't Believe It's Not An ENB

Our ENB: (Fantasy)

ENB used in the video: (Realistic)

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Arthfael Online

    Probably gonna go with a bright vibrant enb when I get my new pc

  • Sniper The Viper

    How can i uninstall an ENB from skyrim? I want to use this, because the ENB what i'M using is too shiny..

  • Bilel Bouzegza

    can you link the configuration of imaginator and your sweetfx because mine is showing too much colors, if i continue to use it I'll go blind. please :D

  • Internet Traveler

    What imaginator settings you're using?

  • Nick Dantzlerward

    I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun....But I sure as heck am the best dancer

  • James Parker

    It looks better than the ENB :O

  • Anna Banana

    I HATE that this doesn't work on my laptop.

  • Hank W


  • Captain Nemo

    You sirs…are a god send...

  • Spencer Six

    I am running skyrim on a notebook craptop, with a terrible graphics card. will this hurt my performance?

  • Domiduck

    Is it normal for it to be super bright?


    oh crap i only just seen the before and after on my game with and without the mod and is way better now

  • calmwonderful

    is project enb an enb mod or is it the mod hes talking about. is sweetfx the mod hes talking about? is the mod the title of the vid is named after work with vivid weathers instead of CoT?

  • Knight Artorias

    can anyone give me their specs for I can't believe it's not enb. I want to make my game look better

  • ichschwoersosehr

    am i the only one who doesnt like depth of field?

  • Victor Burhoi

    Is it just as complicated to download as a normal ENB?

  • Pan

    i can't believe it's not butter

  • TbonePlays


  • a person

    I get almost 60 FPS in most areas with Natural Lighting and Atmospherics ENB (and a whole ton of texture overhauls, grass, bigger trees, etc) but in a few areas I've seen my FPS drop to around 40. This looks pretty great, though, and I always turn off depth of field anyway since the effect is way too strong in the ENB I chose, so I might try this mod out. Thanks for reviewing it!

  • Synthra Official

    Too bad it's confusing as HELL to install. I've been looking for a video on how to do it and for the life of me I just can't figure it out!

  • David Bowie-Sama-Senpai-Sensei-San-Sama...-kun

    So I could use this alongside an enb?

  • César García

    diferences between Realvision ENB and Truevision ENB?

  • MacFluster

    what settings did you have on imaginator?

  • Andrew Bowers

    0:56 It just looks like I have blue sunglasses on...


    its a shame i've got no clue how to install an ENB so i guess i could just watch other people's game instead of my own.

  • VeterisGeneral

    I swear to god If I get another quick book ad im gunna flip

  • Ahmed Abuharthieh

    i actually prefer the sweet fx to project enb

  • Grim Terrarian

    i think u are ryan Higaa

  • Grand 069

    can i have the link of last part of video? make the npc dance.. pleaseeee i want it


    I installed it, the game starts flickering at the menu. Loads up alright. WEhen I conjured a bound sword the game crashed. Is this a conflict of lighting mods?

  • Saopenten

    How do you uninstall?

  • Teemu A

    For depth of field you could and should use Gophers Dynavision

  • gfx

    Why is there no ''Download (NMM)'' button?

  • Zach Bro

    I have a powerful pc but I can't figure out how to install an enb, so I will try this. I hope it is easier than an a enb install, which always crashes my game.

  • Awful Gamer

    Can someone tell me how to uninstall this?

  • Epik

    I have a 750ti, and probably couldn't reliably run an ENB, so this is great until I get my 970.

  • Capitan Nerevar

    How do i make the skill menu so exaggeratedly BRIGHT

  • The J5

    So i only have to drag n drop it into the skyrim main order?

  • Arul Kirubakaran

    Can't you just go with the Immersive Saturation/Contrast Boost mods?

  • NAVY Calvin

    what a self explanatory name mod

  • Chairdolf Sitler

    I dunno, im fine with Realistic Lighting Overhaul

  • jokerswang

    Can't uninstall this shit without breaking the game, Can someone help with this.

  • Magpie

    Why do Brodual have such soothing voices, it makes me watch more videos, which makes me download more mods, which means I spend more time installing mods than playing.

  • Ihza Anantama

    i play with average of 15 - 20 fps everytime with all performance enhancer mods and apps

  • Doctor Duck

    is the sweetFX mod a nexus mod? in that case who is the author?

  • JustAnAwkwardGuy

    Where has this been all my life? it's frikin' 2016 and I didn't know about this...

  • G Rom

    well its all cool and nice... but how you can make sweetFx dof or AO to stop from interfering with gui in games? Also i had an issue with bethesda's games trying to apply any type of ao from reshade framework caused all shadows to go crazy all around

  • BasedDisciple

    After I placed the files in my game folder, I wasn't able to startup SKSE, but when I removed them, it worked fine. Tf?

  • Objectified Cross

    The nicest thing about SweetFX is it includes SMAA. Which is usually quite close to 2xSSAA in quality.

  • Abhimanyu Verma

    Do you know why I subscribed? To bloody watch those last dance moves :P They are funny as hell :D

  • lil arpurp

    how do we install it it just told me to extract in skyrim folder??

  • iReality

    i am more curious about those dancing animation mod XD :>

  • TheKappa

    Does anyone have a preset to go with this to make it look like Tamriel Reborn ENB? I have ICBINE 3 and Imaginator.

  • Saturn 土星

    SweetFX adds colors that are much too intense, while ENB adds calm, cool colors. I think I'll go with ENB

  • RaSudi2012

    Thankhs for all the Skyrim videos man, I'm subscribing right now. peace!

  • Winson Ling

    Is it just me or ENBs as well as this mod is too vibrant until it hurts my eye.

  • Soul Reaver

    Ugh, before my system crashed I had a setup using sweet FX and a ton of other mods that drew less fps and made skyrim look next-level graphically. Too bad I lost it now. Anyway, the trick is to keep tweaking these sweetfx settings based on what YOU prefer. What you saw in this video is merely an example, you could make a complete 180 and do something entirely different. Combine it with all the HD texture mods you can find (tamriel reloaded looks pretty sick altough not everyone likes it) + flora mods + a grass mod. even if your PC can handle ENB's I still recommend you try this path because it allows you to add so much more for the same FPS cost as an ENB. Ambient occlusion can be turned on through nvidia and you can use dynavision for the depth of field.Also, you have to be careful with the sharpness settings. I recommend you do not touch them at all because they will greatly increase the amount of jagging/aliasing which you generally don't want.

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    pc master use real vision

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