BECOME A TIME TRAVELER - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 54






  • ghostempires

    That moment when you see Boise Idaho on the suppressor and think... maybe someone knows Idaho exists XD

  • PhantomDragon1992

    Wow the Dr Who mod regeneration feature is epic

  • ThatGuyYouKnow

    When you said the SVU was the dragnov i got triggered

  • Polina Bondarenko

    That Doctor Who mod is super accurate to the show and I'm actually impressed as fuck. The only thing that would be wrong is the whole 13 regenerations thing because technically Time Lords only have 12 lives, but the Doctor got a sympathy vote from the leaders of the Time Lords. Soooo unless we are THE Doctor, we should only be able to regenerate 12 times, not any more. Other than that, the mod functionality is accurate, T.A.R.D.I.S. works and looks legit as shit and I love it. One other thing that I think could've been done better is there could be more detail, but shit, that's just me being picky. Overall, that mod is legit as fuck.

  • Dakarr theTerminator

    Don'T know how he always gets his game to look so good I have the same enb's etc. and mine looks shit

  • Wobbly Wolf

    I live his super commercial voice

  • Xenomorphing

    He doesn't know what a tarnished is :)

  • Lloyd Petersen

    omg in love with the fallout who mod XD

  • DeadJuice

    for a doctor who modis prettyimmersive

  • L0RD T1TAN

    Ok i have a question to ask. When i download the ashara cyborg armor my ballistic stat is like 1/3 its actual resistance on the armor. I tried it in so many ways but it keeps doing that. Can anyone tell me why ?

  • Ashura Marsh

    That armor looks so much like the V4/A4 Bot armor for Daz, a tad different, but very similar.

  • Bavo Nyffels

    "It comes in every metal you can think of off the top of your head"...Does it come in Tungsten, Plutonium or Magnesium? Cuz I'm a fuckin science nerd...

  • WarShock

    Is he playing in computer orr

  • FlamingLemon G

    i just realized the intro song is in fallout 4:|

  • pedro xavier

    cross crit gore-verfaul is like Niero saw the dragon death animation in skyrim and said "damm i wish it was on fallout 4"

  • Timmeh

    reviews russian recon pack, wears usa bandana #justmxrthings

  • Perston Does Gaming

    my name is Preston and i approve of this gun range

  • Craig Murrin

    That’s glaz’s gun for rainbow 6 Siege

  • Aldo Nicolay Pigozzi

    Why the title of this videogioco is in italian?

  • Nathan Field

    When is someone going to add seasons to fallout?

  • brandon miller

    It's a German gun and it means a bang

  • Helloo

    MXR, UR....... IMMERSIVE

  • Jake Fernus Hunter (Boundedsumo)

    so eve is finally coming to fallout 4

  • pandaman

    Who else noticed the interstellar song that played when the movie got reeeeeeeeeally confusion during part of the fallout who

  • Adelgal

    I'm actually crying now. I wish I had a PC so I could play the timelord mod.

  • Riley Cargo42

    wrong sniper svu is not a bullpup

  • Lerista Merello

    Man...that tardis...hurts my brain. XD

  • ranged gaming

    Does anyone thinks he sounds smart this week???


    That sniper looks identical to glaz's sniper from rainbow six siege or is it just me and glaz is a Russian sniper (Russian recon pack)

  • SlowPursuit

    What du mean, adults don't get vid games? Like, blowin up shit & shit.An who you callin an adult?

  • Gabriel Hosteller

    There's probably a lore reason as to why the grass is all dead. Possibly the institute's doing

  • Dax McGowan

    Now it doesn't loke like a fallout

  • Pocket taco

    Roses are red violets are blue pornhub is down your channel will do

  • Michal Nebeský

    its not dragunov lol

  • Jimmydean hilltow

    why are there no links to these mods wtf every vid that dont have links gets a dislike

  • Mac guy

    why do you sound like pewdiepie?

  • Knight Gabriel Guanzon

    After 200 years should greenery be a little more present than the vanilla version, just look at the present day radiation filled places

  • Joshuabump

    I am really happy that they made Fallout Who, I am a big fan of the Fallout Who Vegas mod for New Vegas and I am really glad that the creator of that mod made this

  • Batteryram

    210 years!! Obviously it is supposed to grow

  • Nathan Field

    I don't know if you know this, but there is a reference to doctor who in first game.

  • Reaginic Wolf

    I like how mxr is always bitching about advertisers not wanting to be associated with him or any other youtuber but lets use logic here. Say Im a big ceo man paying youtube to advertise my stuff and i don't get the option to choose which video it is advertised on. I sell fucking motorcycles why is it being advertised on a mod channel? Mxr your audience probably isn't old enough to even buy a motorcycle so why sould they pay youtube to advertise my shit on your videos, that's wasting money. Use some logic youtube is a free platform to shit post videos its not an assured career if you find a way to make it work good for you but you dont work for youtube they don't owe you shit and neither do the advertisers

  • Not A channel

    Who else get condom ads on roblox videos

  • TrippATGU _

    It’s an svu not the dragonov the dragonov is the svd

  • joshua hale

    Maybe you can do a video about how and why modders are getting banned for assets stealing and how they weren't immersive. Ots03 SVU the one in your video(Snayperskaya Vintovka Ukorochennaya)what the SVU stands for. One your thinking of the Dragunov SVD this one was more of a designated marksman rifle. A sniper... shoot one you'll see why you won't use it as one.

  • Zander Ritter

    what's up with the interstellar music

  • N x I

    For the tardis they actually you real names from the show

  • Crumbling Core

    Does it come in COBALT!

  • Robert Johnson

    Plus it’s 200+ years after a blast and look at the nuked sites in Japan it’s been 100 years and there is grass EVERYWHERE!

  • Rural 360

    Doesn't this guy talk like PewDiePie... Just listen to him in the beginning of the video

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