BECOME A TIME TRAVELER - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 54






  • Johnny Whitsel

    I'm 29... guess i'm still not an adult yet, cuz that Gore Overhaul is sweet and '*long inhale*...Immersive as FUCK!'

  • Aldo Nicolay Pigozzi

    Why the title of this videogioco is in italian?

  • MrAwawe

    4:36 Spontaneous human combustion:

  • Gamer Golden Gecko

    I really REALLY loved the doctor who mod, hope when we regenerate we can change gender, because the 14 doctor is a woman. XD

  • Real struggles

    Stupid advertisers!!!!!!!

  • PhantomDragon1992

    Wow the Dr Who mod regeneration feature is epic

  • Lloyd Petersen

    omg in love with the fallout who mod XD

  • Ashura Marsh

    That armor looks so much like the V4/A4 Bot armor for Daz, a tad different, but very similar.

  • Ronnoc Rellim

    We'll drive out the stormcloaks, and restore what we own! Like imperial moist towelettes. They used to make me feel so CLEAN! I love, LOVE moist towelettes. They feel so GLORIUS upon my ass watch.

  • Dakarr theTerminator

    Don'T know how he always gets his game to look so good I have the same enb's etc. and mine looks shit

  • The saltiest Aussie

    Atro sextan erecteifier

  • Nic Vonck

    I literally just subscribed because the Dr Who mod is epic af

  • Craig Murrin

    That’s glaz’s gun for rainbow 6 Siege

  • ranged gaming

    Does anyone thinks he sounds smart this week???

  • Emily Klee

    I use the Ashara armor on Curie, all white with the white chain mail and purple lights ☺️

  • Wobbly Wolf

    I live his super commercial voice

  • eric blood

    Can the Cyborg Armor be worn on a Masculine Character? Or is this armor ONLY for a Chick?

  • DeadJuice

    for a doctor who modis prettyimmersive

  • ToastyGaming123

    MXR, UR....... IMMERSIVE

  • brandon miller

    It's a German gun and it means a bang


    That sniper looks identical to glaz's sniper from rainbow six siege or is it just me and glaz is a Russian sniper (Russian recon pack)

  • Kirk Daniels

    It might not be an adult yet, but it definitely drives around with its friend she in its new car, charging sh*t on its credit card that even though it says it will get a job and pay for, but you know you'll end up being stuck with the payments....but hey it's okay, because it's growing and once it graduates college it will have a good career. F*cking kids.

  • Ricky Webster

    Fuck you YouTube pay the people!!!!!

  • pal1d1nl1ght

    I tried to pilot the Tardis, I blew up in about 5 seconds

  • MäyMan xD

    1:53 Deathclaw in the backround. NO GRASS PLEASE NOO!!!!!!

  • Grey Goose

    I want that cross crit gore mod but it never worked in my game. Not really sure what went wrong.

  • N x I

    For the tardis they actually you real names from the show

  • ghostempires

    That moment when you see Boise Idaho on the suppressor and think... maybe someone knows Idaho exists XD

  • Nostromo 746

    Anyone also think this guy sounds like pewdiepie

  • Knight Gabriel Guanzon

    After 200 years should greenery be a little more present than the vanilla version, just look at the present day radiation filled places

  • Im A Meme

    touch of green is the best one

  • Divergent Droid

    Chainmail covering breast ! Say it isn't so! Breast should be Free !!!!!!

  • FlamingLemon G

    i just realized the intro song is in fallout 4:|

  • Joshuabump

    I am really happy that they made Fallout Who, I am a big fan of the Fallout Who Vegas mod for New Vegas and I am really glad that the creator of that mod made this

  • Jake Fernus Hunter (Boundedsumo)

    so eve is finally coming to fallout 4

  • Okami

    "Where it perpetually looks like your shadow is about to eat you."Well, according to the Silence in the Library episodes that is entirely possible. That is if there's two shadows.

  • WarShock

    Is he playing in computer orr

  • Mac guy

    why do you sound like pewdiepie?

  • The Goregrind Gamer


  • Bavo Nyffels

    "It comes in every metal you can think of off the top of your head"...Does it come in Tungsten, Plutonium or Magnesium? Cuz I'm a fuckin science nerd...

  • Jimmydean hilltow

    why are there no links to these mods wtf every vid that dont have links gets a dislike

  • Deluxe Miles

    How about come out with some dance mod reviews

  • Hyper X

    Im A Autistic PhyscoPath

  • Xenomorphing

    He doesn't know what a tarnished is :)

  • Juggernog Soda

    It is simple intros like yours, which make the world go aroundaroundaroundaroundaround...

  • Ricky Webster

    Watched one video of yours. Found myself two hours later still watching your videos. You got a new sub and likes from me sir!

  • Shadowlogic420

    If you're going all immersive shouldn't there be no grass? Bkuz fallout. Radiation is bad 4 life yo.

  • Captain Shadowblade

    Alright, I'm getting the fallout who mod! I really wish that that mod would allow us to travel to the NCR, though.

  • Ricky Webster

    Svu is not the dragnov lol think it's like an updated one kinda

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