The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - Nine Lives Blade Works

Nine Lives Blade Works by elysees
Berserk Sword by Skeleton K
  • Ruben Jansen

    what armor is she wearing and what is the blade at 2:22 to 2:28?

  • Alex Dominion

    why mods like this are not in nexus mod?

  • Phuc Nguyen

    Is it possible to make it an enchant or a spell :X? I like the animation! but I hate using 2 handed weapons. I think it would look cooler with a 1 hand.

  • Faisal Istaka

    Too op. But Great video

  • josh a. of the arts of kendo

    Yo elysees i got an idea for a new move its basically the gates of babylon from fate stay ist just an idea but i think it may be up your alley

  • Soldin PG

    For those who wonder about the katana: It's called Yamato and can be found on loverslab (Where all the obsessives and creeps get their mods) Downside is you can't use anything in your left hand while wielding it. Combine it with a good looking armor or clothes mod, and slap an armor rating enchantment on it. Boom, instant badass. Check Elysees' other mods too, perfect for a "Blade God" feel

  • Emerald Codex

    ... Kratos is that you?

  • Mickale Hill

    whats that shielding spell?

  • Colten McHenry

    Okay so does anyone know what is up with that sword mod she had was? that kind of ghost katana she had in hand? i like how it looks and would really like to have it!!

  • mightierthenthesword

    You've really been burning the midnight oil (for both videos and the actual mods) haven't you? The mod files themselves are so small, but they also seem so (graphically) complex when in use.It's amazing that you're developing all these mods at the expense of your own time, with only the thanks of its users.I hope you get a good rest!-mightierthenthesword

  • itsacharcoalice

    Amazing, though I gotta nitpick I thought the 9 attacks were literally simultaneous.

  • RedTeamReview

    I hate bullshit mods like these. Instead of just making a mod where it works like any other why do I have to open up console command to type in all this crap? why not finish the damn thing and upload it like normal. Jesus christ 

  • David Lee

    That's so awesome!

  • The4thsLegacy

    Anyone know the katana they are using?

  • Vinland

    Any chance of a mod based on crimson moon's moon drop skill?

  • Lancelot Young

    Unlimited Blade Works T-Shirt with Real Incantations! Buy it right HERE!and YES people this is not a joke These T shirt are real including the Literal Translation as well as the GAR Version!+ People die if they are killed T-Shirts as well1.Go to Redbubble (dot)com2. Type in the "Search" bar: Unlimited Blade Works3. It's cheap! and still new!Keep this comment alive! For all the Fate FANS!

  • Andrew Evans

    did you have a rho aias mod too? because if so thats cool as fuck

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