Skyrim Mod: Equipping Overhaul

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Equipping Overhaul

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  • TheKidWithThreeMoles

    could a mod like this be in ps4

  • Scott Hogan

    This is needed for special edition I literally looked up if this type of mod existed I'm so glad it does but I only play console


    Wonder if all this is XBO compatible

  • JustifiedFellow

    You tried to fight a Elder Dragon with a iron sword. Elder Dragon. Iron Sword. Not a good mix.

  • Adam Coelho

    What armour is the wood elf wearing? And what sword?

  • 810/h4z4rd

    The draugr example was a poor choice, since it would be more effective to keep the torch and bash the draugr, setting it on fire and making it die faster

  • santiago hernandez

    Is this mod coming for skyrim special edition (console)?

  • Jake Sayer

    Can we get this on PS4? Would be real cool

  • Player_Zeesh 5895

    Hey brodual, you should start a let's play with active mods of your choice

  • VegetasCorndog

    Is there a mod that makes equipped weapons not appear on my character model? I want them to not show when sheathed

  • Julian Cordoba


  • UltraDaveZ

    "Realistic Unequip"... So this is what happened to me the first time I installed the mod. I was fighting a dragon (with duel mod on), It was fucking hard I tell you. When it flew, I switched to my bow and didn't know I dropped my sword then when it landed, I spammed 1 to switch to the sword like an idiot... And I died...

  • William Persson

    pls tell me that this mod will be on PS4

  • Infinite Octopus

    Good thing throwing your shit on the ground is optional. I switch back and forth between every weapon I have during combat.

  • drageben

    It does not work for me even though i have skyui

  • FuzzyLife

    whats the name of this armor he is wearing????

  • The Argonian

    Really really really want this for se. Too bad it needs skse. Sigh.

  • Martin Vargas this one is good too!

  • Joshler

    What's the name of the mod for the armor he is wearing?

  • Kravenrogue

    I have a question:So far I don't have seen a mod that make the staves visible, and/or that add some new animations to it that encreases immersion, so I would like to know if someone have seen any mod like that?(sorry for my english, I don't have much experience)

  • Tucher97

    question, will this ever become available for Xbox one, there is an assassin's creed robe mod

  • Luke wood

    I was on the fence about this mod but with your vid I'm looking forward to starting this up

  • Tucher97

    Question, will this ever be available for the xbox one

  • HAMZA Wanni

    how can i enter to the mod options

  • Mordicay Rgbi

    Can anyone tell me what mod was used for those iron weapons? They look a bit darker and the iron sword has brown handles.

  • FoonTV

    Quick question, let's say I want to have a magic spell in each hand and one staff on my back, will this work?

  • David Ruiz de Pascual

    which is the armor mod of the dancing guy in 2:26? xD

  • Final Frontier

    I cannot get this mod to work at all. I've been trying everything, sorting my load order, making sure I had all the requirements, installing it correctly. Anything else I'm missing? I have geared up enabled on my game and it still doesn't work.

  • Crackedfingers

    can i ask what mod or option did u use for the "belted sword draw animation" mine draws from the back even tho the sword is located at the belt.

  • mcleary9615

    Anyone know if this mod would work on ps4?

  • EliteHD

    Can someone make this mod on the ps4, I dont see how its an external thing

  • S.K.M Tv

    where is this mod for skyrim special edition??????? please

  • BullBaine 023

    what mod did you use that made your iron sword have a leather grip? in vanilla it's just one big chunk of iron

  • Dovah Kiin

    I can have 2 weapons at back? i mean like two handed weapons or one handed weapons

  • Ian Jackson

    The torches are LIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vomitiing Dragon

    THIS MOD IS ON XBOX ONE It's called "Visible Favourited Gear"

  • gooseturtle

    so if you're using a 2H greatsword, and switch to a restoration spell, would you see the greatsword on the back while using your spells?

  • skiingrocks00001

    I bow down to you pc players with your giant dicks but I'm on Xbox and I'd just really like to know if there's anything like this or exactly this available on my console ? I wanna draw from my backside so bad. But I'd hope there's one nearly as immersive as this.

  • kagandragon

    Not compatible with Requiem

  • Scott Mackinnon

    is this in steam work shop??

  • Cougar Clifford

    Will this be added to consoles? Also there should be a option for dual wielding one handed weapons. Like a sword on each side or two daggers on one side and an axe on the other.

  • 1980Shadowwolf

    My elf sometimes switches from bow to crossbow for speed of fire and armor piercing if the mod knew the difference between the two i would use it more. idc how chaotic a fight is if im changing a weapon im not throwing it away because i may need that weapon again like if bow for dagger and dragon flies again switching back to bow so i would never use the throw away weapon part.

  • Adam Robertson

    I have this mod. I wish you could put shield on back. I have seen it in other videos so not sure how

  • RpdAbeast

    what armor is this?!?!?!

  • Gaven Bezemer

    what is the thief armor mod?

  • The Doice

    how to open mod menu

  • Jake Rouse

    Does this let you have a shield favorited so that it shows up on your back too?

  • abdalla wehbi

    what armor mod are u using?

  • Xenoforge78

    The drop feature is what made me uninstall this mod.

  • Bong Ogg

    does not work for me

  • Shyan Rhovic


  • daniel teq

    is there any way to get one one handed sword on your back if using DSR? I'm using DSR and EO alpha build but the geared up sword just goes to my hip. Thanks.

  • Junghwan Baik

    I had to load up my previous saves A LOT thanks to this mod making me lose all my weapons :D

  • LordRed

    don't know i install it right but when i try to take out other weapon some of my weapons fall down (sorry for bad english)

  • Chris Finch

    Brodual can this mod port over the ps4

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