Skyrim Xbox One: RUNP - Athletic Body

Skyrim Xbox One! Mod is called: RUNP Athletic Body
Snapchat: ChipidyChip

Thank you all so much!

For the original game, see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is a 2016 remaster of the 2011 game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. It was released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 2016
  • Hambo

    This body is kinda becoming my favourite at the moment. Always tough to decide between this one or the unfluffed stuff. SO MUCH SAUCY GOODNESS OUT THERE

  • goofy gamer

    damn she is ripped in all the right places

  • ooo lucifer

    There's a problem with mine the neck color is way off help ??!?!?

  • maxstone9999

    oh and tenth. bitches.

  • Brandon Montalvo

    when is there going to be a nude mod

  • TypeORedPill

    Nice, but the bracers seem to be concealing what I suspect are poorly sculpted forearms, which are problematic for many body types

  • headhunter 9865

    damn where do you get your intros

  • Scott or something

    Jean Grey Dark Phoenix for the win! were you planning that? looks just like her from X3.

  • Naiyakin The Seeker

    Hey, guys!!! So, a little thing happened... I manage to get my character nude somehow by removing the underwear asset!!! With the beautiful mistresses mod installed, along with the X32 skeleton installed... two other mods were involved in this process, the cheat room mod, and the vampire rogue armor. I was wearing the vampire rogue armor when I used the cheat room mod to remove all of my items... Or maybe it was the vamp chains mod?!?! I dont know, but after I left the cheat room to return to my OG position, my character had put the bikini back on. And after this happened, I tried to reload a save to go back to the nude character, but it glitched and she no longer was nude!!!Can somebody help me replicate this?!?! NOTE: I also had adjusted my character size to be bigger with the cheat mod as well, so that may have played a role in something. Also, when the nude glitch occured, my characters eyes disappeared, so it's a mod that alters the eye textures/meshes/assets. It's probably beautiful mistresses.WHENEVER YOU GET THIS WORKING, MAKE SURE YOURE RECORDING AND USE THE CHEAT ROOM TO SAVE PLAYER SETTINGS. THE BUTTON IS TO THE RIGHT OF THE REMOVE ITEMS ONE

  • MrGhost1032

    is it me or are there no more work in progress for xbox one on ??

  • bluemenace04

    I'll be getting wild lands this Friday, teach me me the art of the slooty sneak master

  • John Smith

    What is the crawling from?

  • Maahi Sama

    Litt content mayne 🔥

  • maxstone9999

    i assume obviousely you cant go nude

  • Adriano Garcia

    Thanks Chip! Your channel rules! Cool mod except it makes the face a little older looking. I could make my character younger but my darn character creation keeps crashing :(

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