Skyrim - The Ebony Warrior (LEGENDARY, LEGIT)

Prepare for the hardest quest in the game by far. If you want to face him on the hardest difficulty legit (without that cheap fortify restoration trick, no potions or poisons, no followers, and no silly sneak attacks) the best advice I can give you is sword in the right and recovery in the left with absolutely no power swings or you will kill yourself. Conjuring is acceptable because it comes from your own Magicka and facing him head on is nearly impossible because he has a ton of HP and "Reflect Blows" meaning you will eventually get overtaken by your own attacks if he hasn't already killed you during this long and hard fight.

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  • baby no

    oh my.. thats.. * cough * thats a big man

  • Basic Bird

    Same voice as my husband, it'd be weird to fight him lol

  • Demitrium

    I will never understand why they didn't just have him do his deep voice for the Ebony Warrior. This is the same actor that does the voice of the Inquisitor in DAI. He can have such an intimidating yet noble way of speaking, but they go with him sounding like every other Redguard.

  • SoulGaming

    So i can face only if i put my diff on hard/legendary? And do i need the dragonborn dlc?

  • Icy Bite

    I'm not kill him but i'm make him my follower!

  • Dadas Dadasim

    I hate it that the deathbrand armor set is light armor :/

  • Shark

    i killed him in 10 seconds on legendary, using paralysis.... lol

  • Major Degtyarev

    How can we met him?Asks of new meeters with elder scrollers

  • Shadow's Insomniacs

    You can one hit kill him (I did it on Hard), just use Unrelenting Force on him and just as he's getting up shoot a good arrow into his chest...dies instantly.

  • Nailoth

    I used duel wielded swords, both dragon bone weapons, my fight with him was a desperate one, my life steal kept me alive while fighting him. Was truly an honor

  • Svetlana Rodriguez

    That was a hell of a fight.

  • Nathan Phillips

    If you play an Orc assassin and wear shrouded gloves with assassins blade you'll do 60x damage (technically although it wont say it) so you can 1 shot this dude while using pretty average weapons like the blade of woe and mehrunes razor (both un-upgraded). orc assassins are pretty OP on legendary if you wanna cheese really hard bosses

  • Shark

    1 handed and healing is too defensive, i went all out with two handed sword and bow with all sorts of damage bonuses for them on armors...... this is a garbage build to face ebony warrior, best form of defense is OFFENSE

  • PStorms

    You took so long doing this.. yet you could've just fusrodah'ed him off the mountain and killed him with fall damage

  • nadav fridlander

    For a long while it seemed that no side could overpower the other. That was cool!

  • Vuk Zlatkovic

    can he be killed with that knife you get form dawnstar museum as it has a chance to instantkill?

  • This kid Does stuff

    This doesn't require any Dlc's right?U only need to reach level 81

  • sky hunter

    dumbshit why didnt you attacked him right there in solitude

  • Albino Games

    I got my own ebony warrior

  • Ouxucike.

    He wont go to sovengart if i soul trap him

  • FinGamer2001

    Sneak 100. tagger and teabaging and hiting at the same time

  • Jack M&M

    You didn’t even bother increasing your stamina once throughout this gameplay holy fuck

  • HerobrinesGuardian

    I have a mod which lets him be your follower and it is insane

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    This is cheese, you used dremora

  • Magma Fang

    Is ebony warrior the dragon born Because the db defeats all the villains and questSo is he a duplicate made by the devines to see if he can overtake the final challenge which is him self

  • Astral_Blade

    Wait, he was supposed to be hard?

  • Shark

    used paralysis first, then fus ro dah second and he was dead in ten second from my bow and two handed sword............... used potion of canceling health regen and magica on bow though.... 10 seconds dude... this is nothing.. you freaking took hours to kill him.. lol

  • Epic 345

    Yeah but can you do it with no Armour and A wooden sword ( No one can )

  • the games

    Just use marked for death.

  • Daniel Bonds

    i feel like you go into skyrim as the shortest person in the game. anybody else notice that?

  • Diego flame

    Why the fuck is my red guard the same height as the ebony warrior.

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