Skyrim - The Ebony Warrior (LEGENDARY, LEGIT)

Prepare for the hardest quest in the game by far. If you want to face him on the hardest difficulty legit (without that cheap fortify restoration trick, no potions or poisons, no followers, and no silly sneak attacks) the best advice I can give you is sword in the right and recovery in the left with absolutely no power swings or you will kill yourself. Conjuring is acceptable because it comes from your own Magicka and facing him head on is nearly impossible because he has a ton of HP and "Reflect Blows" meaning you will eventually get overtaken by your own attacks if he hasn't already killed you during this long and hard fight.

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  • Frauggu

    Ebony warrior is actually lokir

  • Ayy Asttrox

    What spell is that? Can't believe I've played skyrim all this time and never knew about a spell that regens stamina

  • RinSeyong

    This was a straight-up DBZ battle

  • ZMan1471

    A daedric sword that does 273? How? I have maxed out all warrior stats and the most mine does is about 102-120

  • TheDubstepAddictionz

    omg super kawaii desu ebony warrior-kun!!!!1!!!!

  • Zed Shotz 1

    I'm level 40 and I have better stuff than him

  • #00750 xxMINECRAFT

    I beated the ebony warrior in expert mode wearing deadric Armour!!! and useing a deadric sword.

  • Sam Hill

    Fake when he looked at skills they said 100 but had none upgraded

  • Radskull203

    What level do you have to be to fighting him again?

  • Imperial Royal Guard

    What lvl is the Ebony Warrior?

  • Juhan Rossouw

    i love my ebony armor i dint kill the ebony warroir jet i smited my armor im level 30

  • swagmaster 3000

    why dint you just fus roh dah him off the mountain that is what i did

  • Chevelle405

    I just watched an action movie of two great warriors fighting atop the mountains to the bottom of another country side whilst the mages & monsters & dragons. Fight of seasons, fight for days. Some oscar novel scene lads

  • dom Nero

    so easy I fought bandits with more skill

  • swagmaster 3000

    does summonig OHDVAHIING count as silly?

  • The Papillon Warrior

    Bruh This nigga had all this strong shit on him in order to kill the ebony warrior, yet I saw a fucking dog slaughter tge ebony warrior

  • Litnado

    i keep on one hitting the ebony warrior XDDDDD

  • I Bramblebush

    After now playing Skyrim 5 now i can see what everybody was complaining about with Fallout 4.

  • Kitten Cat

    6:07 "WEEEEE!!!!!!"

  • QullVideo

    The Ebony Warrior is probably my favourite final boss/hidden boss in any game. I like the idea that he is just like you, someone who has surpassed all challengers except for each other. Defeating him truly makes you the most powerful being in all of Skyrim. Alduin, Miraak nor Harkon (plus others like Karstaag) gave me the challenge that the Ebony Warrior presented.

  • Dj Dr4g0n 10rd

    Ray I know thsnvidnisn4 years old but I always rely on u to do tutorials without commentary..... Thank u

  • EJ gaming

    I have nothing else to kill but you blahAh only u can kill me u alone bllalalalalalal Ebony warrior:COME AT ME Dragonborn: sure *spawns 200000 dealers and uses tubs of healing watching deadraand dragon doing the job Dragonborn: NAILED IT I killed the ebony warrior by myself no deadric warrior is next Deadric warrior:TALOS SAVE ME FROMTHE ******* *************************** *******

  • SteelKidGamer

    uhh... mehrunes razoe

  • Pugglen

    To be fair, a "warrior" would have atleast told him you we're about to stab him lol

  • dog

    why doesnt he have a deep ass demonic like voice?

  • Jordan Days

    Hey did you guys know that the ebony warrior doesn't say "at last, soverignguard." When you decapitate him?

  • 797ation

    Rest in sovngarde brother.

  • KING Spitta

    Does the Windshear work on him?

  • Knight Shade

    I find the conjuring a little bullshit, but it would be hard af to fight this guy one on one without summons

  • Noah Cunningham

    Anyone else beat him on legendary(Without marked for death, sneak attacks or potion/enchanting exploits)? I beat him on legendary with dragon bone armor enchanted with destruction reducers and carry weight and 39% one handed increase. Had a dragon bone sword that did 135 damage with 37 fire damage enchant. I summoned dremora lords used flame cloak, ebony flesh, dragon aspect and storm call. Set out about a year ago to reach level 80 and kill the ebony warrior and about 180 hours later he was dead. Now I'm just waiting on Elder Scrolls VI........

  • _Crazy Hydra_

    If Miraak,The Dragon Born And The Ebony Warrior Teamed Up.Tamriel Will Be Plunged Into Chaos Once More.

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