Skyrim - The Ebony Warrior (LEGENDARY, LEGIT)

Prepare for the hardest quest in the game by far. If you want to face him on the hardest difficulty legit (without that cheap fortify restoration trick, no potions or poisons, no followers, and no silly sneak attacks) the best advice I can give you is sword in the right and recovery in the left with absolutely no power swings or you will kill yourself. Conjuring is acceptable because it comes from your own Magicka and facing him head on is nearly impossible because he has a ton of HP and "Reflect Blows" meaning you will eventually get overtaken by your own attacks if he hasn't already killed you during this long and hard fight.

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  • Cookie Potato

    I was kind of weirded out when i saw that you didnt have any enchantment on your sword and how low its damage is after reforging but i now see that you wanted a more preserved aproach where you could survive for longer I kind of like having super high damage makes the battle much quicker but it also might destroy you

  • Bilbo Baggins

    No positions not poisons no followers no sneak attacks buttttttt I'm gonna summon all of oblivion and a dragon to help

  • Coopa Jay

    I really wish he had his own, special, combat dialogue. Listening to him saying, "never should have come here" (bitch you invited me?) and, "I yield, I yield" (wtf aren't you the ebony warrior?) kinda kills the mood.

  • Deniz Gün Gökçen

    4:17 "I've got that too, you Ebony prick"

  • Tony Ghost

    100 dremora 1 dragon and a dovahkiin can't kill him but an arrow to the knee can

  • Ilari Manninen

    If you use alchemy well enough you can make millions of damage and kill everyone with single strike, and it's not even cheating!

  • NetherDolphin47 Ampharos

    Talk about click bait

  • GoldenGrub

    Lol "You win, I submit!" As if the Dragonborn would spare them

  • Daniel Ussery123

    wtf why is the ebony warrior so tall lol

  • RANDOM Gaming

    he could have just used marked for death

  • Lone Wolf

    ebony warrior vs daedric armored dragonborn dawn of justice

  • Diego Gallegos

    Hey guys if any of you are watching this in 2017 and if you still play skyrim then please help me with this. I'm playing on the Xbox 360 and I used the trick to get dadric armor and weapons but soul stones and ebony stuff under the college of winter hold. My deadric sword only does 43 damage and my armpit is only like 120. Do I have to do it the longer harder way?

  • ThatWeirdGuy

    Cool fight. Now do it with no armor and a wooden sword😂

  • Swag God

    i think ive found thelegend27

  • Utility Protectron

    The military should hire him as a human tank. He's a "fuck you" to ISIS.

  • SawManga

    ... this is lame... i i did kill him twice in two different playthroughs. and it did not take more than 3 mins... i used sword and shield and second time two daggers with elemental fury. all you need to do is equip yourself full set of deadric or dragon scale armors and weapons. and enchant them right way. I still do not understand how you take this much time... to kill it... or why you receive so much dmg. i think i was lvl 112 and second time 134lvl when i soloed it like any Draugr Death Overlords

  • Rashad Edwards

    I cried my ass off when the music began to play during the fight.

  • ThePantherZMX1

    My tactic was using mehrunes' razor in my right hand hoping to get its ability to work, windshear in my left to stun him, and summoning karstaag for assistance.

  • ssundeefan16599

    to shoot things really far use duel fire bolts cuz i shot a dragon about a mile away!!!!!!!

  • Default 2.0


  • Cardinals Won't live without Fitzgerald

    How to defeat The Ebony Warrior easy in legendary difficulty 1. Fus Ro Dah! Him off the edge2. Follow him when he completely lands3. Wait till he's on his knees4.Hit him5.hes dead!Make sure his name and health doesn't disappear when he hits the ground or your screwedEnjoy!And I killed him a lot like that^ my cousin wants me to see but I've been saving then killing human then going back and killing him and it god on and on 😂 Have fun!

  • RedLegend Yasuo

    Why wont you put an enchantment on your weapon dude it gives an extra damage

  • Thorulf Scottson

    This fight with Revenge of the Enemies installed would be nigh impossible.

  • BurningRabbit72

    Two things.1. It's my headcanon that the Ebony Warrior is actually just someone from a different RPG who's now maxed out.2. If they ever make a Hammerfell Elder Scrolls, I would love to see the final mission be you venturing to Skyrim to seek out the Dragonborn.

  • TheDaedricLordOfZeroFucksGiven

    Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that the Ebony Warrior gave 0 fucks about being thrown off a cliff and got right back up and started fighting again?

  • Clip&Go

    How do you get him to spawn?

  • Alex DeLarge

    The Ebony Warrior fighting off the Dragon Cultists with you was a cool moment in the midst of battle.

  • Blackhole

    Big boy with a big toy

  • MI gaming

    use windshear and he wont even touch you

  • The Ninja Chicken

    I bet u couldn't beat karstag on legendary lol

  • Genzo The boss

    I wish I was level 80 or 81

  • Reign Finner

    How can you put two enchantments in one armor without any enchanting perks? The fact that your enchanting level is only at 15.

  • Cali Hustle

    why does he lose health when he hits him?

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