Skyrim - The Ebony Warrior (LEGENDARY, LEGIT)

Prepare for the hardest quest in the game by far. If you want to face him on the hardest difficulty legit (without that cheap fortify restoration trick, no potions or poisons, no followers, and no silly sneak attacks) the best advice I can give you is sword in the right and recovery in the left with absolutely no power swings or you will kill yourself. Conjuring is acceptable because it comes from your own Magicka and facing him head on is nearly impossible because he has a ton of HP and "Reflect Blows" meaning you will eventually get overtaken by your own attacks if he hasn't already killed you during this long and hard fight.

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  • raymond galvan

    Ok but like all the shit that was just around there like the fucking cultist and a dragon and then a bear at the end 😂😂😂

  • svperdeath

    you used dremora to beat him you dishonourable bitch

  • kellan mcconnell

    Bruh just use marked for death and you'll kick his ass 5 times easier

  • Ted Zhang

    For the vampire players, if you are having trouble with this fight, then you can go Atronach perk + Atronach stone with Necromage to get 100% spell absorption, which completely negates his cloak

  • Micheal Boulton

    I pickpocket him and he passed out

  • Canned Tuna

    '' Meet me at my last vigil ''later'' Never should've come here! ''

  • AustFraust

    Goes to meet him at his vigilWalks up as he's fighting frost trollTells frost troll to hit him harderDragonborn walks away

  • Me 163

    Hit him with a left hook. Also marked for death shout

  • XxWraith The WitcherXx W.T.W

    ...all i remember is that i fus ro dah him of that mountain..

  • JR H

    his voice = faendal.. dafuq..

  • John Kapagerides

    worst guide ever after prohibiting half the strategies...

  • George Washington Gaming

    All these random enemies trying to cockblock are hilarious.

  • Wyatt Hodge

    I may or may not have one shot him

  • Dwight Grecu

    your battle style is cringey as fuck

  • Some White

    Wow vanilla combat system is such lame. Well done anyway tho

  • Exo Dus

    that moment when you want to start playing skyrim again but your lifes gone to shit and you know it will set you back 3 months .

  • Josh Lacey

    The first thing I thought when I saw the Ebony Warrior was: Y'know I have a couple hundred quests that I'll never do, take one of those.

  • Mr. Silent

    How to find him and how (when possible)to join the soldiers army ?

  • Eclipse 0921

    Poor dremora lord the ebony worrier and the cultinsts where teaming up on him! God dammet miraqe!

  • Music Mask

    I don't want to kill him, i want this op dude as my companion lul

  • Rai 301

    why all of this, 2 god daggers, little bit of sneak and bam, ded

  • TheVirtuePlays

    just stand at range and spamm bow n arrow

  • Giant Dad

    let me tell you how i killed him on legenday......i summoned kaarstag.....then sat back XD

  • Noah Zimmerer

    I know he may not be a dragonborn (or is he?) but since he said there's no quest to be done, I'd love you had the option to ask him to help fight Alduin if you didn't finish the quest already

  • Sociopatu'

    lvl 81...yea seems legit...

  • Ku tips

    I like how this fight is long, yet my fight (i did fail 5 times first) was won in around 20 seconds

  • jon williams

    potions come to mind.

  • Nicholas Longinsky

    Woah, unmodded skyrim really looks like shit

  • Mem Just mem.

    This game is phenomenal I mean I don't know anyone who doesn't like this game if youDon't like this game shame on you! (My opinion is that this game is the greatest of games I've played besides final fantasy!)

  • Ryan Stoner

    "Ebony warrior"😂😂😂

  • Fyre Falcon

    The most dangerous thing in the world is the Ebony Warrior. But do you know what is more dangerous? CHILDREN

  • Nick Fernandez

    How many Daedra does it take to kill the Ebony Warrior 🤔

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