Skyrim - The Ebony Warrior (LEGENDARY, LEGIT)

Prepare for the hardest quest in the game by far. If you want to face him on the hardest difficulty legit (without that cheap fortify restoration trick, no potions or poisons, no followers, and no silly sneak attacks) the best advice I can give you is sword in the right and recovery in the left with absolutely no power swings or you will kill yourself. Conjuring is acceptable because it comes from your own Magicka and facing him head on is nearly impossible because he has a ton of HP and "Reflect Blows" meaning you will eventually get overtaken by your own attacks if he hasn't already killed you during this long and hard fight.

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  • Steelcross Man

    When I fought the ebony warrior, I brought with me Barbus the dog and Mijol since they both won't die. I misspelled their names I know lol. Serana would have been an excellent addition had I not took her home.

  • Retard Maxima

    Nazzeem after the stormcloaks kiced him out of the cloud district(Or that's me because I cant find him after the stormcloaks win in whiterun)

  • The True Dovahkiin

    I did this legendary legit in about 50 seconds. Check the video titled "Skyrim Ebony Warrior again" on my channel. :)

  • nukeman1303

    Sad he rather fight you then team.He would be a epic companion

  • IIZantesukenII

    When I first encountered the Ebony Warrior. I was a pugilist with massive amounts of damage. I sneaked up behind him and gave him a suplex of death. It made me laugh so hard.

  • Choco LLama

    the ebony warrior is a example for the best player

  • RinSeyong

    This was a straight-up DBZ battle

  • Pugglen

    To be fair, a "warrior" would have atleast told him you we're about to stab him lol

  • X Smoke-A-Lot

    I just slit his throat wow that was easy

  • RED Pyro

    Holy shit! Ebony warrior is so big! I wouldnt challenge him

  • Knight Shade

    I find the conjuring a little bullshit, but it would be hard af to fight this guy one on one without summons

  • NGT9

    Haha...advice? How about one word...shield.


    I kept summoning dremora lords with one hand and restoration healing in the other.Stayed out of range and kept using marked for death to drain his armor and unrelenting force to push him off the cliff.It worked but took a very long time on legendary difficulty. He kept two shot killing me if I was too close.

  • Lane Boy

    You know all you had to do is shoot an arrow in his knee

  • jkjkjkjkass

    "no followers" summons dremora lords every minute

  • Dj Dr4g0n 10rd

    Ray I know thsnvidnisn4 years old but I always rely on u to do tutorials without commentary..... Thank u

  • Zane Shields

    Beautiful serene skyrim music..........HYGAH!!!! "ARE YOU PREPARED FOR YOUR DEATH!!"

  • Super Ultimate Titan Elite Obese Lycan King

    Is this a mod or something, because I'm in Solitude? I'm on level 85 and I can't find him

  • Duarte Silva

    Summons dremora and they even say "I smell weakness", sure that's basically 3v1

  • I Bramblebush

    After now playing Skyrim 5 now i can see what everybody was complaining about with Fallout 4.

  • Red Mask

    jeez that warrior is as tall as fucking jason voorhees

  • michael shtofman

    I put 40+% on my helmet gauntlet necklace and ring and killed this guy in 5 hits

  • Jay T

    Is that unrelenting force?

  • B_M_A_F_P 1

    Ehmmm.... marked for deathDragonborn: Walks in town Yeah it was a very fierce fight yeah he was a mighty hero but i won in just a minute withouth any shouts So yeah i'm so cool and humble

  • Jordan Days

    Hey did you guys know that the ebony warrior doesn't say "at last, soverignguard." When you decapitate him?


    I kinda feel bad because I captured his soul

  • Alvizoman

    I'm a level 47 warrior in this game and I have put 86 hours into this game(this is my second playthrough my first is over 120 hours and I'm level 50 in that one) so god knows how long it's gonna take for me to reach level 80 in order to fight this guy, holy shit this game is long

  • Patito Loco

    "no silly sneak attack", proceeds to cheese the fight with conjured creatures and shouts

  • Brian Toscano

    I was almost a level 70 had everything maxed and completed every damn mission I could find and I never came across him! How do you find him 😱

  • ibrahim kuyumcu

    I don't know why y'all niggaz be playin' a game an' spam attack and use potions like a mofo. Make your game difficult, mod it to be realistic in combat.

  • Matt H

    The ebony warrior is the 11th dragon priest all alongggggggggg

  • StrawberryJamz

    Karstaag and marked for death were my only friends in that battle

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