Skyrim - Top 10 Immersion Mods!

My top 10 immersion mods in Skyrim!

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Interesting NPCs

The Eyes Of Beauty

A Quality World Map - With Roads

Enhanced Blood Textures

WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Enhanced Lights and FX

Wet and Cold

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Convenient Horses
  • ĄdityĄ Das Sharma

    HeySmike, could you tell me what enb you were using in this video, especially while showing the Wet and Cold mod? Thanks.

  • Zzarcon1

    Most of these aren't really immersion mods, they're more like graphics mods or overhaul mods.

  • waffle gaby

    I think the shadow is bonnie

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    climates of tamriel , openvision , realvision ?

  • Zachary Kilbourn

    Was there motion blur in this?? If so. How do I get it!!?? XD

  • Marilyn Brown

    Bone guy had me sold. VIVA LA TAXIDERMY.

  • Vallen Vega

    immersion top 10? don't think so. some are just graphical enchantments

  • VideoQuestEx

    Interesting NPCs for the win!

  • Maroin Joundi

    1:00 but she is Brienne from game of thrones? ahaha

  • Rieley Slocum

    what face Enhancing mods you used? or even the Body Enhancing mods?

  • Elias Rödin

    Ive been watching you do these kinda videos alot... you earned a sub :D

  • Raoni Bandeira

    Hi Smike! I don't mean to be a prick since I really like you and enjoy most of your videos, but some of these mods have very little to do with Immersion;  Immersion mods are ones that either 1) heighten our sense of being a part of the virtual world of the game we're playing ; 2) minimize gameplay - Story/Lore segregation by fixing immersion-breaking issues.Some of the mods you mentioned listed in this video are either graphical enhancements or simple gameplay effects/changes that tackle immersion only incidentally (Eyes of Beauty, Enhanced Blood Textures, WATER, , Ultimate Follower Overhaul, Convenient Horses. A Quality World Map with Roads actually breaks immersion in my opinion; could as well have been called "Satellite Mapping in the 4th Era"). They don't really help you get immersed in the world of Skyrim, instead simply fix some ugly textures or improve gameplay without tackling immersion directly.Good examples of immersion mods: - Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door (Thieves are sneaky fellas; why would the secret passage that leads to their Hideout be so loud that people in Solitude could hear?)- No Psychic Lock Knowledge (when looking at a doors and chests you won't see whether it's an Adept/Novice/Master/etc lock. Why would you know that simply by looking at them?)- No empty tag on empty containers (same as above)- Hold Border Banners ( makes sense for holds to determine their borders with physical markers)- Training Dummies and Targets (why wouldn't you get better at, say, Archery, by practicing it on a target?)- When Vampires Attack/Run for our Lives (if a town was attacked by Dragons or Vampires I doubt anyone would just stay outside waiting for their gruesome death)- Appropriately Attired Jarls (when a Hold is taken over by either side in the Civil War, the new Jarl will start wearing Jarl clothes instead of their old clothes)- Guard Dialogue Overhaul- Immersive First Person View (allows you to finally see your feet when in 1st person view)- Even Better Quest Objectives- Lore-Based Loading Screens- Get Snowy- Lively Inns and Tavernsetc. etc.Some of these fix immersion-breaking issues (No Psychic Knowledge; Run for Your Lives; Appropriately Attired Jarls), while others heighten your immersion in the world (Hold Border Banners; Lively Inns and Taverns; Get Snowy).Don't take me wrong, some of the stuff in your video is straight up immersion (Frostfall, Wet and Cold, Interesting NPCs); others are debatable (Enhanced Lights and FX, Convenient Horses, UFO). But I just don't see Eyes of Beauty, Enhanced Blood Textures, WATER and specially Quality World Map as Immersive at all.Well, maybe I'm just nitpicking.Cheers mate! See you soon.

  • Lucas Marabolim

    can I run with my gtx 650??

  • Convert

    Realistic Water 2 is the goto water mod now dunno about UFO, I didn't think anyone still used it, very buggy and doesn't play well with a lot of other mods probably due to it not been supported anymore.. Use AFT or EFF instead.Also, latest version of Wet and Cold is only available for purchase on Steam Workshop by the mod authors choice. The Nexus version is no longer supported. Obviously this has created a huge flame war between mod authors and users alike.

  • GamingWithWaz

    I think 1 & 2 should be swapped. I don't think anyone should play Skyrim without Frostfall installed. It takes the game to an entirely new level.

  • supermonkeyCL

    Smike I checked your channel and your description and I simply can't find your pc specs, I'm just wondering since you said it lagged when using the blood mod

  • Zack Bung

    frostfall should of been #1

  • Trey Cooper

    +Smike  What mod are you using for the background blur in dialogue?

  • Radster Warrior

    Anyone else have to go back a minute when Smike started talking to Fjord from the last kid in the list because you were laughing so hard at his dialogue that you couldn't hear what Smike was saying? XD

  • supermonkeyCL

    4:26 Smike are you by any chance French since you pronounced Z in French when you said Day Z

  • I'm Smart

    I've watched all of your videos on YouTube

  • Alex modestino

    It is very cruel that you hurt brienne of tarth

  • TheHelleri

    Glad there was not a 'naked mod' on this list. One can only spend so much time rag-dolling bodies into horrible and hilarious positions. And, all the naked mods tend to do (from what I have seen) is cause players do that a lot more.

  • o0XxMikuxX0o

    "So this mod comes with over 140 voiced characters, i'll just keep talking so you can barely hear them and tell you about how hard modders work because it isn't the first time i said that they tried hard!"

  • Mat Pearson

    hey do a top ten game cross over mod like zelda and AC and watcher

  • Teagan Karly

    I was looking for immersive mods........disapointedNot hatin just.....

  • Nico Sdb

    I love this channel :D, continues with videos like skyrim and sub friend :)

  • Jake Budris

    There is a difference between graphics mods and immersion mods. For someone who only plays two games 24/7 I thought you would understand the difference.

  • Tiago Bianchi

    Smike, What about the mod called Real Vision? Could be consider a good one??

  • Minkailu Lamin

    Smike is on a roll with these top ten mods. Nice work man!

  • ThompsonTwinGamingxX23

    Does nexus have viruses

  • Sali Ver

    I suggest dismemberment mods to any melee players.  Torn bodies and limbs add huge immersion to my barbarian character.

  • Neo Prepper


  • Jerry Seinfeld

    >makes top 10 immersion mods>features eyes of beauty10/10 immersive immersion

  • Golden Games

    ugh this isnt even immersion this just a list of shit that should already be in games not immersion at all. I will say that frostfall is a good immersion mod but you failed to mention open cities which was a stupid mistake my friend

  • pumastp98

    I dont want to be a hater, but could you please stop eating gum or whatever when you doing videos

  • AJ monteen

    what skins mod do you use bro?

  • pathetic

    Lmao, makes a video about immersion while playing as a skimpy hentai succubus.

  • [Truly] Superior


  • Andy B

    What is it with scandinavian people and adding these shitty blurry enb's?

  • Remigijus Ulis

    EFF (Extensible Follower Framework) is better then UFO...just saying...

  • manzarek74

    nice ones but you  missed realistic needs and diseases and touring carriages  are good one too.

  • GrayGamingPS4

    +Smike Hi I have been subscribed to you for do long now and all of your videos are quality. Just a which question, I want to get a PC to play Skyrim and I would like to run 2k HD Textures, RealVision ENB, UFO, Real Water, Open cities and possibly SkyUI. Are there any other mods that you would recommend? Also, do you know how much I would have to spend to get a PC that could run that on ultra? Thanks :)

  • jakebopple

    One of my favorite mod categories, very nice video Smike!

  • Mad Goblin

    i dont get it why is it so good to have a so buffed up and shinny skyrim that it makes you sick

  • Dia

    Can you guys tell me, where i can find my specs?I do have NVIDIA Geforce GT 640

  • ThisIsntWonderland

    You just have to remember the good days of Smike. (Before he just did FNAF and got greedy)

  • Sire Skully

    Finally found out.. He's swedish! "Day Zed"! The secrets out, Big boy!

  • Frazer Brunton

    That horse mod looks awesome! I never ended up using shadowmere because I felt sorry for Ilia having to run alonf side and frankly it was too much work. I'm going to have to stop making excuses and build a gaming pc already. I mean my favourite games are made by bethesda but they all suck balls on my 360. Also mods!

  • Regisseur95

    I think those "more realistic faces" aren't realistic at all. The skin looks like plastic or like the people use skin- and haircare products every day. But Skyrim is a medieval fantasy world, so it's more realistic when skin and hair don't look that "perfect". I prefer the "ugly" faces which also look more badass in my opinion. The light & shadow mod is awesome and I really like the idea of skyrim as a survival game. It can make it more exciting if you've played it for a long time and want something different.

  • Gopnik Conscript

    Interesting npcs bothers me because how can there be so meany people when there's only so meany houses?

  • LiL' Can

    Should've put paper world map instead of quality world map imo

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