How To Mod Skyrim: Special Edition! *PC*

I figured I'd make a video on how to mod on the PC version of Skyrim SE since I find the lack of videos on the subject disturbing.

Nexus Mods:

  • frani02

    Nexus mod manager tell me with some mods that I need SKyrim installed, but im downloading the mod for skyrim SE, what should i do?

  • Yougurtguy


  • Motsognir

    ive instzalled the nmm and found skyrim se selected all files etc....if i click on download(nmm) (to download a mod)=the side just refreshes and it doesnt install the mod...(sry for bad english)

  • Amzari Black

    should i change anything at the mod load order or just let them stay at the bottom?

  • Matt Kapka

    if I am using the in game modding manager will that be able to be doubled with the nexus mod manager?

  • Mr.Sadman

    wow thanks dude, I'm so dumb at this shit. you helped a lot. and you get a new Sub :)

  • Carbanu

    Thank you for this, very simple and easy to follow along.

  • P R

    So I uninstalled Skyrim (and NMM) and installed the special edition. I then tried to redownload Nexus. Nexus did find the location of Skyrim SE, but when I try to install a mod I get this"Nexus Mod Manager is not set up to work with Skyrim. If Skyrim is installed, rescan for installed games from the Change Game toolbar item."If I rescan, Nexus will find the game. If I try to install a mod, Nexus will show me the same error. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • GotherL

    I hate SE so many things don't work and it won't let me get the dlcs for the vanilla version anymore.

  • Diibz

    I downloaded a lot of mods manually. How do i get them to activate in my game????

  • Minish

    RIGHT NOW they have enabled option to download mods with NMM!

  • Theyvad

    finally it only took me a week

  • Lobster Poptart

    I got mods I installed them properly but my game doesn't start up how do I fix it

  • THExxGAMER 102

    is Nexus mods mods compatible with Skyrim account mods on Skyrim special edition

  • Ben Horne

    Thanks man! this was super helpful!

  • swissphillyd

    You missed the process between enabling the mod in nmm and opening the game? Do you need to open the game from nmm? Or close nmm and open the game?

  • Ladas Mlynek

    why is this soi ... hard ? Isnt any easier way ?

  • Sidekicker Brohoof

    Thanks for a the video. Iv'e modded Skyrim the past, but it's always good to watch a video that goes back to the basics again. That way you don't mess up your game or your mods!

  • Leo Arnberg

    Does modding affect achievements because on the tab mods in skyrim se IT says that it will turn off achievements, so does it???

  • Piano-Covers-4-U

    Why can I only get v6.3.14 and not 6.3.3?

  • Bafklant

    What about the setup paths? I'm not sure about how to get those setup.

  • Acquaintance

    I properly installed some mods but whenever I load up the game, none of them work. They are all installed and active but none of them are working and I'm still stuck with the vanilla game.

  • Lando McQuestionable

    wait so mods made for skyrim DO NOT work with the remastered? because i read that they do which was the whole reason i bought it :(

  • Cyrus Matisse

    When I click the checkmark it doesn't activate these 2 mods I have. Any help?

  • Lukas Schoenhofer

    I recently made a new computer and skyrim legendary edition is not in my library anymore. If I search it on steam it doesn't come up. Is there a way to download the original skyrim on steam?

  • Alexander Chong

    when i put download(NMM) instead of your pop-up of launch application i get a pop-up of Open Url:Nexus Mod? and then nothing happens

  • kifli eddysa

    many many thanks, god bless you

  • Rory Bryant

    Thanks I'm brand new to PC gaming and your video made the idea of and mods less daunting.

  • arthur de neve

    galacticfever do you need to pay for nexus?

  • Death Mwauthzyx

    You didn't cover load order or Plug-ins.

  • Fenneld The Wolf

    Do you know why every time I start up the game all of my plugins get unchecked?

  • Blake Bauman

    Is there a way I could change Skyrim Specail Editions graphics to look exactly like normal Skyrim?Is there a way I could manually do this?

  • Killian Hutchinson

    I cant configure any of my mods i dont have the mod configuration menu

  • DrKim Weston

    lol Dude you installed the MOD Eleven over-hauled but never showed how the Elf look in game? plus i never saw how the MOD is loaded in game?... start over, that went completely over my head

  • Zubair Noori

    Good job , helped alot

  • Nico Repetto

    Yeah I followed everything in the video and the three mods I attempted to download didn't load

  • TheDarkSkullOfficial

    How do you install .esp mods? I've downloaded a few but they don't seem to be working since they are apart from the regular download page of SSE, and I don't think you went over it in your video.

  • Master K

    Thank you. You know what the crazy part is, I was pissed off cause I accidentally bought regular old Skyrim Legendary Edition first. I had no idea it was like this, I NEED that script extender for the mods that I want. Currently the Special Edition is only a good deal for console players cause 360/ps3 unplayable & had no mods at all. No wonder they gave Special Edition free on pc before release cause they knew ALL of this! Was a blessing in disguise lol

  • EG Vidworks

    Was that a SW reference in the desc.?

  • bend over

    what's method for cracked skyrim se

  • phillie marquez jr

    so dumb you have to pay to download nexus mod

  • Firelord

    thank you so much for this ! youre the man!

  • Aryan Koul

    how to activate the mods in the game I activated it in the mod manager but it doesn't work in the game

  • Ladas Mlynek

    I donwload a mode ... ( textures tree models.. etc ... ) And I start skyrim .. when I click continue .... something shows up .. there is nothing writen but I need to chose yes or no ... what im supposed to do ? :D

  • Mr. Frogo

    Do you launch the modded game through Nmm? Or does it matter?

  • sLoThZ

    dude question... ok so i downloaded some mods but when i press play it crashes ;-; and on the odd chance i make it past the intro the menu screen is black but i can still hear the music. I have tried everything LOOT,Disabiling all mods etc but nothing has worked plz help

  • Riley Lathrom

    do you NEED nexus mod manager to use mods in SSE?

  • Isaac Swiftlink

    should i buy the old version or the new version?

  • eminade

    what if i wanna mod both of them at the same time with the mod manager can i do and if i can how

  • Jake Dennison

    You're a hero man. Just got my new, and first PC so Modding Skyrim was something I was looking forward to. I really appreciate the video!

  • Andrew Betrosian

    I am on hp laptop and the game plays but not good, was told that these mods will help the game run better (fps)

  • Anime Sucks

    when i start it up it doesn't find skyrim se on my computer. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Witek Jabłoński

    I can't install most of the mods, it says 'A problem occured during installation". Anyone had this problem ?

  • AllTerrain Guy

    Some of the Special Editions mods don't work for me, most of the immersive mods except immersive citizens. The immersive armor SE won't install. Also the alternate starting mod, I need doesn't work, but frostfall and campfires worked. They are all marked SE except alternate starting.

  • TheNewReligion2Day

    Do you do mods for PS4?

  • Ninja Of Irony

    Skyrim SE is a waste if you ask me. They could have at least added some new areas or a new DLC not to mention fix the menus and make them better like SkyUI. Instead they really didn't do much with it at all, in fact you might as well just play the original.

  • Seosamh Brock

    Hey this helped alot but by the way SKSE was updated and now supports Special edition if you download SKSE64. Your welcome <3

  • cachanilla13g

    awesome thanks for that

  • icepunch

    GalacticFever how did you get fallout 3 working on wid 8,10

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