Skyrim - Part 60 - Finders Reapers

Skyrim continues, as Serana wants me to save her mother from eternal imprisonment or something, but I'm much more interested in solving the mystery of the Reaper...

Skyrim: Special Edition on Steam -

Mods used;

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch -
Open Cities Skyrim -
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM -
Run For Your Lives -
When Vampires Attack -
Enhanced Lights and FX -
Immersive potions -
Enhanced CandleLight and MageLight -

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  • Sammy White

    Wow Durnehviir sounds almost exactly like Shenron from Dragon Ball.

  • yohan metzger

    I feel like I missed something about Benor which makes me really sad because when he was wandering with John I was nervous of him dying at every moment I know after they married he was at the house but I;m pretty sure I missed something about him

  • Scott Russell

    You missed Jiub Jon! GO BACK FOR SAINT JIUB HE'S WAITING FOR YOU.And look at the names of thing, damn son.

  • Cameron Mowers

    Jon why didn't you use v.a.t.s?

  • Nerdnumberone

    Morven gives random items. You could have gotten a master spell if you were lucky. Of course this means a high chance of getting complete garbage.

  • alex belke

    Hey Jon, the problem with the damage scaling on blood magic isn't caused by magic resistance. There's a weird thing with the absorb spell on vampire lord: It does a small amount of drain life and a large direct health damage. For some reason they have it hard coded to only deal the life drain when serana is your active follower. Look up the Vampire Lord page on the UESP (elder scrolls wiki). Basically if you have serana with you your vampire lord is basically useless. There are mods that "fix" this although I've always been hesitant to use them as it isn't technically a bug, just a really strange design choice.

  • DarkArcher Speed-Art

    are you ever going to do the main quest

  • Azrael Corvo

    JON... Jon, we've been though this before. Repeat after me, black souls ARE Grand souls.

  • William J. LePetomane

    A lot of complaining in these comments. Jon missing obvious stuff and mispronouncing things is all part of the fun.

  • Thomas Bailey

    "keeper's and reaper's rhyme " don't change jon.

  • Taolan8472

    Jon, those glowing pink things actually heal you. They're great.

  • Nerdnumberone

    The necromancer dragon isn't asking you to summon him to die. He can't call Tamriel his home, but he can visit briefly and fly through the sunny day while destroying your enemies.

  • Anton Grahn

    Jon, 567 armour represents 80% damage reduction from physical attacks. Your 40-odd armour is not doing much.

  • oWallis

    TIL Arvak = Aardvark

  • Aero Neon

    So both DLCs with stories have giant ghost bosses...I didn't know that I only thought the Dragonborn DLC had a giant boss

  • Radon Bust

    I just started watching your Skyrim series, and realized that even in part 60 you are still using the Vanilla UI, which is just god awful and impractical. You should definitely get SkyUI! It would make managing your inventory much easier and less annoying. It would, for example, allow you to sort the items according to value, weight, DPS, etc.!

  • Kaleb Montes

    Blood magic is not effective on the undead

  • Speedball57

    I recommend summoning Durhenvir and learning the Shout he teaches you ASAP, because it is HIGHLY relevant to your interests. It does a ton of damage, Soul Taps its target and revives their corpse as a zombie all at once. That's like the ultimate Jon shout.

  • Holly Herrmann

    In this episode of skyrim we learn that Jon can't tell the difference between "K"s and "R"s

  • Corundrom

    about the "do it 2 instead of 3 thing" around 40 minutes, theres a reason, "one’s an accident, two’s a coincidence, and three’s a pattern"

  • Sergey Onenko

    I like to think Jon dedicates himself to the necromancy cause he secretly hopes to revive Benor some day

  • Sean Schmitt

    Jeepers Keepers. Can't you find those Reapers?

  • Thomas Richter

    The dragon shout Marked for Death spell

  • Tom Merker

    they are called keepers not reapers -.- (just to not get your expectations up)

  • John Scade

    When are you gonna start uploading in 1090p 60fps :(

  • Some Guy

    Valerica: Only special vampire women who've survived Molag Bol can fulfill the prophecyJon: Well I'm a generic vampire woman who hasn't done that, so shouldn't I be able to fulfill the prophecy?

  • theStonerKid69

    Oh, Jon ignored grabbing like 4 daedra hearts. The looting instinct kicking into overdrive, it's hurting my soul.

  • SirValtyr

    Request to Mod makers! Jon requires a player home mod: The Really Really Awesome Wibbley Tower

  • Rias Gremory

    Did he seriously not take the Daedra heart?

  • charles farrar

    I love how there are so many comments from gamers who are perfect at everything! I am so very happy there are no hordes of rude commenters watching my play-throughs.

  • Kieran Saul

    I like how Jon named his horse Aardvark. I'm not sure if he's just mispronouncing "Arvak" or if he's doing it on purpose, but I find it funny either way.

  • Blockhead

    is it supposed to be impossible to see anything in this game or is my screen doing something weird?

  • RJ Scott

    get rid of Serena makes blood magic terrible and it doesn't suite your build like the bonemen being resistant

  • Brando J

    As creepy & beautiful the Soul Cairn is, it's incredibly easy to get lost. I usually just end up saving Arvak & finishing the main quest. Only once have I tried to find all the pages of Jiub's Opus, & I ended up giving up two pages shy of having all of them. By the way, the Soul Tear Shout is by far, one of the best shouts in the game! Summon him 3 times & he gives you the shout.

  • K Snyd

    turian voice Ah, yes, the "Reapers........"

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