Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Assassin's Creed legend, the tale of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. Understand this charming assassin's story, where he came from and how he became the complete bad ass we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Ezio Auditore, the story you never knew.

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  • Jeff the Moose

    actually ezio is subject 16's ancestor

  • Fancyfull wolfy-whoo named Gohbe

    Italian isn't a race my boi

  • Jeff the Moose

    why do people think after ac 3 happened it went to shit in fact it did not go to shit it went better not to shit

  • Danny Tran

    Lucy is a Templar agent

  • Mr Moth

    who saw that illuminati symbol.

  • Mr Moth

    the guy talking about the moth and the moon was me Mr Moth

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