The Elder Scrolls lore: The Great war Explained (With Map)

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In my first video I will be explaining the events leading up to the great war and the great war it self with a tutorial map!
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  • DeathDragon7050

    The thalmor are assholes but seriously they are cool as hell

  • Josh Hendrix

    Hail to the Empire! May it rise to its former glory and banish the High Elves from Tamerialic mainland.

  • 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    "After Oblivion crisis, the whole Tamriel was in chaos, at it ended. But wait.... THERE'S MORE! How about red mountain, some Stormcloaks, some dragons and sheit?"

  • H h

    The main army near Bruma was being lead by the Forgotten Hero in the Emperor's armor, not the emperor, right

  • Franz Ferdinand

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chancellor ocato whyyyy!?

  • RaNdOm NuMbErS aNd LeTtErS

    "and then the looted the white gold tower, whoosh! all of the sudden the Americans come in through a portal and they beat the dominion back and all high elvess die

  • Lliven

    Great video! It"s really coherent, interesting and informative. But I think the music was too loud compared to your voice.

  • Eric Barcelona

    If they make the Stormcloaks win and it is set at that, it would be smart to have an independent Skyrim that is an ally to the Empire. The nords would still be happy with no empire in their borders, and they could both work to end the Aldmeri Dominion. It’s a win win if they join but not under the same banner, Stormcloaks and Imperials together with no need to fight amongst themselves.

  • Auspicious Kaktus

    You seem to have trouble reading your script. It seems like you are doing it all in one take.I advice you to just pause sometimes between reading or maybe even re-read if you make a mistake. You can just cut out the unwanted bits in post-production, leaving you with a polished result.

  • Green Lizard

    Nederlander!! Ik hoor het in de eerste drie seconden al gewoon.

  • Amilah C.H

    I can't believe I'm learning the political history of a game, but I can't remember most of the history of my country, I'm trash

  • Leggomy EggoCrabbo

    Die, you imperial scum!

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I wonder if In TES: 6 there will be another Akaviri invasion

  • Tonberry Queen

    Long live the Dominion!Hope Talos is watching from afar as the High Elves tear apart his ill-gotten empire! <3

  • Death Strider Bros

    I hope in tes 6 tamriel hits a industrial era.

  • Chiken

    I think its gonna be lore that the stormcloaks wins. Looking at the pattern of other nations.

  • SpacemanApeINC

    Why are the Elves such pieces of shit

  • Dr Von

    besides the poor English sick video!

  • Mr McCoolios

    Good video, thank you kind sir 👍

  • SS Mangan

    You greyed out morrowind but i think morrowind is part of the empire even after the eruption. Or am i wrong?

  • Chiken

    I hope Skyrim will become independent and make an allegiance with hammerfell and high rock. And even morrowind when things gets better there

  • I Am A Lion

    I hear that in every lore video."The empire was on the verge of collapsing so the Emperor signed the White Gold Concordat."Does anyone actually know why the empire was about to collapse?

  • J.M.A.

    And to think that this whole empire can be crossed in a few hours of gameplay.

  • NateXDogg

    The thalmor some hoes

  • Kuygh

    I don't get it... I can see the empire really struggles by the end of the war, it's armies are weak and it was never ready to start a war with the thalmor,BUT, and its a big one- they actually did successfully kick the dominion from cyrodil and broke its main army, and so its only logical that they' d go for a COUNTER ATTACK and invade valenwood, even just a lil bit to scare the thalmor and avoid the signing of the WGC. Real wars rarely end with no victor or with both sides just giving up. Seems like lazy writing to me... aint complaining though, Tes series has a very rich and interesting lore.

  • Top Pop Fop

    Jesus Christ, the Thalmor are little whiny assholes.

  • Gowtaye Imperial

    Elven motherfuckers deserve nothing but the sword

  • Cortana AI

    Oh my god, the things i'll do to the Aldemiri Dominion.....

  • Imperial Knowledge

    My speculation on the second great war:

  • Irfxn Mkhls

    I read the thalmor dossier that saying ulfric is thalmor's secret weapon .I find it interesting if I can backfire Thalmor by using their own so-called secret weapon, so I join Stormcloak and destroy Empire. Plus ,I just want to cause some chaotic environment in the game .(Hopefully I can destroyed Thalmor and betrayed Stormcloak after a destruction of the Empire in Skyrim. Too bad I can't do them in the game.)

  • Lardon2

    Indded, if there is an Elder Schrolls VI, it will be interesting how the state of the Empire will be. Will it fall? ;)

  • Vandal 13

    I wish you could have mark main city on the maps, but good video.

  • the nano007

    Does this take place during the events of ESO?

  • Yousif Osama

    Screw the Empire, praise be to the Aldemeri Dominion!

  • edraith

    A Norwegian with a strong texan accent and actually managing to not get a single lore-word right. I'm digging it, I already love this channel <3 Like and subscribe <3 <3 <3

  • Jim Burke

    skyrim has a problem with the concordat, just like hammerfell did.skyrim went into open rebellion, just like hammerfell did.most elder scrolls fans response to hammerfells actions: yay wooo yeaahh go redguardsmost elder scrolls fans response to skyrms actions: fucking racist nords! talos is a false god! ulfric is racist and wrong!!

  • Conn O'Driscoll

    And then the storm cloaks took back skyrim

  • Wyatt Strauss

    Fuck the Elves, Skyrim is for the Nords!

  • Samuel Vincent

    Its safe to say that the argonians are the safest race from harm and wars because half of there province is toxic where only the argonians can survive

  • The Heir Of Rome

    Moral of the story the elves hated the fact that a race of man rules over them and hate the fact that a man A MAN becomes a god damn elves

  • Logan B

    Man The Aldmeri Dominion Are Mean!

  • Ricardo Garcia

    Those damn elf’s!!! Long live the empire

  • PatDaBunnyLego

    9:05 I died at Crush that like button like you would crush an altmer's face

  • Ben McClure

    and now Skyrim is pissed off at the Empire simply giving up against the Aldmeri Dominion

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Wasn't Morrowind still under Empire control? The parts not taken by Argonia.

  • edraith

    "Aennaeville", lol I needed a few minutes to understand that was "Anvil".Nois, to <3

  • Soviet Doggo

    is that a Dutch accent?

  • Nenad Bogdanovic

    Learn how to speak...

  • Zeth Jackson

    wow argonia never lost a war

  • Xetro0

    i have a feeling ur dutch or something

  • Friendly Engineer

    4E 201 - The Stormcloak Rebellion conquers Skyrim and removes all Imperial influence, forming a new independent state.

  • E T

    Looking for genocide?

  • D/Bodybag G40

    Then the stormcloacks took skyrim

  • AppalachiaNord

    Smashing Aldmeri skulls and drinking sweet sweet skooma.

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