Skyrim Dawnguard : Becoming A Vampire Lord

This is a video to give you guys a look on how to beocme a vampire Lord

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  • Americano Cat

    It glitched for me and he didn’t turn me a vampire

  • Prince Charming

    God I remember watching you when you were only at 9k congratz on 91k bud

  • Americano Cat


  • shubham sharma

    am i the only one who got a boner when he bites you ? lol

  • David Wright

    I am a vampire Lord Connar made me a vampire you also want to be a vampire you can email him on

  • Homero Medina

    Being a vampire sucks. You can't regenerate during the day. Werewolf allows you to regenerate and you're immune to all diseases

  • Mutual Decline

    My cousin recommended that I buy this game for PS4. Looks good & it'll be cool to be a vampire lord. How long does it take to become one?

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