Skyrim - How to permanently remove Lydia's armor FOR PC ONLY



1. Go to Lydia and press "~" to open up the console then click on her

2. Type "Removeitem 00013952 1" To remove her armor. After that exit the console.

3. Press "~" again and Type "Removeitem 00013953 1" To remove her gauntlets. Exit the console again.

3.Press "~" again and Type "Removeitem 00013951 1" To remove her boots and then you are done! :D

To remove her shield type
Removeitem 00013955 1

To remove her sword type
Removeitem 00013989 1

To remove her bow type
Removeitem 0010E2DD 1

To remove her arrows type
Removeitem 0010E2DE 1

Credits to Bethesda for creating an awesome game! :D
  • Khan123

    I just killed her when I was level 5. We went to this small, wooden area and I remember striking her down, taking her armor and leaving her body to rot in some random bush. Free armor at a cost of nothing.

  • Zefyr

    anyway to undo this lol

  • Bruxador

    Thanks, now I can put some better liking armor in her.

  • Evan Moyer

    I was not prepared for the end

  • LaFlame

    this is so sad. & cringey

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