Skyrim Mod: Skyrim Better Roads

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Skyrim Better Roads

Other mods in this video:

The Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded -
Gypsy Eyes Caravan -
Immersive First Person View -

Important Notes:
- The video shows version 1.3, which edits the roads around Whiterun, Solitude and Ivarstead.
- The upcoming 1.4 version adds Riverwood and Rorikstead to the list.
The mod also has some minor issues with pathing, which the author hopes to smooth out in the upcoming versions. It's mostly unnoticeable unless you hang around in the same area and any stuck NPCs will move as soon as you leave the area or fast travel.
Generally speaking the mod is usable and although not all areas are complete, the changes are so subtle that you can still use versions 1.3/1.4 just fine in a play-through.

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • naits95

    Hi Brodual! Which texture modifications do you use which makes your roads and rocks on the side look so good and HQ?

  • Marques Robinson

    what mod is that that makes the first person look almost cinematic like

  • Lucious Shorts

    How did you get first person view on horse?

  • Charles Roberson

    It has major issues with the "touring carriages mod"

  • Jana

    It very probably won't work with the popular mod Skyrim Bridges though.

  • The Herobrine

    thanks for the awesome vids keep it up

  • Only peasants need roads; but I, Miles Edgeworth, walk on bitches, lots and lots of bitches...

  • The Duke of Windfall

    this kind of mods display just gave you another subscriber :D

  • Finn Griswold

    are there any mods that bring up the name of any place you go to like in pokemon?

  • CQKhro

    Looks very very nice! Im getting this.

  • Commander Vex

    Do the a mod review of the mod you used to make the carraige move and stuff please Brodual. PS, if you do, say it was suggested by me.

  • Dolphinman 300

    This makes you think who the fuck built all of this

  • Jeffums

    what mod are you using to make your grass more plentiful and not extremely dense?

  • miazmatic

    They made the 7000 steps the 7008 stepsfucking brilliant

  • KuriGohanAndKamehameha

    Umm no, I don't like it, sorry.

  • Nobody Nothing

    That dance at the end gave me an idea... how about a tribe of Altmer savages? They're all so perfect and magical... it'd be a nice change to see them acting like Nords.

  • Harry Chinni

    wow... i mean good idea, but i wont really notice it at all.

  • Rustyspoon

    How do you walk on a pc? Since you can't slightly push the key down.

  • Nukes N Noodles

    What lighting mods are you using?

  • TheBingbang69

    There should be a bricklayer at work

  • NightTime Noctis

    And this channel doesn't have 1mil subs Why exactly?

  • William Wyatt Earnshaw

    Yes.. it is MORE immersive for the jarls to commission pointless 6' tall 4' square towers at the corners of their bridges, and to build even more useless wall segments around the roads. I count the random stone walls littered by the roads against the game's immersion. The only walls along the roads that make any sense are the ones farmers would have constructed themselves to demarcate their territory. If only our modern day society were so advanced and had so much extra resources and labour that we saw it worthwhile to build walls alongside our roads going between cities, and no one better bring up retaining walls or rails that stop cars from going over cliffs. I've never heard of someone losing control of their horse and it careening over a cliff.

  • yazshu

    Brodual you're the best Skyrim youtuber.

  • MrTripi

    what's the point to building an incomplete fence/wall beside a road?

  • Lei Nad

    Great vid,btw what's the name of the mod at 0:07?

  • il2xbox

    This looks kinda cool but I don't think it makes sense for all the roads in Skyrim to somehow be in such good condition. There's a lot of roads in Skyrim. Where would the Nords get the time, money, and labour to accomplish this? Seeing as there's a war on right now, I think it makes sense for the roads to be in a state of slight disrepair.

  • FirstOfHisNameOfficial

    Where is that at 1:30? I don't really recognize the terrain or the building in the background.

  • Magnuclean

    -Install this mod-Use fast travel 

  • RJ Mosier

    Something I just came up with randomly a few minutes ago while listening to music:"Ooh.., I spit flame Realizing That was Cringe Oh my god, I'm Gay... Me: That Rhymed! But I don't to discriminate" I wanna die.. D:

  • Winter Soldier

    Can u guys do a mod for Skyrim special edition, a mod that will massively change the game so it feels more refreshing

  • Benny Yeoh

    This is a good mod but the thing is I would probably never use roads unless I have to, for example if there's a road that leads around a mountain to where I wanna go, I would probably just go on top of the mountain or just scale it or something like that....i dunno if that made sense or not but hopefully it does

  • Krawarc

    Is there a mod that gives you a speedbuff while traveling on the road?

  • Sniping's a good job mate

    What ENB do you use?

  • Zone Tan

    Anyone know what mod he was using for the wagon?

  • Russkiy snayper

    Whats that camera shake mod?

  • WildMacadamia

    You're game is so prettyyy

  • Tyler Cone

    Q: Which of the two carts are less buggy in your opinion, Gypsy Eyes Caravan or Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded?

  • Nobody Nothing

    I take it this conflicts with the Skyrim Landscape Overhaul?

  • KillerTortoise1

    READ: Skyrim needs a mod which makes a new massive house/keep where you your wife and kids can all live as well as all your followers (so they are all in one place) I'm thinking this could be helgen, you could be the thane and have the keep as player housing, and your followes could live and protect the village and you could hire people to work there or have your follows/wife as the vendors so it's like your own little place which no one else interferes with (the jarl of whiterun could give it to you for helping him), is this even possible? If so could someone do it?

  • supermonkeyCL

    I don't think it will work with my other mod called Skyrim Bridges :(

  • Thilego

    Those simples mods make the game a lot better And real. I ratter this mods then stupids ones with sex And all that stuff showing And growing female bodyparts.

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    I think Skyrim is a good game and have been enjoying this mod.

  • TheStupidGuyWithBlip

    this mod suck!!! it crash my game and now i have to buy again!!!!!

  • Horatio Velvetine

    Rock placing simulator 2014

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