Skyrim Dawnguard If you give Auriel's bow to Lord Harkon

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Just wanted to see what would happen couse I used the bow to defeat Lord Harkon in my let's play. At least I now know I can kill lord Harkon without Auriel's bow
Anyway, it was a fun fight so I hope you enjoy =)

Playing as a Breton mage on master difficulty with no armor and an enhanced dwarven crossbow as my only weapon, following these rules:
1. Master difficulty
2. No Dawnstarchest or any other exploitchests
3. No spellspamming to lvl up
4. No attack on friendly NPC
5. All bosses/ Dragonpriests must be caught in a soulgem after u reach lvl 20
6. Mages can never use armor (that goes for dragonmasks, gauntlets and boots too, they are nono)
7. Never get training from NPC to lvl. not legit, and no Feandal exploit
8. Never craft or use fortify restoration, fortify smithing, fortify Enchanting or fortify achemy.
9. U can not craft potions that u have not unlocked by eating, no "slow" 'couse u remember river betty and deathbell et.c.
Characters over level 50 can never use potions exept Cure Disease
10. U can not use wait or sleep to barter from same vendor, at least 1 quest must be finished before using same vendor.
11. Weapons can not be more powerful then the strongest Destruction spell u can cast
12. No taking damage/healing exploit
13. Don't use exploits, period =)
14 . No slow time

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Installed mods:
Ace combat skills
Deadly Dragons
Deadly Dragons Armory
Skyrim monster mod
No killmoves
Filling food and Restful Sleep
Categorized Favorites Menu
FPS limiter
  • Blackdog4818

    What spell is that with the two hands and electric?

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