Skyrim! Workshop: "Marriable Serana" [Flashbang Commentary]

Hi guys!
In this video we will take a look at one of the mods in the Skyrim Workshop:
"Marriable Serana."

This mod, made by C0dr0nk33, allows you to marry Serana.
Serana is the most important character in the Dawnguard DLC questline.

If you have any questions regarding this mod or other Workshop items feel free to leave a comment. If you like this video or have request, let me know!
And as always, "Have a good one!"
  • Free Bird

    If they ever make a Skyrim film, they've got to have it that Dovahkiin marries Serana

  • Michael Johnson

    I can’t get this to work. She just says “I think we’ve talked about this enough, come on now.” Can you help?

  • Ichigo

    So I downloaded this mod.... I still can't marry serana, but..... so.. I can marry Farkas.

  • Jerry Lim

    Hi. quick question. I just saw this mod. I am already in the middle of dawnguard quests. (got 2 elder scrolls, going to college of winterhold for the third one)My question is can I install this mod in the middle of the dawnguard storyline or do I have to restart the whole dawnguard quest? :)

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