Amorous Serana 04 - Isran, don't be sad.

Isran, Isran... you faith in us will be rewarded. Sooner or later... For the moment... just don't be sad.
Time to beef it up the Dawnguards.

Episode 04 of Serana Adventures, an Amorous Adventures based gameplay (a Loverslab mod)

Amorous Adventures by Foxfingers on Loverslab. (Google it)

Featuring Gwelda dawnguard armor

Join me on:

In the soundtrack:
Lesson Learned by Mat&Kim
Trick or threat from Kickass OST
Pop Goes the Weasel by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Other mods featured in this video:
Better vampire feeding animation nexus
Loot and Degradation by Isoku
A Closer Look
Interesting Npcs
  • Rudi Nightwood

    Can you pleeeeaaase try re-uploading this video🙂 It's been removed ☹️

  • D.D. Descendant

    Wait what!? You can do that in vanilla Skyrim or is that a mod? It's the first time i see a gameplay of someone choosing Dawnguard rather than the Vampires, i'm very surprised actually, wasn't expecting Serana to show up

  • Napalm Knöterich

    I like your vids! And you need a better smith. xddd

  • Leuin Urso

    help! ow i forget theck (smash) lol

  • Aiden Furry

    how'd you do the stretch?

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