Skyrim Special Edition Bloodline Quest Broken Bethesda. (FIX A.S.A.P.)

"Skyrim Special Edition Bloodline Quest Broken Bethesda. (FIX A.S.A.P.)" no description available.
  • Caleb Roche

    This happening to me right now. I tried restarting the game and saves but it wont work. WTH

  • john borne

    It happened to me. I hear it's because I discovered the castle before I started the dawnguard quests. I walked up to the gate the guard said go away so I did. Town was getting attacked by vampires, so I decided to start the dawnguard dlc to see if that stops the vampire attacks. I find serena, go to the castle and the dialog never ques up. And the old man says go away. My character was level 17 and I deleted my old saves so I can't reload to a point before I discovered the castle.. I can't delete the dlc and re install because its the remastered edition and the dlc is all in one package. It's a game breaking bug. DO NOT GO UP TO THE CASTLE BEFORE YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO.

  • MrMike8308

    I heard Calegaming has tips on how to get in castle.

  • Cassie Roberts

    I am having the same exact issue. Any remedies?

  • Jacob Caballero

    same here bro, no way I can do anything. this has been so glitchy for a remaster. I can't believe I spend 60 for this. I loved the game for 360 because I understood it was pushing the limit for the 360, but this is totally jacked.

  • MrMike8308

    Oh sorry i got back to you'll messages so late didn't know if you'll was enjoying my videos but to answer that question no i tried everything still won't open gate next video i make ill bring this back up and give a shout out to jacob & cassie thanks for the support.

  • Papajuan 420

    Lol bethesda won't fix or patch glitches anymore for skyrim

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