Remove Skyrim's 3D Map restrictions!

This is a mod released on the Skyrim Nexus site [] and is available for download.
Link Here:
My Other Mod:

A Quality Map With Roads:
  • - Centurious -

    They already did that in Morrowind. It's called Tamriel Rebuilt.

  • pananas85

    The next version of this mod comes with animated gears with cities growing between them if you understand what I am talking about )

  • Khugan68

    Liked the mod Loved the music!

  • moa2607

    who dosent like free stuff (exept you)

  • atweedz

    yeah which theme is this? Exquisite

  • Tarl Hywell

    Yes, please, and thank you. ;D

  • Silver Lock

    Theres already a group doing it but I think the project got paused :/

  • finbeard

    the unintentional (or was it intentional? if so- you're damn good) coordination with the music reaching its climax and the camera flying over a peak for a view of Vvardenfell at 1:28 was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME.

  • badkiller2

    That makes no sense, you dingelbell. I would want this to happen, but it won't, because if Bethesda can't execute that, neither can modders.

  • sheogorath the daedric prince of gaming

    Morrowind music suits this video

  • badkiller2

    Morroblivion never worked right, the new engine in Skyrim means Morroblivion will be that much harder. And that besides, they can't recreate all of Tamriel. Creating adequately medium sized areas is one thing, but Skyrim has no desert resources, that has to be created alone, as well as many creatures and whole towns, dungeons, NPCs, equipments and questlines to follow that, plus a map size as big if not bigger than Skyrim in it's entirety. There's more to recreating Tamriel than landmass.

  • Southern Yank

    I tried registering for nexus, and it said to check email for confimation. i did and it wasnt there.. 2 weeks later, and they never sent me one.I emailed them explaining the sit and that came back as being undeliverable.I also waited 24 hours like they suggest to reigster anew, but keep getting big red letters to check my confirmation email, which isnt there. thus I cant start a new registration,and of course att my IP wants me to start a new email account via my cell phone phone number which Ive no idea what it is since i dont use it. someone help with nexus plz ? thanks.

  • badkiller2

    My last comment wasn't aimed at you. Read first. You talk as if modders live in some sort of hub in wonderland. They are people from all around the world, syncronizing their works with each other can be exremely difficult for that. And there is no way someone created new lands without the Creation Kit, that is bullshit and a lie. Morroblivion is NOT creating new land.

  • Khugan68

    Instructions are on the mod page

  • badkiller2

    And you're a childish moron.

  • badkiller2

    Sorry, but that's a very stupid and childish wish. You want them to recreate all of Tamriel, in full detail, for free? And considering even Bethesda didn't pull that off yet... Well, let's just say you should keep dreams like these to yourself.

  • runningwild09

    Im so getting that and whatever that color icon thing is. Very nice work

  • Scaro Morph

    Hello???????? you ever played Morrowind??

  • VideoQuestEx

    Oooh, Pretty 3D Effects! Very nice mod!

  • Dániel Szilágyi

    Where did you find this awsome music? :D

  • xXObLiVioN1996Xx

    i thought that this should always should've happened I really wanna see what Cyrodil (oblivion) in skyrim and see how better graphics it would look

  • FatheredPuma81

    +La4edimension Stop playing skyrim and every bethesda gane if you dont know this legendary song

  • real e

    They're making Skyblivion, Oblivion inside Skyrim, All quests,npc:s and everything from oblivion converted to skyrim ! :)

  • FieryMastermind

    @badkiller2 I did not exactly that every one needs to donate, but those who'd like to. Also , I did not say that one modder would throw himself into this, but perhaps a whole team of good and experienced modders would mayb be able to pull...

  • badkiller2

    Morroblivion does not function well. It requires a dozen other mods which require it to really work well, constantly conflicts with other mods, installation is a mess, and the mod is incredibly brute on the resources, it is a performance killer in every single way, even a high end PC will have trouble with it. Morroblivion was an amazing achievement, but something like that can't be made flawlessly. Sadly, it is more than flawed, it's just not right.

  • FieryMastermind

    there are modders who recives donations from alot of people. If the modders would do all of tamriel then i'm sure that they would revice some payment from the community. I know I would give them my support. Also, tell me why it is not possible

  • Thereapers

    What if all big mod creators made a group and made all of tamriel to 1 game I would love it

  • André

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! i'll pay you a beer!!

  • Shan Kanis

    That's Morrowind Main Theme Just type it in Google/Youtube.

  • moa2607

    and how do you know that

  • - Centurious -

    You're a pretentious dick.

  • badkiller2

    Donations have nothing to do with this. A modder shouldn't expect to get payed for his work, he makes something out of personal passion, and if people love it enough to pay, then so be it. You shouldn't seek profit in modding someone's, make your own game. And how is it possible? You know what, go create a mod. Create a new map area. No details, no NPCs, just terrain. Just that. And make it twice the size of Skyrim's whole map. See if it's that easy.

  • Psychochickendelivry

    what mods are you using to add paths and remove clouds? and also when i use this mod i can only turn 180* unlike the 360* you show in the video.

  • FieryMastermind

    @badkiller2 it off. And no, I would certainl not be able to do this myself, not even the simplest of mods. And I know that this might be possible, since a team did this in oblivion without a creation kit. Btw, your latest comment was unnecessary

  • Louis Nel

    That was the morrowind theme right?

  • Trekeyus

    It's a shame that fMapWorldInitialPitch, fMapWorldMaxHeight,and fMapWorldMinHeight are hard coded as of the 1.8 skyrim update. I would love to be able to take advantage of the border removal while keeping A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads unfortunately with this mod installed you lose the ability to see the roads.Thankfuly the other ini file tweaks such as the full 360 paning provided you stay within the bounds work just fine.

  • taitai907

    I saw a phallus! Oh wait, it's the White Gold Tower.

  • Zack Walker

    When I go to map, it says SkyUI error occurs, then it's just the normal map. I added the lines to the Skyrim.ini and made sure it was at the very bottom of the load order. Any help?

  • Zeezee

    They are working on it. at DarkCreations (DOT) org they have a forum about a common world space that is being crafted to A fit with Skyrim, and B. be as lore friendly as possible so far it looks amazing.

  • Doug Peck

    I want to experience oblivion and morrowind,but besides classic games i grew up with (Mario kart 64, Halo CE) i feel the experience would be ruined by the graphics, if there were a mod for skyrim that had cyrodil right under it, it would be amazing.

  • FieryMastermind

    @FieryMastermind well, something similar in oblivion...

  • Kristofer Catalano

    Actually, Morroblivion functions pretty damn well. It's a shame that 'Morroblivion doesn't work' is still spread en mass by the modding community. It works god damn well and you should try it out and stop spreadin' nonsense.

  • DavveyL

    There has been a mod to bring morrowind to skyrim in the works for some time now. Skywind I think it's call should take a look a it. But to bring all of tamriel to the game would take like 10 years probably lol.

  • La4edimension


  • Rarah

    Did you plan to make the same mod for Solstheim map ?

  • FieryMastermind

    @badkiller2 not morroblivion, tamriel rebuilt. Also, you don't need a wonderland to get modders together, we have the internet for that

  • Anon ymous

    will endorse it as soon as i finish watching this video

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