Dawnguard - Castle wood door bug (PS4)

  • faisal dawood

    Can any one fix this pls help

  • Coby S

    mine does this on Xbox 360 help me plz!!!!

  • NetHead87

    This sucks, I can’t get passed it. What a bunch of bullshit


    I can't even get inside this room. Not sure what's up with my PS4 version. The vampire chick just stands outside the door and the guard doesn't acknowledge her. Just tells me to go away. lol. Love this game but getting tired of the glitches.

  • Mike Stevens

    I am having the exact same bug - so frustrating! Have you found a fix?

  • MrToadman16

    no fix for this on ps4 counsel

  • BROvsU

    I fixed it you have to have cheat room mod on and there is a tp door for that.. lol I was so happy that it had it

  • Sean Kiser

    I didn't even get that far. Lol we're just at the closed gate.

  • Lockhart

    Have the exact some problem on xb1

  • Jimi Kay-Deskati

    Omg I have the same problem...I hope you can me help. But my English are not good

  • Tyberius Sylvestre-Roussell

    Have this exact same glitch on Xbox One.

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