Skyrim Mod: Archery Gameplay Overhaul

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Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Intro/Outro Music:
Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -

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  • GG MIX

    What enb is being used at 2:00

  • Steven Camacho

    Does anyone know how to get the arrows to rotate on Xbox one?

  • HansCels Zeg

    What's your ilumination mod?

  • Combo Breaker

    What about the part where the arrow comes out of the wrist when you fire in first person?

  • Kiar Johnson

    is this mod for Xbox one

  • Setnja92

    I am still waiting for version of this mod for Skyrim Special Edition :-(

  • Corvus Mors

    So is this out for the xbox one?

  • Edgar Salgado

    Could it be possib;e to turn off everything but the draw animation?

  • salaam1st

    Is this mod in console version

  • leon kelly

    Hey is this out for xbox

  • Bosco Alexander

    what graphics mod is this?

  • Lucas Johnson

    The thumbnail is a assassins creed 3 reference

  • Demo Parkes

    Could someone possible port this over to consoles I love this mod but I want it on consoles you'll need to get permission from the author but I will be greatful

  • Jonathan Shenk

    Can they port this over for Xbox plz.

  • Rohan Narain

    ENOUGH! Quit showing me more awesome mods! You want my fucking game to crash or Something!

  • AnnaBanana

    The aiming is super broken with this mod.

  • Kiar Johnson

    is this mod on Xbox one

  • NightHigh TheBlaze

    2:19 Is that Michael from Gta 5?

  • Fritz Fandango

    What if i do not want the animations or want to use other bow animations?

  • Wolfsbaine101

    I’m going to assume this is compatible with ordinator as well

  • Cory Johnson

    Is this mod for Xbox one and ps4?

  • John Smith

    2 years old, recommended

  • karimkopra

    how to stop getting in 1st person view every single time i start shooting an arrow

  • Limitless Beast

    Is this avalible on Special edition?

  • レディ・メイネス

    this is helpful im replaying the game for a healing assassin character for my lets play as well as replaying through other games

  • Jacob Goodrich

    does this work of skyrim se?

  • Seylle

    That twerk at the end made me uncomfortable.

  • Klep Klop

    Thumbnail is ac3!! Whyy

  • js100serch

    I have a problem with this mod. I tweaked the camera and crosshair positions to resemble a Resident evil camera (over the shoulder) but my arrow won't fly where my crosshair is, they fly where the crosshair used to be, the vanilla position.

  • OwO What's This?

    The mod says you need the enhanced first person camera, but I really hate this mod. Do I actually "need" it to use this archery overhaul with no issues?

  • MisterSisterFister 9000

    what mods are used when the arrow spins like that? and the one part where you hit the bandit near the end and he flew back?

  • The Soviet Gamer

    whats the enb your using

  • RAD756

    Has anyone played with this mod? IMO this mod it's extremely broken balance wise. Archery is overpowered because of the very fast draw times

  • Niborino9409

    I might just go back to original Skyrim for this. Cause I suppose it wouldn't really work out of the box with SE.

  • *Բɑggѳt*

    Is this mod on skyrim special edition

  • LucineAura

    Thought I'd stick this here. If anyone experiences any camera earthquakes, it's caused by a script interruption in this mod. To fix it you just shoot another arrow. :)

  • Gelfling66

    for real though, turn that app into software for the computer, and that would be fucking in-genius. of course you can add your own voice communication into it, but also make it easy to also use like discord or skype or something with it

  • Ben L

    I would use the mod but the first person are terrible and mess everything up (yes I installed Enhanced Camera, that did not work, and then I tried immersive first person view, which also did not work.)

  • Aleksandr Neiton

    It need to be named as "BROKEN first person archery overhaul"

  • Hero Killer

    Only if this was for ps4 :(

  • Bigboss 23

    What armour mod is that?

  • jules roldan

    @1:30 in the video we are using the enhance camera and as you can see it works well ! ( arrow flew to left side)

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