Skyrim Mod: Archery Gameplay Overhaul

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Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Intro/Outro Music:
Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -

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  • Mayor V21

    is this on xbox one yet?

  • Eli Walker

    When you can't find a thumbnail so you just take an assasins creed 3 image and change the colors so "no one will notice"

  • Markas Antonius

    Great mod, shame you can't get it for skyrim se ;(

  • Demitris K

    assassins creed 3 conner in thumbnail wish we had that in skyrim

  • Finn Harrity

    That horrifying dancing at the end


    When is that mod going to be in skyrim special edition

  • Klep Klop

    Thumbnail is ac3!! Whyy

  • Jacob Goodrich

    does this work of skyrim se?

  • Dasc

    This mod is actually pretty garbage :/The new animations like absolutely horrendous in first person and the increased draw speed just feels super unatural and overpowered... Sadly there still arent any good archery mod...

  • GG MIX

    What enb is being used at 2:00

  • zotpot

    Can I use it for special edition by doing it manual?

  • Crafty Craff

    All I want is extra damage when I headshot people..

  • BlackRoseKn1ght

    That dance animation at the end was fucking hilarious

  • Danny_dan92

    When is this coming to xb1?

  • Vanskapt

    damn shame the first person sneak animations are bugged with no fix in sight.

  • Jon Wagner

    how did you get the archery build clothing?


    Can this mod be in skyrim special edition

  • Shadow Sonic

    What mod are you using for the armor ?

  • Wisepoet

    is this available on xbox?

  • Nathan Towler

    Oh god please, you nock the arrow, you do not sheath it :'(

  • Magi V

    I definitely need to try out this mod. I'm a huge sucker for archery and the bow is by far my favorite weapon, but in vanilla skyrim you can't really do much with it and the gameplay and drawspeed is quite sloppy. I have several survival mods like hunterborn, campfire/Frostfall and iNeed installed which give a great addition to archery and the gameplay in general, but a serious archery overhaul is what I've been missing in this game. This mod seems perfect, and I think I'll also check out some of the other ones you mentioned. I only recently got the game and have about 20 hours of playtime, but I've been watching skyrim modding videos religiously for years now. Your channel is truly one of the best out there, along with Koubitz and Gopher, and your videos are always very informative and to the point while still being very enjoyable. Not to mention that you have a gorgeous voice that I could listen to all day. So, im short: Keep it up man!


    Is this available for XB1?

  • Lights

    well i have enhanced camera and i cant see the thirdperson bow holding animation in first person??!?!?!

  • Combo Breaker

    What about the part where the arrow comes out of the wrist when you fire in first person?

  • Wagner Nogueira

    I use this mod for years and i didn't know that it does not affect crossbows ... '-'

  • MisterSisterFister 9000

    what mods are used when the arrow spins like that? and the one part where you hit the bandit near the end and he flew back?

  • angry pepe cancer

    the arrows are off the mark

  • Jasemine McThall

    the problem i have with that mod is: if you are in sneak mode , you always have one hand in front of your target.

  • Steven Camacho

    Does anyone know how to get the arrows to rotate on Xbox one?

  • Rikki Wood

    is this mod compatible with special edition???

  • Lucas Jordan

    Why Connor in the Thumbnail?

  • Alexander

    Please HELP ! :OI absolutely love how this exact animation looks (3:20) so i installed this mod along with "belt fastened quivers", however... my player keeps grabbing arrows from over the shoulder instead of taking them from the newly relocated quiver around the waist. Anyone have an idea of what i should do to fix this ?I already ran "LOOT" and it didn't give any warning messages, I let "AGO" overwrite all conflicts with "belt-fastened quivers" when installing through NMM

  • HC C

    (Not on Brodual at all) I am really frustrated how I can go from, "Oh hey, that is amazing, let me see if I can download this mod on bethesda modding page for X1. Nope" Like Bethesda, just get off your high horse and partner with Nexus already, Platform compatibility would be a breeze

  • Mazimus Miranda

    Is there an Xbox version of this?

  • InFamous thaK1D

    bruh can someone make this for the xbox one please

  • shadowdragoon6

    two questions 1. has this been ported to SSE yet 2. does this require SKSE

  • Defiant Crow

    release for xbox please?

  • angry pepe cancer

    3rd person is inaccurate. how to fiz

  • Connor Nicholas

    Wow, this is incredibly detailed and well put together. Unfortunately, I have a PS4, not a PC, so I can't use it myself, but it looks cool.

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