Skyrim Mod: Archery Gameplay Overhaul

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Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Intro/Outro Music:
Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -

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  • HansCels Zeg

    What's your ilumination mod?

  • Darkobolt

    0:47 Does zephyr still have an increased draw speed?

  • Benefits OG

    Anyone know the armour set hes using in this video?

  • Setnja92

    I am still waiting for version of this mod for Skyrim Special Edition :-(

  • Heri Zeledon

    my enhanced camera does not work with this mod. Any tips?

  • RAD756

    Has anyone played with this mod? IMO this mod it's extremely broken balance wise. Archery is overpowered because of the very fast draw times

  • Wolfsbaine101

    I’m going to assume this is compatible with ordinator as well

  • karimkopra

    how to stop getting in 1st person view every single time i start shooting an arrow

  • Andrew Snyder

    same draw speed for every bow is kinda retarded in my opinion, they're different materials and should bend differently

  • TheIsahata

    I don't know why but I can't seem to make Enhance camera work together with this mod..

  • Jonathan Shenk

    Can they port this over for Xbox plz.

  • André Medaglia

    Does anyone have another link for this mod?? NexusMods' are no longer available...

  • Zikry Sty

    i'm new around here anyway, what kind of ENB Preset that you using in the video? pls reply #muchappreciate

  • CptGriggs

    what graphics mod is this?

  • js100serch

    I have a problem with this mod. I tweaked the camera and crosshair positions to resemble a Resident evil camera (over the shoulder) but my arrow won't fly where my crosshair is, they fly where the crosshair used to be, the vanilla position.

  • Kiar Johnson

    is this mod on Xbox one

  • Ostfront Oscar

    What if i do not want the animations or want to use other bow animations?

  • midnight assassin

    Theres a ps4 mod called complete archery overhaul i would like to know how that is

  • Corvus Mors

    So is this out for the xbox one?

  • Charlesz Alejandro

    @Brodual I can't find it in Steam workshop can someone please link it for me?

  • Lucas Johnson

    The thumbnail is a assassins creed 3 reference

  • LucineAura

    Thought I'd stick this here. If anyone experiences any camera earthquakes, it's caused by a script interruption in this mod. To fix it you just shoot another arrow. :)

  • Sahm Dhude

    This mods fatal flaw for me was the fact the author chose to cut draw time in half. Really nice animations but you fire the bow as if it had a 3lbs draw.

  • Hero Killer

    Only if this was for ps4 :(

  • Cory Johnson

    Is this mod for Xbox one and ps4?

  • Kiar Johnson

    is this mod for Xbox one

  • The1andOnly 115

    I installed the mod I still have the vanilla one.. where do I put this mod in my load order for it can work properly?

  • Rohan Narain

    ENOUGH! Quit showing me more awesome mods! You want my fucking game to crash or Something!

  • Gelfling66

    for real though, turn that app into software for the computer, and that would be fucking in-genius. of course you can add your own voice communication into it, but also make it easy to also use like discord or skype or something with it

  • Limitless Beast

    Is this avalible on Special edition?

  • Jesse Bostic

    trigger alert you have been warned.... will this come to xbox?

  • salaam1st

    Is this mod in console version

  • NighTxBadBoy

    bow and arrow sound mod ????

  • The Soviet Gamer

    whats the enb your using

  • Tony Flamingo

    2:19 Is that Michael from Gta 5?

  • Edgar Salgado

    Could it be possib;e to turn off everything but the draw animation?

  • Bigboss 23

    What armour mod is that?

  • Ryan Hallberg

    Can i use this with ultimate combat 3.0?

  • Niborino9409

    I might just go back to original Skyrim for this. Cause I suppose it wouldn't really work out of the box with SE.

  • Demo Parkes

    Could someone possible port this over to consoles I love this mod but I want it on consoles you'll need to get permission from the author but I will be greatful

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