Find out whether the old Werewolf/Vampire Lord hybrid glitch still works in Skyrim special edition/remastered. How you can do it.. If you have any success and other ways of becoming a hybrid.

If you have any questions or successes yourselves please feel free to contact me or to leave a comment.
  • Psychotic Muffin

    how is your transformation so fast tho, mine takes a good 3 seconds to get the blur, plus another five to ten seconds to actually turn into the VL.what level were you? did you have an empty inventory?

  • Radical Ronin

    I became a vampire then it wouldn't let me feed so I tried becoming a werewolf to cancel it out but now I am both and I am blood starved and now it glitched where someone is agroed at me across the map and I can't find them or build anything

  • Marquez Wells

    What mods are you talking about

  • Wretched Abyss

    you have to revert form when outside of the underforge and ask serana to turn you back into a vampire. when she does, you'll have both forms.

  • Dier Kram

    Just wanted to let you know that I just did it on the PS4, you need to turn into the vampire lord inside where you drink the blood, fight buddy as s vamp when's he's down drink the blood & transform like before then run like crazy to your breeze home turn back into human then get Sarana to bite you as your turning into a werewolf again & it should work took me a while to figure it out but don't like mods so good luck ;)

  • Dylan W

    if you're trying to do this all you have to do is hit the buttons at the same time and if you're lucky you only turn into a vampire lord instead of a werewolf then you were performed and talk to Serena as she should be your companion and ask her to turn you back into a vampire and then you will have both

  • Flvcko Veli

    What's the name of the mod

  • Cody demon the yt Taylor

    did u Serena to bite u after doing the glitch

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