Skyrim Mod: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

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Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

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  • John Doe Metro

    I'm new to this. How do you bring up the menu? is it in the console commands?

  • Entrisen

    Why are the NPC's in this video so god awful ugly?

  • Jesus Mangas

    Why do everybody hate nazeem? He is just... a f*cking asshole

  • GameZedd01

    I married Ysolda, she's pretty!

  • JaddyBow

    Is it compatible with the Immersive Citizens ?

  • Prefekt

    What Graphics card do you have? And how is your skyrim so smooth?

  • Pizza

    Im on special edition and I cant find the mod menu!! Help please D:

  • Choky

    God Damn. Why do you need Hearthfire for that q_q

  • JW Money

    "the file is hidden" when I click on the link to it. What's up?

  • Drăcușoru'

    What graphics mod do you use? It looks so crisp and lively :P

  • Jaron Azelas

    > Video showcasing mod about NPC dialogue> Doesn't have a single clip of the new npc dialogue in the video10/10 super useful

  • Kyle Tee

    not available anymore

  • Kaybe Dragonborn

    I don't understand why you don't get as many likes or subs you have become just as great as other mod reviewers if not better at times. But then again you don't seem to be a pervert like some others

  • Jochum

    Should I install FCO (follower commentary overhaul) or RDO (relationship dialogue overhaul)? I can't decide, I just want to make my followers really come to live. Thanks in advance.

  • Ghostly

    How many more mods until they gain sentience?

  • The Anti Brony

    Why do people still push this nonsense that Lydia becomes this sarcastic person when you ask her to trade items with her?Do you people even know what "Even Toned" means?

  • cleon24769

    1:21 That screen cap of Nazeem captures him perfectly. Like, he's secretly jealous of some foreigner from Cyrodiil for being so much more successful than him after only, like, one month running around Skyrim screaming gibberish at dragons.

  • Fajeth88

    Instead of babbling non stop you could just showcase the fucking mod :/

  • GeonExMachina

    can you review [Friends in Skyrim] mod. Is it compatible with any other mod?

  • TheBrain

    wat enb were you using at the time

  • Monolithic8

    It seems this mod disappeared from for some reason :/ A shame, I was very much looking forward to using it

  • Grant Walter

    Anyone know how to reset dialogue on Xbox? I accidentally told Mjoll that I was joining the thieves guild

  • i Werewolf

    will this mod work well with immersive citizens ai overhaul

  • Gyraz

    I like your voice, but if you are doing a mod about things the NPCs say please take pauses so that we can hear what the mod does

  • Tim Barnes

    I really wish this was on the ps4

  • Gabriel Carrion

    why isn't this in the mod store anymore?

  • Thatgamingidiot

    I got the ebony warrior as a follower from this mod lol

  • Koochie

    What ENB is being used here?

  • 光武 Ann智也

    The file is hidden .... if anyone got the mod please send it to me

  • Barbosssa

    Can you share the mods you are using. At 2:00 everything is so clear; the colors; the weather;

  • Ren

    Grrr I would love this as the repetitive lines drive me nuts but I do not have Dawnguard or Dragonborn yet only Heartfire. Soon soon!

  • Amy Sommerfield

    Great review, I too love this mod. It accomplishes so much with just one mod. Of course, watching your video I am reminded at how terrible vanilla NPCs look. Yuck!

  • Goji Crafter

    Does the mod conflict with the dialogue of custom voiced mod NPCs like Inigo?

  • Alexandra Schlegel

    can you still get this for regular skyrim? It's hidden on the nexus.

  • JJ 2567

    what is that song the end it sounds good

  • vanyadolly

    Housecarls will never refer to you as thane after you marry them?? D: My love life with Argis just got a whole lot more boring

  • Flying Pilgrim

    Do you still use Windsong for the faces? Or is it a different one in this video?

  • SoldierCyfix

    fuck nazeem....pompous cunt

  • VideoQuestEx

    Sound like a mod worth trying!

  • Mlg Bantz

    I love Jon battle born he just summaries nords of skyrim

  • ryarod

    Bethesda may never make an Elder Scrolls VI game. Mods like this raise the bar so high, it'd cost Bethesda their whole budget to supersede it.I mean, just imagine how much more Bethesda would have to spend on voice acting if they had tried to record this many lines in addition to those they already recorded.

  • AlexDeimling

    I need to know, what lighting mods are you using??

  • Ilyas Saidi

    I wonder why it was deleted off skyrim se on xbox one

  • Joshua Benn

    can i use this mod without dlc?

  • Li Yishan

    Girls, I use this mod to carry Ondoleamr's lazy ass with me all around Skyrim. You need this.

  • Kappa TriHardsen

    The author just hid it for some reason

  • John Ford

    I wish there was a mod that removed that damn clear trail from behind arrows in flight.


    Is this on console at all or will it be

  • Tawny Embers Mae

    I hope this doesn't screw up with the Inigo follower mod. I was told that if I want Inigo as a follower, I shouldn't get mods that mess with his dialogue. Is it possible I could turn off the mod specifically for Inigo but it still works for everyone else in the game?

  • July Chan

    I have a german version of Skyrim ;-;Is there a german patch or something like that? ;(

  • sarah nelsen

    how sad that this mod is hidden now...i was actually wanting to download this

  • bocconom

    Finally. I was so sick of Lydia, whom I married, continually call me her Thane. I was wondering how this works with mods such as the one that has additional dialogue options so that you are able to marry Serana.

  • Brian ONine

    How do you go into the mod menu ?

  • Matthew Cecil

    I don't appreciate you calling mod users "modders". I haven't created a mod and would love to be a modder someday, but I'm not. It's weird to call people things they're not... Should we call spectators of marathons runners? No. We're spectators in regards to modding.

  • Zxylo 5

    How convenient that the black guy is the enemy, the white guy neutral and the sexy lady the friend.Meh Nazeem deserves it anyway

  • Concerned Geek

    At least FCO doesn't require all the dlcs

  • darkdragonsoul99

    she is sworn to carry my burden my nice big burden

  • FortyOneAlpha

    not avaiable anymore :( may somebody give me the files?

  • Blind Truth INC.

    is this mod script heavy? and can someone explain me that i have the cutting room floor alteration effect, even though i didn't install that mod :(

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