Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 58 : Harvest Overhaul, Mage Backpack, FrankDema Travel BackPack

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 58 : Harvest Overhaul, Mage Backpack, FrankDema Travel BackPack

Mods covered in this video:
1. Harvest Overhaul (0:38) :
2. Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba (3:37) :
3. FrankDema Travel BackPack (6:48) :

Mods previewed in spotlighted videos:
1. Destroy the Thieves Guild - Final version (8:25) :

Mods partially covered in this video:
1. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival :
2. Immersive Armors :

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

Thumbnail image for this video is 'The Love of Talos' courtesy of xsbullx.

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual mods used in this video include:
1. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
2. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
3. Realistic Lighting Overhaul :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

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  • aPairOfSocks

    Gopher... Ive recently got Skyrim and Ive installed Id say about 70 or so mods [I could list  them all if I knew how] and one of them is Hunterborn. However, whenever I harvest meat from any type of animal that doesn't have default meat in the game, it crashes. Ive tried uninstalling it completely then reinstalling it but that didn't work.   Could you perhaps help me? :I


    mages backpack looks realy nice just wish the woodcutter axe and torch where on there to for cuz i play more like a battle mage i use magic and swords and shields

  • Munitia Blastpaw

    Alchemist isn't really a class, like a mage or a ranger or a spellsword would be. It's in the same vein with say, speechcraft or lockpicking. Just a skill that helps you along the way to saving the world.

  • 1717brandon1717

    the mage backpack will only increase carry weigt by 69 won't it (it weighs 1)

  • Keith Hall

    Gopher,,, I can't believe you never went with alchemy in Oblivion. No matter what race or style, ie mage, worrier or stealth, alchemy was always the first skill I would master, whether a major or minor skill. You could make some really potent and even amusing poisons. Not only that, you could make some strong feather potions that were stackable, ie you could drink up to 4 back to back and raise your carry weight to over 2000 which is nice if you pick up EVERYTHING like I do. If you ever play Oblivion again, I strongly suggest you try the alchemy. My current xbox play through (not modded) I have all 4 master apparatuses which cannot be bought, they have to be found, that is a first for me ^_^.

  • WarMachineGX

    Hey wats the mod for tht menue called?

  • Drossel

    What is the mod for the backpack you showed at first, pls?

  • jos verdegem

    2:24 lol what did he say?

  • Adam Kir

    I haven't tried alchemy because humping the hills and forests in search for proper ingredients is just too tedious for me, and it also ruins the flow. With this mod I might look into alchemy

  • Midnight_Phantom

    Where do you get the mages backpack?

  • PixiL | Zero -PixiL Recruiting!

    Cant use that mages backpack. It belongs to the Mytic Dawn,*Dunnn donnn duuuuuuuuuun

  • C G

    Gopher, if you read this, what changes did you make to your ini to fix your shadows? I recently started playing again with a fresh install and cant remember what my settings were; but shadows look like garbage like yours at the beginning of this video. Thanks.

  • Gaming Redneck

    What mod is it when you can get satchels that makes your carting capacity better

  • OG Kxng Shadow

    can you actually store items in it?

  • Golem.jch

    That is the Einherjar Armor.

  • Urban Wolf

    I'm Role playing an Imperial Legion Soldier. The Mage's Backpack looks like a soldier's pack. I might try it out.

  • J'zin-Darr

    That mage backpack looks like it would be very unfriendly to bow users. A shame, J'zin-Darr is not willing to give up his bow, no matter how good a backpack is.

  • Oniigoh

    What was the first armor mod shown with the dragon shoulder pad?

  • Hellisan12

    I always thought it was interesting that you would want to harvest on horseback, when you do seem to be interested in realism and immersion.  I am enjoying this series immensely even though I'm not a PC player.  Maybe someday I'll take the plunge and buy a good system.  Thanks Gopher.

  • Hans Johnson

    Gopher try the Bandoliers mod

  • Urban Wolf

    This is a good immersion mod. Think about it, it doesn't make the game too easy, OR remove the need to scavenge. In real life, if you see a apple tree absolutely overflowing with big, juicy red apples, and you pick an apple, do all the other apples disappear ? No! If you see some good ol' 'shrooms down on a tree, and you intend to pick all of them do you only get one if there are like 5 visible ?

  • LilFlame2001

    It doesn't give you 2+ nirnroot does it? Also do any of the backpack mods, or the bandoleer mod give the option to not increase the carrying capacity?

  • Kaleido Cat

    its hard to believe this was 3 years ago..

  • TheInternetBully94

    What does alchemy have to do with mage?

  • TheDeadWarlord

    if you got more skills in alchemy theres a perk that u get 4

  • JAY

    How did u cheat to get it?

  • Elle Bauhaus

    This is a bit late, but for everyone asking about improving shadows, in your skyrimprefs.ini in your games folder is what you want to tweak. iBlurDeferredShadows=7 will give you really awesome shadows, along with tweaking other things under [SHADOWS]. It will affect framerate though. Any ENBs will give you pretty shadows. Before you tweak it though, make sure you back up the file. Adding lines like bDrawShadows=1 also helps, but I've only done that because I installed an ENB.

  • Travelhat

    What is the flower/ingridients respawn rate?Seems a little bit gamebreaking if they simply respawn everytime you re-enter the area =/

  • TheUnamedHero

    Yeah, i don't like the harvest overhaul for the reason you give Gopher. I like to get the perk to harvest more & don't want to have such large numbers of ingredients, as making too many potions = harder to sell them all at higher levels of alchemy.

  • Hmph Charles

    Does anyone know where to get the magica powder? if anyone could help i would be thankfull :D

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