Skyrim Dawnguard DLC - Bye bye sun!

This is what happens if you shoot an arrow at the sun!

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  • Majin Kid buu

    So are we not going to talk about how without the sun all the planet life will die which will eventually kill all the animals which will kill all the humans and eventually kill all the vampires

  • ZireX Bolt

    Yes, and I've not realized 1st space speed , arrow mass and gravity force

  • asylumkonata

    "WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE" "hmm, what?" "LOL peasent" "oh, you're that mage"

  • Furkan Arslan

    Sun is gone forever ?

  • godagarah

    That sun just got c#%$ blocked xD!

  • Alec Juztine Delacruz

    This Auriel's Bow is Quite Useful Cause Im Using Better Vampires ModAnd I can't Go Outside During DayTime cause It BUrns mY vampire skinNow i have this bow i Blackened skyrim with Auriel's Bow

  • read this comment

    sun goes red And what does the empire do? NOTHING!

  • Samson Brenks

    Doesn't it work with without the aurial bow?he shot at it with a blood cursed arrow and can't you get blood cursed arrows from serana?

  • Mert Dümbek

    adanada güneşe ateş ettiler ama böyle bişey olmadı

  • Aciadien

    what does it change?

  • Cole Fell Down a Hole

    that's the blood sun I once did it it was kind of scary

  • Eric Gustafsson

    will the sun always be like that?

  • Jedi Gallifreyan

    You're both working off the assumption that Nirn is a planet in a solar system like Earth's, and that their sun is a star.

  • 23blackfire32

    the game is not on earth

  • Lord Penguin

    They should of had more scripting of people freaking out if you shot the blood cursed arrows at the snow. SO many are just like "oh look the sun changed, no biggy, so do you go too the cloud district often?".....BREAKS THE IMMERSION!!!

  • Timberwolftrass

    there is strong evidence that nirn is indeed a planet with the sun being a star. remember the dwemer orrery in the imperial city?

  • Taya Castley

    In Dawnguard, don't you get like some sort of quest from Serena and then at some point she will give you an arrow that does that to the sun? Or is that some sort of mod?

  • Timberwolftrass

    you do realise that you are trying to bring science into a setting, where magic, gods and the supernatural are proven, established and regular occuring facts. you do realise that, don't you? given these circumstances, i dare to say that science works a lot different in the elder scrolls universe than ours...

  • TroughStruggle

    vampires are no longer "nerfed" during daytime

  • TroughStruggle

    open console give yourself 1000 of that arrorws. profit

  • jefthereaper


  • BubbaYoshi117

    I like how even with the sun blotted out, Heimskr still rants on, and Nazeem is still an asshole. I'M THE FREAKING DRAGONBORN, YOU D BAG! EVER BEEN TO SOVNGARDE? OH, WHAT AM I SAYING, OF COURSE YOU HAVEN'T! Sorry. Two years of pent up irritation at that guy.

  • AnimatorLinden

    holy fuck i didnt know you can do that

  • Falling Pictures Productions

    Now it's time to link that Vsauce video on 'what would happen if the sun disappeared?'

  • Jedi Gallifreyan

    We know for a fact that the sun is a hole ripped in the fabric of Oblivion surrounding Nirn, made by Magnus when he escaped creation. "Outer space" and "Oblivion" are the same thing; the words "planet" and "realm" are interchangeable in TES. Planet is a realm is a plane of reality.

  • ThePieMan

    Skyrim used to be bright, but then it took an arrow to the sun.

  • Crazy Serb

    It doesn't work when I try. Please help

  • Devlin the periodic dominator

    How can a tiny arrow travel over a million miles to the sun? XD

  • The Great Gamer (tablet 2)

    How were you able to see the sun? I couldnt lol

  • skyhawk00787

    Imagine if Auriel's Bow existed in real life and someone used it to shoot at the sun on the predicted doomsday in 2012, the world would shit itself out of orbit!

  • oskarschindlerHD

    "With a sky like that, you know something is bound to happen""Problem?""Do you get to the cloud district very often?"

  • asylumkonata

    "WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE" "hmm, what?" "LOL peasent" "oh, you're that mage"

  • N man jenkins

    That only lasts until the next morning.

  • ZireX Bolt

    seems like 8 minutes goes very fast in this game ; and the arrow speed and the air and atmosphere's resistance is nothing in this game ; and 150mill km from Earth to sun is nothing in this game ( arrow will fly to the sun ( if not destroyed by atmosphere) average 36m/s : S/V = 150000000000m/ 36 m/s = 133 years) Where is the fucking logic?

  • Thorus Zwolf

    I think this song should play when you do this xDSoundgarden - Black Hole Sun

  • Lunar's Tale

    I love doing this! its so pretty...

  • Edgy Memelord

    i wish i could do this irl

  • A Chicken

    How long does that last?

  • Ekrem Sari

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? lol

  • Irish Drunks

    Bubba Yoshi 117 Just Kill Him With Kindness! Witch To Me That Is The Most Op Shout, Master Destruction Spell Aka The Sith Lighting Bolt And The Bow To Kill Him And Then Ask That And Say.. Have I Told You The Definition Of Insanity?!

  • romantic340

    I just recently got the bow, it seems to make the vampire population grow, still don't know the full downside using it, but i'm sure i will find out soon.

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