SKYRIM - 5 Aedra Secrets (Elder Scrolls Lore & Facts)

To honor the release of Skyrim Special Edition, today I'm bringing you all 5 Aedra secrets (along with a couple of Daedra secrets on the side) you may not have known! If you've every wondered how the world of the Elder Scrolls was created, hopefully this video provides some answers!

Most of these facts delve pretty deep into Elder Scrolls Lore. If you have any questions, feel free to ask down below. Otherwise, enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the games, soundtracks, pictures, etc. depicted in this video. All rights go to Bethesda Softworks and their respective owners.

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  • TheZombiesReanimated

    The Khajiiti panheon is implied to be kinda full of shit, so Alkosh is probably just a corruption of Akatosh.

  • Tejas Shringare

    And then you realise that that jyggalag knows all that happened,all that is happening and all that is about to happen,he is the most powerful in all beings lul

  • Lightning95

    u r forgetting about parthunaxx .. he said they both are the sons of akatosh and alduin is his brother

  • Jen McLeod

    Your voice kind of reminds me of Light Yagami’s English voice actor

  • Uncle Cletus

    Well something that people overlook is Ysmir from the nordic pantheon. If im not mistaken Ysmir is described as any hero who champion's for man kind and ascended to godhood. I believe Talos mantled Ysmir and shor is actually still around which is why the heroes of sovngarde tell you they recieved orders from Shor and not Talos.

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    I can't wait for Tosh Raka to invade Tamriel!

  • Cordel Young

    Just a note : when you said that all the dwemer disappeared that was not true, there was one dwemer in oblivion at the time of the disappearance and he can be found in morrowind

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