How to Get Lydia back in Skyrim - Xbox/Ps3 /Pc

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I noticed a comment on my video saying how to get lydia back on xbox or ps3. So this is how you do it.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get lydia back if she dies or runs away. This is for xbox and ps3 and it is harder to get her back on the console. Since the consoles don't have any console they can type in, the pc tutorial won't work. All you have to do is type a quick command and that is all! If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe, like and share!

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  • kickboxx

    If this doesn't work, aquire a different companion(ex. farkas in the companions quest line, or any other sword for sale). this will dismiss lydia and she will return.

  • Victor Castro

    my lydia died from the falmer 😑 I got too much shit on her and I can't carry it either

  • Noah Hinson

    Can't find her body I murdered her because I tried to duplicating armor that was dadric armor and I couldn't get it back

  • Luis Sanchez

    It didn't work I checked every where we where fighting a frost troll and I shouted at her and she died rip lidiya 2017-2017

  • Captain K

    So what if you do know she is dead and you find here in the tomb?

  • Dark Angel Gaming

    she died but not in the hall of dead

  • javier silva

    what if you kill her accidently when fighting a draugr

  • Cocomut22 AJ

    How do you find your house if you lost it?

  • Ryan Patterson

    Or if u told her to part ways dawnstar sanctuary she will stay there

  • Joshey Josh

    I accdently shot her in Tue back when she ran in fruit of me and killed

  • Zuccini Ziplers

    my Lydia died by frost troll. Is she gone for good? I can't go back to whiterun just yet because I'm on a quest :(

  • WarusFrist Froul

    Can some one help, Whenever I tell lydia to leave she keeps following me ,plz HELP im on Pc

  • Hazma Fire

    My lydia is dead but i couldnt find her in the catacombs, what now ;-;

  • rodrigo suarez

    But what if she is dead and you find her at the catacombs how do you resurrect her?

  • Daniel McDougal

    I haven't played skyrim in years and I completely forgot that I had a house in whiterun so I went crazy looking for Lydia I looked in every single place that this guy mentioned except for the house. So I come back to me house in whiterun and she was right there the whole time.

  • coldfeatgaming

    what if ur on stormcloaks and whiterun is dead?

  • A Person

    Last time i saw her i got attacked by a dragon in Ivarstead

  • JaqkiD

    Well there's always janessa. lololol

  • William Bentley

    Who here shouted her off a cliff?

  • awel a

    Is this work for farkas?? Please i gave many of my items for him

  • Ben Douglas

    Mine is not dead but I can't find her

  • Pure Bred Memes

    You don't have a explanation on how to get her back when she is dead? How do you bring her back to life?

  • Robert Vermeulen

    My lydias dead lying in my house

  • J El Ingles

    Why don't you say in the beggining if shes dead you can't have her back. i seen her die, i looted her body.

  • vincent trigg

    What happened with me is i started fighting some enemies and she had a habit of walking in front of me...She also had a habit of disappearing for a while until i fast travelled somewhere, also very annoying.So i thought it was one of those times that she ran off somewhere to attack... little did i know, since it was nighttime in the game, i accidentally killed her in battle... and because i thought it was one of those moments that she ran off i saved over the older save. And my only other save was 10hours of gameplay previous. So if i wanted her back id have to play 10 hours that ive already played and try and redo everything i did besides killing lydia accidentally.I didnt even know she could die because enemies couldn't kill her...

  • Mentlegen

    i killed in a mosh pit :/

  • Accuracy Goals

    I was sneaking up on someone with the blade of woe and her dumbass got in front of me and i killed her

  • Tommys Baked

    would you have to wait any amount of time?

  • Yogurt Cup

    R.I.P lydia killed her myself as a sacrafice to the daedric gods then i raped her cold dead body ive been trying to get her back so i can do it again

  • Frogjumper96664

    Last I checked my Lydia was killed by a Betty Netch

  • Sam Sammy

    my lydia is not dead. she dissapear at the horn-thing mission (greybeard mission). and after i meet the inn keeper, and about to go to fight the dragon. and boom. she dissapear

  • Roa Eden

    I made a mistake. I killed my Lydia fighting a dragon in Riverwood she is currently dead at my feet

  • Haley McClure

    This helped none. She was killed fighting with me and I came back to Whiterun. I checked the Hall of Death, Drangonreach, and my house. She wasn't there.

  • Crazy Ducky Gamer

    I was doing a quest that needed me to kill alot of dragon's and I was low health and didn't wonna die and I herd someone behind me and Swan my mace as I was turning and killed Lydia and now I can't find her D:

  • Art. Dragon

    but what if she just strait up went missing no trace or anything

  • TheCatPlays115

    my lydia died in some Dwarven place I think I accidentally shot her with an arrow I took almost none of the loot that I gave her and I got overencumbered so then I just left her dead body there and then I got kharjo :-)

  • Daniel

    I literally have no idea what happened to her we went to College of winter hold and then to kill the first dragon for Delphine after that I lost her

  • Dumbkid 11

    She isn't in dragonsreach, my house, or the catacombs

  • Rexie 2521

    I was mid fight, I saw her on the ground with an enemy in front of her. Let's just say the enemy survived a few extra seconds.

  • TheBlazingArrow

    i had full daedric armor on her...

  • AyeItzEclipse

    R.I.P Lydia. She's dragon food.

  • Cocomut22 AJ

    She wasn’t in the hall of dead or in a coffin she wasn’t in dragons reach and I can’t find my house even if I have one?

  • Deathstroke Stratz

    My Lydia died from a wolf

  • Wrench DeadSec

    i used all 3 words of Soul tear..

  • Ubera Maximus

    I lost Lydia after murdering Ulfrics traitor ass, gained Hadvar stalking me in Whiterun until I finally got him to go away.

  • The Trend

    I watched someone Thum her off a mountain ;( so hard to watch

  • korbin anderson

    R.I.P Lydia I tried killing a frost troll at level 8 and accidentally shot her with a bow

  • Piggus Gaming

    I need to go to the catacombs and apologize to her for using storm call

  • Daylight Luna

    R.i.p lydiaKilled by me missing the Lurker. My poor sweet lydia.Gone because of me,How will i live with myself?I killed my future wife

  • fuck you endeavor

    Don't call this getting Lydia back if she dies if you're not going to get her back if she dies

  • Clorox Bleach

    The video description is false. If she is dead, she won't come back...

  • Captain K

    I know shes dead. I have a picture of her body and I love her. I miss her. I need her back.

  • Conor Greeves

    I killed her with the storm shout

  • Tyreke Hetzel

    I wanted to marry Lydia and I wanted till dawn and it said the follower left for wedding and when I went inside the bee and barb place and she wasn't there and the priest was "busy" and everyone just congratulated me. And then I failed cuz it was bugged and now Lydia is missing

  • XGN Hollow

    God Lydia you scared the SHIT out of me no lie

  • Elite _fighter1000

    The falmer killed my Lydia while I was doing the main quest where you get the elder scroll

  • RLJG zr069

    uh, the title says console, but this isn't console

  • FaZed_geo 123

    Who the hell would kill Lydia other than yourself I tell you whoFreaking Alduin ffs

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