How to Get Lydia back in Skyrim - Xbox/Ps3 /Pc

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I noticed a comment on my video saying how to get lydia back on xbox or ps3. So this is how you do it.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get lydia back if she dies or runs away. This is for xbox and ps3 and it is harder to get her back on the console. Since the consoles don't have any console they can type in, the pc tutorial won't work. All you have to do is type a quick command and that is all! If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe, like and share!

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  • NeonTime

    So I went to go kill one of those petrified blood dragons and as it reanimated, another dragon spawned in. Idk how because I have trouble just killing one dragon but Lydia and I fought off two at the same time. By the end of the battle, I picked up enough dragon remains to leave my inventory 100 over its limit. There wasn't a thing I could drop that wasn't super valuable or part of the set of weapons and armor I was currently using...and so I walked at an encumbered speed down the mountain and all the way to my house in whiterun which took me about two real life hours to do. The most trouble I got into on my long crawl was a group of bandits. I thought I was fucked because I was slow as shit but luckily for me, some nearby giants intervened and beat the shit out of them. I eventually made it home and that's when I realized Lydia wasn't around. I went back to the mountain where her corpse laid on top of the skeletons of two deadly dragons. She died a fucking bad ass and so I wished to

  • paulsenior33

    I lost Lydia at Winterhold fighting ice wraiths and I can't find her body. It let me pick a new companion so I figure she's dead.

  • Victor Castro

    my lydia died from the falmer 😑 I got too much shit on her and I can't carry it either

  • Harald Ulrichs

    Wait so if she's dead you go to Whiterun catacombs and you find her in Whiterun normally when she's alive? Because I found Lydia's dead body in the Midden and she died a long time ago.

  • Daniel

    I literally have no idea what happened to her we went to College of winter hold and then to kill the first dragon for Delphine after that I lost her

  • zander maurer

    I tried to kill some whiterun guards but Lydia was blocking the way

  • Police Ok

    Mine died but she's not there

  • Martin Aispuro

    how to get lydua back I skyrim ot in

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Idk how but she got killed by 2 draugr wights

  • MooN Chillz

    I accidentally told her to wait somewhere what do i do now

  • Wrench DeadSec

    i used all 3 words of Soul tear..

  • Sam James

    Thank you for this I feel lonely without her haha I found her in dragonsreach

  • i like squish doggy

    my Lydia died by frost troll. Is she gone for good? I can't go back to whiterun just yet because I'm on a quest :(

  • AyeItzEclipse

    R.I.P Lydia. She's dragon food.

  • An Arrow In The Knee

    i am see everyone say the same thing about her being dead but they don't try it, i freaking did this and it did nothing, i waited, i fast traveled, i even got a letter from the jarl saying she was dead, this did not work, it is just a myth probably.FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T READ ALL THAT ARE TOO DUMB TO KNOW WHAT IT MEANS IF LYDIA IS DEAD THERE IS NO GETTING HER BACK FULLSTOP

  • WhyAreYouMeanToMe

    When I killed mirrak she disappeared

  • FirekidFM

    "unless you kill her herself, who the hell would do that?"umm.... it wasn't on purpose...

  • Gump's Videos

    I swear I looked all over. The catacombs, my house, the castle! I waited a week like you said and she still hasn't shown up! PLEASE HELP!

  • colzbroeffect boss

    Being Dragonborn I had accidentily killed her with my voice. You see, there was this Drugur Death Lord and I used my unrelenting force shout on it. I had no idea enemies could take damage from the shout if they aren't shouted off a mountain. Lydia fought with her life, she fell weak and was defeated by the voice. Good thing I'm building up my new character and I'm only level 14. Would've sucked if Lydia died with valuables on her.

  • CamzillaGaming

    I accidentally killed lydia while doing the ring of hircine quest because she got in the way and when I hit her it entered the Insta kill animation

  • aaa aaa

    I just found lydia... in helgen... ok so i tríed to go to my heartfire house and accidentally clicked on helgen and she was walking like nothing was happening

  • Connor Egan

    mine died in solstheim,

  • Raymond Rowlett

    She was not dead, not in dragonreach or my home :'(

  • WotM8

    She was killed by a fucking frost Troll. She took so many hits and finally he just walked passed her and she fell and died.

  • Angel X

    If she died I can't get her back right ?

  • Vetrenox -_-

    Rip Lydia i had her with me about 40 min intill a snow yeti killed her

  • everything and nothing

    The storm call shout killed her and now I am sad

  • Beastlymango 420

    she has my dragon armour

  • Luke Daly

    So I kind of gave her krosis, and then whirlwind sprinted her through a wall of my home. Waited decades in game and looked everywhere... she isn't coming back is she?Also had a peek through the wall modding the save and cant find her. Stumped.The main save cant have mods and on xbox one. What to do?

  • VRX Fuzion

    my Lydia is dead and her body is in riften. can I still get her back

  • Joshey Josh

    I accdently shot her in Tue back when she ran in fruit of me and killed

  • Crazy Ducky Gamer

    I was doing a quest that needed me to kill alot of dragon's and I was low health and didn't wonna die and I herd someone behind me and Swan my mace as I was turning and killed Lydia and now I can't find her D:

  • BURNZY187

    My Lydia died helping me fight a dragon, she died pretty bad because i looted her body afterwards does that mean shes gone for ever ;(

  • Bonecrusher Wyatt

    My follower died by a trap

  • WaVe TRiKZ

    I'm playing on skyrim SE On Xbox one and my Lydia isn't dead and I own a house but she isn't in it either She also isn't in dragonsreach

  • HashSlingingSlasher

    My Lydia die when fighting a dragon now I can't get her back

  • Darche 61

    I think mine's bugged out and she disappeared...

  • potterwholock7

    literally can't find her anywhere. she got in the middle of a group of bandits we were fighting and I accidentally killed her with my flames. not in the catacombs. not in dragonsreach. not in my house.

  • ToTsC Twinkies

    my lydia got rekt by a dragon preist bro!

  • TheBlazingArrow

    i had full daedric armor on her...

  • Walison Lima

    DUDE!!!I'm almost back 5 hours of Gameplay...and she was in my home in Whiterun. Thanks a are the best.!!!

  • javier silva

    what if you kill her accidently when fighting a draugr

  • wyatt abshier

    I was mid fight, I saw her on the ground with an enemy in front of her. Let's just say the enemy survived a few extra seconds.

  • fool fool

    Doesn't help at all

  • Yogurt Cup

    R.I.P lydia killed her myself as a sacrafice to the daedric gods then i raped her cold dead body ive been trying to get her back so i can do it again

  • praise allah n valhalla

    would you have to wait any amount of time?

  • Pixelgamer 99

    Well i lost Lydia while Figting a giand hope One one of that Tricks is working

  • Tristan Mcanulla

    so i play on the ps3 and she died fighting with me against malkoran so does that means i cant get her back right lol

  • William Bentley

    Who here shouted her off a cliff?

  • Keelinghot Shot

    Can u not get her back if she's died she had all my stuff

  • Jason Shuman

    PoodsterGaming, I lost Myol the Lioness, my character's wife. Where would I look?

  • Meme Lord

    I accidentally killed lyidia and saved over my game and so are you telling me there is no way to bring her back on ps3?😢

  • Sam Sammy

    my lydia is not dead. she dissapear at the horn-thing mission (greybeard mission). and after i meet the inn keeper, and about to go to fight the dragon. and boom. she dissapear

  • Antonio H

    my Lydia isn't dead she's not in my home and isn't in the reach... anywhere else?

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