Skyrim: The most powerful and rare weapons/armor

Hey guys, once again I use the secret room to amaze you...but this time, I get to show you what are the strongest and most rare weapons you can find the game. Enjoy!
  • Defender Arcilla

    where is the room!!!?

  • Aguilar Crane

    For my best is Nightingale armor.

  • Zike Zition

    what is the armor in 3:25 - 3:40

  • Tubbypig115

    Is the mask from the thumbnail actually in the game?

  • Kelly


  • Kim

    Amaze us more where is this secret room with all the stuff in it.

  • Jordan Jones

    i want armor like that

  • Smikkel Beer

    Skyrim fashion shows be like

  • Markie Pena

    Is this now a fashion show

  • Nasyir Fitrialdi

    Is this a catwalk video?

  • Bobsterdan Math

    what is the second armor?

  • l love animals

    I have skyrim for the ps3 :)

  • Ben Jennings

    Most of these weapons are daedric artifacts, just get the quest and......BOOM

  • Tapy0nPC

    at 3:14 he had 666 carry weight

  • Daylon Thomas

    Aaayyy look it's a motel show 😂🤣😅😀

  • Scrub Club

    Found molag bal fairly easy though, i ran into the quest during the main story line. but yes 5 years ago Deadric armor was pretty rare if you did a playthrough without leveling up smithing, it felt way better to get a full set randomly

  • Connor Sydney

    3:31 ...I need that armour

  • Jooj Master

    lol im have vokun and im am in level 14 :V

  • just two dudes

    where is this vid about the secret room you showed? you couldn't link in this vid? seriously I can't find it.

  • Elder Pickle

    I gotta admit when I first entered the world of skyrim I would've thought these armours were awesome...Now I don't really care though

  • Houston Thomson

    None of this is rare it's all basic and quest armors and items XD

  • Ryan Debono

    when i get the game im gonna cheat everything in

  • Luthoratemybaby

    Talking about "I do it on the catwalk, the catwalk yeah" I do a little turn on the catwalk

  • Whiterun Guard

    You have committed many crimes against Skyrim and our people , what will set you in your defence?

  • William Ratliff

    Its not rare when you can build ir

  • 55 maltesers

    That noise in the background is horrible

  • James West

    How come my armor rating is lower then urs ??

  • ButtcheckDave

    Whats that hood and how you get it on 3:33

  • spiderbat 316

    im on level 10 and i killed that same dragon in the beginning of the video lol

  • i love dogs

    hi im from year 2017

  • Dark Wolf

    who else watching in 2017?

  • Ziggy Sapwell

    where is the locotion

  • andrea W1234

    I wonder how much carrying capicty he had.

  • Mr. Savage

    like a fashion model

  • Joe5 PAYNE5

    what are the second and third armor sets hes using?? ?? ??


    what was the first one?

  • NightMare Angel115

    just in case if anybody just want the mod and not watch the video its called "Alidon's ultimate armory"

  • Lucas Rodrigues

    I used to play this game 10 hours per day, then i took a arrow in the sweetroll of lollygagings

  • Soós Armand

    "coc qasmoke", and you can change your weapon.

  • John Sauls

    where did you get your armor

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