Skyrim-Top 10 custom Voiced Follower mods

Top ten custom voiced followers in Skyrim. Some followers on this list are vanilla NPCs given a make over and a new voice, while others are completely new and come with massive quest mods.
some followers were excluded from this list, one that have custom dialog but not being custom voiced instead but instead use vanilla assists . Followers like Valfar or Selene.
Now there are a lot of custom voiced followers who speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Etc and i will be making a list for them respectively in another video.
If anything its good that we can more then one top ten list on voiced followers, the more custom voiced followers we have then better :D!

There is just to having a custom voice acted NPC in your game, The unique dialog that they say no matter how simple it is really livens up your play through even on your seventh go. It's because of this i made this list, followers are a huge part of most of our games (unless you travel lone wolf style) even though this is the case most vililla followers lack depth and interaction outside of 50 lines of recycled dialog.

MODS used

10) Female Cicero :

9) Faallokaar - The loyal voiced dragon :

8) Mirai - the Girl with the Dragon Heart :

7 ) Maids II - Deception

6) Hoth :

5) Vilja in Skyrim:

4) Recorder - Standalone Fully Voiced Follower

3) Brhuce Hammar - Legacy :

2) Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower


song used (mid night meeting)

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  • My Hentai Girl was great the first few bit But after a while, she was rather annoying

  • eKane Pegg

    What the dickens? Where's Ulfrics daughter , the custom voiced countess , or jealous mardy bastard Evangeline who's scathing comments " you're a flower picker you are " make the game feel so much more immersive ? Harley quinn is good for a laugh too " you're nothing but a light weight loser ! ". But one detail you omitted to my gaming disgust , Mirai , you didn't mention she can summon dragons during a fight !! Mirai is the bomb ! Did you not get to that part with her ? cause that alone makes her number three.

  • Aylbdr Madison

    Protip: Don not put narration dialogue mixed in with follower dialogue. 12:33 Unless you lower the NPC volume.Inigo is my fave, and I sure wish people would make more custom male followers.Speaking of, Is Hoth a Nord?

  • Crazy Supercamel

    a lot of these made me. cringe. lmfao

  • Dakota Peralta

    "Good voice acting" >sounds like poop

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