Skyrim Mod: Become a Skooma Drug Lord - Skooming Skyrim

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Become a Skooma Drug Lord - Skooming Skyrim
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Background Music:
The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Uncle Sheogorath

    Go not to the Khajiit for counsel, for they will be smashed out of their ears. Now they're real great fun at parties, let me tell you.

  • Trey Craft

    Can you transport this to consoles?

  • Malgath

    now heimskr is skooma addict

  • Doctor

    A bit repetitive, mostly a grind. But that's alright, that's the price for money.

  • Zes

    ts not fix, idts. no such thing as levelx or skilx about it, say anyx and anyx can b perfx

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Funny thing is that the mod author includes a bit of Skooming Skyrim in his pirates mod.If you have both mods installed, once the Northern Cardinal is upgraded it will have a small skooma lab in the back of the cargo hold for you to "cook" skooma like you do at Goldenglow.A nice touch really, especially when playing a pirate character whose only motivation is stealing, selling, raiding, drinking/getting high, and flirting with as many wenches as he can find.

  • Tsar Gopnik

    "This......... This is not Skooma...."

  • nolaz010

    please tell me that if you make a bad batch your skooma lab explodes.

  • Christian jones

    Some one should like port this to Xbox

  • Tsar Gopnik

    NOTE: you better have all the DLCs.

  • Lord Seth

    I want this in Xbox one, I know this can work on Xbox, but it's up to the owner to port it ;(

  • That One Guy

    How did you say you could get your own moonsugar farm. It was a little unclear in the video

  • Austin Hammond

    Skoomers gotta skoom.

  • Dalo45

    what is the heisenberg hat and glasses mod

  • Meow Beech

    Can you please do mods that are playable on Xbox 1

  • DaLeanMaN

    we need this mod on xbox one

  • attack helicopterism

    Sucks that all the good mods are on Nexus and not on steam workshop.

  • BigBotherGR

    Is there a port of this for skyrim on the Xbox

  • snorkosaurus

    I can make a kajit voice any day, and I mean the oldschool morrowind one :D arrrrr what can this one do for u

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Inigo will not approve.

  • O.F. HeadOne

    Skooma, Skooma, Skooma.... Yeah baby.

  • MasterRazzerr76

    It Gulum I not E retard

  • Sloppy Slopes

    What I want to know is all of the game enhance files you use

  • nyesis

    "I am not in danger, Brodual, I AM the danger."

  • Dush Dj

    There needs to be a "Skooma Addiction" mod, where basically you can get addicted to skooma. You try it once then the side affects are weak, but for example if you have had it a lot, pretty soon after your last bottle, the screen will start to go hazy like when youre a vampire going into the sun (except darker), and the text in the upper left corner says "The skooma in your bag beckons for you, answer its plea" and the screen will get back to normal if you drink some and your stats are improved slightly, but only for a short amount of time. If ignored for long enough your player will slowly get slower like youre carrying too much or whatever, and will get sorta delusional. There could be an option in the mod options menu that adds the "realism" to it all. This means it will be like real life, if you get addicted, after a while of being addicted your character will slowly become weak and pale and all of the effects of drug addiction in real life (except this wont kill you, just impair your character and your progress) You will eventually get better if you ignore it for long enough, or see an alchemist. I dont know how this would play out but this might be an idea for a modder if theres not even already a mod like this.

  • [User_Name_Here]

    hahaha i didn't know this existed, so good.

  • Joey R

    I hate the same boring rhythm in which he talks in every single video....

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