Skyrim: Massive Fight in Sovngarde!

An epic battle of Good vs Evil! Who shall be triumphant?....NONE! Because the Greybeards turned on everyone and won. Who would have thunk...
  • Rubikscuber Steam

    Shaky cam increased to 100ⓨ Legendary

  • Trenton 2006 gaming

    After you complete companions the guards say there is no place like sovenguard yep no place like it

  • herogod00

    Arngeir! Your the highest leveled static enemy, WAT AR U DOING!?! xD

  • Christopher Teresi

    0:41 alduin comes in Move outta the way bitches

  • Captain SweetRoll

    100 nightingale sentinels vs 100 iperials

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Reinhardt

    Putting 10 greybeards was pointless as just one of them can fuck the whole of tamriel in a fight

  • Jinori Tyshio

    2:14 A sentinel just sat down xD

  • Katelyn Daley

    2:38that Nightingale is so.....calm!_also_I think the graybeards has gone crazy.....

  • DanielLike5Pie

    I love how it all happened inside instead of outside

  • Whipsters Idle

    Is there never a time you're not fucking zoomed in? Fuck me.

  • Asian Maniac

    When the Dragonborn is not home

  • kuba .06

    Draug lord (drug lord)

  • FodSpeed

    Non Fuck were given by Hero of Sovengrde that day.

  • Young Victor

    "Directed by Michael Bay"

  • abdurrahman khoirul

    How to make them figth each other?

  • Alessio Magnoli

    please can someone tell me which game is better skrim or dragon age inquisition?

  • DreeTheGodd

    Whats the point of this shit

  • Tyler Hall

    Everyone in the comment section Wow, how'd you do that??Rhexx BITCH I GOT DA MODS

  • Anton Gregory

    who won and great carmra shots 😀

  • Trenton 2006 gaming

    Where do they go when they die in sovenguard??

  • YayDude123

    "Destruction magic's fine, just don't go burning the whole place down."...MWUHAHAHAHAH

  • Rey Mysterio

    I laughed so hard when the bear went flying.

  • TwillsaanTv

    michael bay is this your doing?

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