Skyrim Mod: Inconsequential NPCs

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 Inconsequential NPCs

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  • Fuarian

    Question, can you adopt those Urchins? It seems so weird to have a kid named Urchin. 😁

  • Sam Lancaster

    Is there a mod that makes that bitch maven so nervous when she meets you because I don't know.. YOUR THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN ALL OF TAMRIEL AT THE TIME AND YOU CAN FUCKING EAT DRAGONS FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER so that bitch will be like "oh uh dovahkiin I hope the city's treating you well.. DONT KILL ME PLEASE" -_- I hate her so much

  • Ok rape you next week

    Too bad the mercenaries don't have names

  • tail feather

    Not all of these npcs are voiced well, but this mod is good overall. I'd recommend it.

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