Skyrim Mods #30: Dark Souls HUD in Skyrim

Replace your old boring HUD with a brand new Interface straight out of Dark Souls 3.

Customizable UI Replacer:

FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script - FISS:

Less Intrusive HUD II:

A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget:

Souls Quick Menu:


Dark Souls II "Like a Dream" by RoeTaKa on OC-Remix:

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  • Legit!

    Awesome vidoe buddy!

  • BrendanW

    10/10 would bang, thanks for the review my friend

  • Drake Natsu

    HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?!?!?!

  • yuio rtyui

    Uses a dark souls hud,plays on easy difficulty.

  • Mike h

    i can get the new hud working just fine but, im having trouble getting the health magic and stamina bars to toggle on and off with ihud turned on all the other ui features toggle just fine but, not the attribute bars if anyone has any advice i'd be greatful.

  • Elxdark1

    nice video :)Thanks for the review btw!

  • Cryo

    what is the lock-on-mod you use?

  • Just Veinczh

    too bright bruh , try heavy fog , dark fantasy overhaul , dark soul bgm , and heavy fog. voilaaa , your skyrim atmosphere was same like dark soul


    ¿ es compatible con el se ?

  • Lil Igloo

    No praise the sun at the end wtf :(

  • Roby in Flames

    do you have link for the animation mod? The way he holds sword on his shoulder

  • Diego Dio Brando

    In my game the hud is fucked up

  • XxDevilsOutcastxX

    Does the mod include the weapons as well as the armor? Because I just see the armor in when directed to the link

  • EndOv

    How did you change the symbol for the top corner, ik its a modded Matter of time but it is usually a wolf

  • EpixxGaming

    How do you get those clean icons on the hud? Mine just look like DS3 images and they look ugly.


    How did u get the souls menu to be laid out like that, mines in a square.

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