Skyrim - All Unique Jewelry Rings Necklaces Amulets


In this video I run through ALL unique Jewelry in Skyrim (Rings and Necklaces).
Let me know if I left any out!

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  • Scoobert Doobert

    j's are pronounced like y's in scandanavian languages. so its pronounced fyolti and fyola

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    This video is highly illogical // you sound like the guy from start track with all those pauses.

  • connorio O'Neill

    Where are you at the beggining of the room??

  • herogod00

    If the amulet of Gaulder isn't here, kill meEDIT: It is, don't kill me

  • CupOvTee

    Rings when he has nothing to say about, he the longest. wow o.o

  • Randal

    You know i can just get flowers and salt to take over the world

  • Firedogplays

    if you want to equip ring of the beast and ring of erudite equip one ring put the other in a barrel and use the auto equip button this should work and you will have both effects

  • William Graham

    my gauldur amulet just disappeared one time

  • Hannah Juhl

    ogmunds amulet of talos, madesis siver ring, calcelmos ring, and neloths ring of tracking are all quest related.  also, many of the werewolf and or vampire lord ring are only acquired by quest completions.

  • Blue Fire

    were do I get the necklace of bats and gargoyles

  • Neal the Ghoul

    Does anyone know what Fethis's Silver Necklace is? I have no idea how or when i got it but i do. And it's a quest item so i cant get rid of it. Please help!

  • Idonot Giveaflyingfig

    This guy needs to invest in a thesaurus

  • SwissMiss Piss

    You did forget the bone hawk necklace

  • Drake Sullivan


  • Ray Revolta

    0:48 Scorched Earth Erotica!!

  • miles 7448

    Okay well was the ring of beast leveled why I ask is because when your playing as a khajiit with an unarmed build the ring is what op

  • Elliot Johnson

    Good God I've played this game many times and haven't heard of half of these! Much research on item location is needed, thanks for the video

  • Matthew Burns

    What is the room called that he is in?

  • WildHogKing

    what about that one necklace you get in the dark brotherhood questline that you give to delvin mallory? it had a cool empire logo on it

  • Daniel Goodwin

  • Lil Scooter1400

    hey camel I'd like u to check this out if u would but it's your choice obviously but if u do happen to do so here's the details, you must go to alftand and reach the animonculory proceed until you get up the stairs and go down the spiraly walk way but before you jump down the ledge there is a door that will be behind you that you can lockpick pick the lock and proceed straight and there will be another locked gate lol once you unlock this look left and there will be a small dwarven chest and I found a necklace of disease immunity and I would like you to check that out because I find it super unique being the only disease immune enchanted item that I was allowed to destroy at an enchanting table and put it on other items hope you check it out and keep up the good work ✌

  • highnoon sos

    My amulet of articulation speechcraft is 20 how can i get speechcraft 35

  • Synnystar7322

    The browning intro ? :D :D

  • Death By Snu Snu

    Why even bother with the pointless quest rings with no interesting features... oh wait? You're telling me it makes the video reach the ten minute mark for more ad revenue? Carry on then.

  • Michael Dario Pellittieri

    I usually make OP charactors ...but I want to make a pure mage and no matter where I look I cant find the fucking ring,of recovery (100% magika regen ) and its enchant cant be enchanted ...>.< anyone know a good place for a high spawn chance ?

  • John Ellis

    Heres something very useful to know: There is a glitch where you can wear Savos arens amulet and the Gaulder amulet at the same time. But You have to put one on before other can be put on.Dont remember witch one.

  • Football Junky

    The most powerful ring you can get is ahzidals ring of arcana, their is a build on eso’s channel of it. I killed the ebony warrior on legendary in less than 25 seconds

  • Archbishop Edmund of Abingdon

    I've noticed the Gauldur Amulet can also be glitched. I don't know how or why, but you can wear it alongside other necklaces too. Per say, on top of a necklace of major health, which is awesome considering its enchantment.

  • Chitallic

    Do you dream in black and white?

  • Amster The master thief

    Who can you get the skaal amulet off?

  • Super Saurus

    missed an amulet! you can find in the jarl's longhouse in falkreath in a display case its the aincent nord amulet

  • Luke Harris

    what happens if you use the amulet of gargoyle and have the dual summon conjuration?

  • will riseabove

    without console commands can you get the ring of bats and gargoyles if you joined the dawngaurd?

  • smuteczekbiczo

    Wait isn't bone hawk ring craftable? How is it unique?

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    Personally I like enchanting my own rings, plus the unofficial patch let's you smith the Bone Hawk Ring, not only saving you the hassle of stealing it, but it gives you a use for the otherwise useless Bone Hawk Talons. Not to mention that they look badass as they can be seen outside of your gauntlet fist.

  • Jérémy

    Powerful Powerful Powerful Powerful Powerful Powerful Powerful, Excellent, Powerful Powerful ....

  • Nicklas Johansen

    What about that nordic necklace you can get in falkreath?

  • Bzorlan

    What's that sound at the end?

  • anonymous anonymous

    band of matromy is not unique you can get over a hundred of them for 500 gold and a lot of time (and a lot of weddings​) (rolls eyes)

  • M Melo

    Why is increased carrying capacity so important to people? Like just put your stuff in your house??? You don’t need to take 5 swords with you for a quest, just leave it at home

  • Marcel Roberge

    Having trouble reacting to things? Yes that's why people spend a hundred thousand on a camera that takes cool ass master slow motion shots. They buy those cameras because they can't react to things fast enough. If you honestly thought that's what the slow motion was for then you need to watch a basic common sense video before making another video. It's a cool ass feature. Having a half fight in slow motion is awesome assuming your activating the effect in the best time which is when the room is full of enemies, now you got a fucking action movie that you made on your own fucking screen if you choose to record it. Guy says because we can't react fast enough. Sounds like he's better than us and he can react faster than everyone. But completely missed the point about slow motion. I guess that's what you get from a guy who's like hmmmmm what video should I make today, Console command console command console command. I bet without research, he couldn't tell you where any of those items come from. Sad. Well onto an actual video or webpage list where you can get all this info in one minute instead of it being stretched out to make as much revenue as possible.

  • Nate Graves

    100 enchanting can create enchantments better than nearly all of these

  • Opals Bodhi

    Fuck. I sold enchanted ring. Didn’t realise it was unique. Almost all 😭

  • Cayden Hollands

    I found a ring that gave me 70pts extra health and I don't know where it was at. :(

  • marian mccrorie

    Ancient Nord amulet, you missed. it's crap though. you can't even use any of the enchants when you take it to an enchanting table. I thought quest items were not included in these videos bc "once you hand in the quest, they are no longer yours"... all the __'s amulet of x divine are quest items. and possibly moon amulet? kharjo. unless he gives the damn thing back to you as a reward for recovering it for him, which might make Skyrim sense.... are quest items included now? not trying to be a dick. there are also several rings that are only part of a quest.

  • Amazed Alloy

    Don't the gaulder amulet fragments count as unique

  • Galaxy Guard

    How do you get the Amulet of Articulation?

  • tawk1215

    Earlier today I was going to Belathor's in Whiterun only to find that girl Ysamdor behind the counter. I found this odd because she is always talking about wanting a shop. I looked at what she had for sale and it blew my mind. She was selling 2 rings. One had increase carry weight of 1000 for only 100 gold. and the other one was called: OP ring of carry weight 100000, for only 272 gold. I was speechless and I tried it out to see if it wasn't a glitch and it worked! I never have to worry about weight again!!!!

  • Jake Weaver

    Wait, didn't you say you play a vampire character? You should be used to no regen already. Iunno, that was something that always stuck out to me when I watched this video.

  • Tomislav Vinković

    In my opinion the gauldur amulet is the best amulet in the game.

  • Dovah Kiin

    6:50 "if you sneak up on them, this is useful"oh ya? sneaking in beast form huh. you have no idea wtf you're talking about

  • Christoph Fischer

    Bone Hawk Ring is craftable.Also all the crafting enchants are laughable. You can easily get 28% Alchemy/Smithing through enchanting. That times 4 is 112% better Alchemy/Smithing.You can go even Higher but it gets tedious quickly.

  • jerimiah hanson

    "I use alchemy to make money"He's a drug dealer

  • pattdmdj

    Wait how did you get that first ring?! I HAVENT COMPLETED THE SET!

  • Joseph McGuffin'in Kanalı

    bro where are you when making this video i mean how to find the golden statue of ysgramor

  • Professional Asshole

    Lmao i love when you give sarcastic and useless information about the enchantments lol

  • Jargon Madjin

    Oh yeah by the way, regarding the Ring of the Beast, it also affects your unarmed damage output

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