Skyrim Mods - Week 139 - Sabrina and Growing Up in Skyrim

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Intro by Fancypants:

Skysight - Simply Bigger Trees by fadingsignal
Sabrina-A stand-alone Mage Archer Follower by ilikeawp and qqending321
VioLens - A Killmove Mod by Reko
Growing Up in Skyrim - Alpha - WIP by MimiTheAlchemist
Gwelda Armor Pack UNP - UNPB by Deserter X

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • doctorino sixerino

    haha mxr, stop trying to download a dad.

  • Darkrai's Symphony

    The intro was basically what happens when a Dragon Soul sits in MxR's stomach for more than three days... and ISN'T given to power a shout...The only problem, my good man, is that you didn't let Braith feel the power of an Aka-taco to her resting bitch face.

  • DZerk

    3:14 that was soooo satisfying

  • Juan Bustamante

    Thank you for the wonderful videos. I whatch you 24/7 and you are like the only thing that cheers me up when I'm down. So just wanted to say, good luck. Thank You.

  • Nephi Henry

    3:25 so much blood! what mod?

  • vincent Bertucci

    That is not how ibs works lol no where near it lol

  • xxWolfGirlxx159

    LOL! Every time Alexstraza farts, it looks like she pooped her pants! LOL🤣

  • Eric Richardson

    Damn; growing up in Skyrim sucks! So does the fart mod. What a fucking douchebag coming up with this mod. What an asshole. Are all college kids this retarded now? No wonder they call them snowflakes.

  • Walt Man

    Those ARMS across the back... ouch

  • Boston Towny4life


  • LittleBlackStarify

    Is Sabrina custom voiced? I really want a follower my character can marry who is interesting yet pretty... Yes I have high expectations

  • Arpit Patel

    and her forehead has the code geass tattoo, jeez, what was the creator thinking?? x(

  • Classy Amateur

    i laughed at ibs so hard

  • Deathcam1012

    im suprised he didnt recognize the assasins creed logo on sabrina's arm

  • Benton Addison

    That literally made me laugh till I cried and began choking! It also set off a debilitating migraine, but it was worth the agony. I will be sharing this IBS mod with a couple friends.

  • bigfriki

    This man needs a woman in his life XD

  • MRcat

    Totoorotorotoototototototooooooooo immersiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmggggggggg wowowowowowow the trees are too immersive

  • A ghost?

    "all KINDS"

  • Unidentified Potatoh

    why is Pepper so small?Some say dwarfism.But I say, BLACK MAGIC!!!!

  • Marchanarch

    Anyone know what Female guard armor he uses?

  • Alucard

    "Look how real this mod is there is domestic abuse"

  • Neill Wylie

    This episode was funny as fuck.

  • Cyfier

    is that a geas code on sabrinas forehead XD

  • Prince Sheogorath

    I love how everyone runs away when you fart just like my friends.

  • Marco Bodt

    I had sabrina as a follower and she called herself a nord. XD

  • b d

    you ass i was watching this in class

  • Ginta155

    who els herd the dont stave theme at 3:00

  • Arceus

    1:51 assassin's creed

  • Arpit Patel

    that tattoo's from assassins creed arts

  • The_Only_Me

    He’s fought mud crabs tougher than you! No one said he beet them tho. He died...

  • anthony ########

    Well, I see I got scammed by the website... "Free and easy!" Five bucks to sign up. That is a false advertisement, It could and will get your website shutdown. bye bye now :3

  • Brandon Maclean

    Has no one noticed the symbol on sabrina's forehead?

  • Satan's Cyanide

    What is the armour in the thumbnail

  • Christian Petersen

    0:26 even the guards run in fear xD

  • Mathew Sautter

    I'm 10 I'm girl and now ima flipped

  • Nathan Jones

    yay now I can have IBS in game as well.

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