a Skyrim Story (Elder Scrolls Parody)

Dovahkiin runs into some problems on his way to save the world.


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Well, here ya go!
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!!! This cartoon was made with Flash 8 !!!
  • Zaboo

    Who could forget the classic "fighting a thing" moment

  • Semih Budak

    Someone please write down certain subtitles :/

  • sanic bash

    No, stop I'm just an oeld man!

  • AboveTable

    I didn't know there was a path to High Hrothgar; I spent at least an hour climbing up and dying over and over again.

  • Lovnish Garg

    I watched the gameplay demo. Dam man im dying over here!

  • Ndronikus Ri

    Dis is so awesome. Y no 2nd part??? Plz make 1 evn if it takes time

  • lorcan kelly

    "I watched the Gameplay demo" idk why that made me laugh as much as I did

  • mattopiiska miks

    At last!! I refound the thing that imprinted "yooou got the golden claaw" to my mind!! It's been years since i watched this yet that phrase haunts me whebever i play skyrim to this day. Was sure it was in fan animation. I don't think i ever commented before but this is a fun bit.

  • WardingBeetles307 //Anime, Gaming, Roblox, and more

    I dunno, this is basically my playthrough of skyrim.

  • Dragon’sScale Animations

    Because the Whiterun WatchTower is in Windhelm 😂

  • Dane Christian

    I actually like Jarl Bulgraaf never noticed him doing something weird with his hand haha

  • Katarina Hadzi Manic

    to moron who made this and uploaded it - i wish you slow and painful death in your own shit in your mother arms

  • Highcat 79

    “I GOT IT LIKE TEN HOURS AGO JUST TAKE IT” that was me when he asked for it

  • Dovahkiin

    BEst PAroDy If YOu ASk mE

  • Sr Mito

    This is brilliant! Nice work dude

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