a Skyrim Story (Elder Scrolls Parody)

Dovahkiin runs into some problems on his way to save the world.


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Well, here ya go!
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!!! This cartoon was made with Flash 8 !!!
  • Jakes Insanity

    "I watched the gameplay demo." Lol 😂🤣

  • Cuts-with-swords the argonian

    I can't get over how true this is.

  • Alison Vayne

    Hello! Awesome video :) Can I post it on our gaming Facebook pages (Main one is "Gamology-The best of gaming" : 4 million followers) or on our Youtube channel? I need your approval. I will credit you of course! :p Thanks and have a nice day, The Gamology Team

  • ThatWeirdGirl

    HeyheydeagonboreyougottacomeoverhereWho the hell was that guy?Love it 😂

  • first name

    5 years later and I'm yet to see a funnier animation on yt

  • IvanPlaysLOL :P

    going back to whiteruuuuun

  • Project Biology

    This video is scary when baked

  • m tousif

    shouting the apples , I did that , a lot !

  • Okamiobidala - The Temple Template

    Hahahaha side quest people needing attention XD killing meeeeee!!! Lmao

  • Okamiobidala - The Temple Template

    SO GOOD!!! The whiterun guard is Cleveland Brown!!!! SO GOOD!!!! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa! dies from major lols

  • William Gunderson

    Jarl Balgruuf = Sean Connery???

  • Okamiobidala - The Temple Template

    Oh my lord! That was amazing. Truly awesome 😁 Can't quite breathe from laughing 😂

  • Flaming Ryno

    Am I late to the party?

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