a Skyrim Story (Elder Scrolls Parody)

Dovahkiin runs into some problems on his way to save the world.


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Well, here ya go!
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!!! This cartoon was made with Flash 8 !!!
  • Iron Instinct

    wtf was this gay thing I just watched

  • Lolbit The Cute Fox

    greybeard: HEY HAY HEY COME ON OVER HEREme: 😂

  • Aksel F Frog

    This is beyond good! That outro tho xd Amazing!

  • Alduin Paathurnax

    this should of had 💯 million views

  • Mattman 23

    Oh there are some wolves up there nothing you cant handle oh wait there A FUCKING FROST TROLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Alduin Paathurnax

    Bandit: ALRIGHT OLD MAN GIVE US ALL OF YOUR MONEYCitizen: No please I'm just an old man!laughs Me: WTF WHY DID YOU LAUGH??????????

  • Renee m

    Hey I used to be an adventurerur like u then I took and arrow to the ...NO ..just stop

  • #RaccoonFunTime AndMyRaccoonFriends

    "Talk to me... please talk to me... JUST LOOK AT ME!!!" me trying to talk to cool kids at school

  • Some real Cringe

    I wanted write all my favourite parts but I can'tCuz I fucking wet my pants like every 2 seconds

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Funny thing the dragonborn didn´t get any fines for killing or stealing anything when you should have.

  • The Norse One



    This vid is funny and awsome im on the greybeards quest because i started again i cant be bothered to go up the mountain and when i did i got killed by a white wolf

  • BellaMetallicA

    I lost it when he ran on the table 😂

  • Jack Lewis

    No matter how OP you get in this game, the greybeards will always put you in your place.

  • Mulan Sensie

    Pfffft i used a horse to get to greybeards only 100000 times of horse dieing cause of falling

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