a Skyrim Story (Elder Scrolls Parody)

Dovahkiin runs into some problems on his way to save the world.


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Well, here ya go!
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!!! This cartoon was made with Flash 8 !!!
  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    No joke those wolves. As a low lvl player frost wolf can kill you easily XD

  • Cathal Christopher

    When I watch this it all ways makes me feel fuzzy on the inside

  • Lionel W


  • Alice Liddel

    I watched the gameplay demo gaahhhahaha that killed me xD

  • Peach Fuzz

    Still a classic, even now.

  • ZjebanyZjeb

    You hav mah SUAAAAARDUnd meh BOWWWZZZZ....Oh, yeah, here take an axe.oh sheeeeeeeittt

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    Ahh this makes me wanna play Skyrim again

  • SylveonTrickster

    (Males In Skyrim)v-v(Females Ins Skyrim/me) 0~0 Me:>:(

  • aphasforeva27 Aj

    3:50 me but the dragon is my responsibilities and anxietyThen the dragonborn comes in and kills the dragonThat represents me playing skyrim......

  • The Computer

    Y O U M A D E I T!!!

  • Thomas Talbot

    This is my favourite vid of all time

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    The fact that dragonborn's classic armor is iron is still hilarious to me. Not only can you get steel at lvl 2 meaning when you get to riverwood for instance and also iron looks ugly and is one of the worst armor sets in the entire game.

  • jaxon ramsdell

    i thought. youtube was a place were you make good videos

  • Midnight The Hedgehog

    Huh every time I hear the arrow to the knee like I drop a dagger on their head

  • Elgora Varka

    I just leave the dark elf with the golden claw run and he kills some draugr before he dies, giving me time to kill the badass draugr while they are attacking him XD

  • Nathaniel Ancira

    This could be in [adult swim] cartoon 😂😂😂 (💀skull)

  • B X

    So nobody finds that preacher in whiterun annoying?

  • Connor Ross

    Could you make more videos like this

  • Ebony Hound

    100% accurate tutorial

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