How to get into vampire castle skyrim ps4 (glitch fix)

This is a short tutorial on how to get into castle Volkihar for those who cant enter

  • bloodstained alyss

    I tried this a little while ago but now that I have all the scrolls and are ready to proceed It doesn't work! Now. that I've got the scrolls. And am almost finished. Fucks sake Bethesda check your privilege and just fix this shit!

  • Delneiato

    Amazing, this totally worked! Thank you so much!

  • Jeebs And Flashlightboy

    Sorry I'm bad at puns

  • AlphaArts

    I wish they would fix this already

  • Jeebs And Flashlightboy

    Well that's a lot better than regular plating the game

  • Michelle Boles

    Huge thanks for this fix. (XB1). Used it with whirlwind shout worked perfectly. Didn't lose any game time.

  • daniel

    Didn't have a plate so i used a bucket still worked tho

  • AlphaArts

    I wish they would fix this already

  • Hiking Variable

    I reaaaaaalllllyyy appreciate you guys This is my favorite dlc and I thought I was not going to be able to play is again Ty Ty Ty

  • Alex Tanner

    Worked for me on xbone thank you sooooo much

  • Joshua Shrum

    Dude you saved my fucking game I was about to delete the dlc but thanks to you I don't have to bring you are a life saver

  • AlphaArts

    I wish they would fix this already

  • Marcel Roberge

    I can't believe I have to quit skyrim because of this glitch. I was able to get in there once with a regular plate. Doing the exact same thing for way longer time and it's never working now. Even the ducking glitches don't work properly in the game. This is shit I'll never buy another Bethesda game again unless they patch this glitch. It's so sad that the game is this broken like why even put the door in the game. Why even make games if you don't awknowledge fans and fix bugs.

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