How to get into vampire castle skyrim ps4 (glitch fix)

This is a short tutorial on how to get into castle Volkihar for those who cant enter

  • Grungedude93

    this does not work at all

  • Joshua Wilkerson

    Bad news is you have to keep doing this though because the gate never opens!!

  • Ethan LaFleur

    so I got through the gate but it won't let me open the door...

  • Markus Moum

    Thank you!!! This was driving me crazy

  • Ronald Achille

    just did it with a plate, it worked, thanks

  • Notblade

    will I have to do this Everytime I have to enter?

  • Jimmy

    Not all heros wear capes

  • Soy Sólo Drey

    Thank you very much my friend, you saved my life, I thought I would never pass that mission, you deserve a lot of brother likes

  • PalmerDude Gaming

    hey man you should put the face cam on the bottom cause it looks less weird, but thank you for the vid anyhow, i was on xbox one when this happened and I eventually used a TCL ring that came with the cheat room because the quest debugger did nothing with auto select and i had no idea how to do that manually but the plate glitch is also super good for skipping whole dwemer ruins

  • Michael Nielsen

    Why don't they fix it?

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