How to get into vampire castle skyrim ps4 (glitch fix)

This is a short tutorial on how to get into castle Volkihar for those who cant enter

  • Shadow Seeker

    That door won't open I'm on the Nintendo swith

  • Schoko225

    Skyrim VR in 2018 and this bug still exists.Fuck you Bethesda.

  • David Zanin

    for me it's not being able to open the damn door

  • Jim Blackford

    Works on Xbox 1 also. Thanks for the help!

  • GrizzyLatrizzy

    I had to use a combination of multiple tricks.Holding a large Platter, I ran at the gate. As I started to clip through, I used Whirlwind shout, and passed through.

  • Scary Terry

    i thought i was the only one with this bug lol

  • X X

    Even after the gate stays locked though

  • I wish I was Patrick star and Mr krabs

    I worked thanks I keep getting. mad cause I couldn't. do it

  • g-na

    This game is like 6 years old and they still have bugs they can't fix. Thank you sooo much you just saved me from restarting everything <3

  • venezuela0076

    That happen in my PS3, thank you very much :D

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