SKYRIM - How to cure Vampirism

In this video I show you how to cure Vampirism. If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment or If you're still stuck send me a message. Hope it helps! :D

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  • dejan kostadinov

    what if i got infected second time at 42 lvl???i did this whit falion long time ago

  • Nick Terry

    Wont work for me he wont leave his house and im just sitting at the place he tellls me to be at

  • pg_in sp

    Ong thank you so much i was geting mad

  • Maura McCarty

    Idk if I want to be human tho I became the new queen after I killed serenas father

  • Master Gaming

    Thank u so much I don’t know how became a vampire I got Ariel’s bow then that happend

  • CreeperSpinxx

    I thought i fucked up in my game because i kept getting attacked . i was like wtf did i do i quit the game because i was pissed

  • EastSide Monkey

    Thank ypu cos ive been killing people theeeenn soul traping them

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