Skyrim Mod: Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

Skyrim Mod: Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

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From the mod description:
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim. The definitive perk overhaul.

Ordinator overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim with 418 perks to improve the depth and fun of building and playing your character. It accomplishes this in a lightweight, compatible and clean fashion.


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  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Well I like it , that tripwire perk tho (you place a tripwire on the gound and much more) but I use Skyrim Redone

  • Brainkill Gaming

    cool vid man, i love skyrim and its good to see people still playing it :)  would love to chat some time about skyrim mods.

  • gessie

    I was somewhat disappointed by this video, since it was the first on the Nexus list. It fails to show the more important possibilities this mod offers:You can be a necromancer with an army of skeletal warriors and mages, like in Diablo 2. You can become a true unarmed monk-like fighter using the Light Armor tree, which deals more damage as your movement speed increases and allows you to fire waves of elemental damage with each strike. You can be a dual wielding enchantment master, blasting away with two staves without pause. Synergies between different skill trees allows for highly specialized sneak play, thieving, murdering (whether by reverse pickpocketing a cursed coin, causing nearby NPC's to attack your target, or baiting them onto your trusty bear trap through mind control), new ways of making followers (long-duration reanimations, speechcraft charming, turning sleeping NPC's into dream thralls using Illusion) etc.Just as importantly, the top (100 skill) perks are incredible, and there are many decisions to be made. The enchantment one, for example, gives you the ability to put 3 enchantments at 150% power one single time (ever) on a single item. Many other skills also rely on game-changing choices, such as choosing an elemental specialty in the Destruction tree.Lastly, some of the top perks allow for further character growth. With these perks, you can trade 50k gold for a perk at any time, massively changing the impact of gold lategame. Attributes can be increased permanently by smithing expensive items.Post-lastly, you get to improve a single crafting station of each type through perks. This makes your home, your home. You can also summon creatures there with 15x or even 50x duration, to prepare.I can't make videos for shit, so I'd like to see an improved version of this video including these very important aspects.

  • GamerPoets

    I like the text on the screen showing what the perks do in depth. well done = )

  • vymnisowns

    Has anyone played with perkusmaximus and switched to this? How do the two compare?

  • OpenWorldAddict

    omg! I didn't know that this mod was made by my favorite gameplay ehancement mod author. I am going to have to give this a try.

  • Leto85

    I've taken a closer look at the Speech tree and I like it a lot that playing a Bard can be a valuable choice now. Also it unlocks more abilities for shouts.

  • Stop wasting your time reading my name

    Isn't ordinators was those special guards in morrowind?

  • Abuyin ibn Djadir al Sharidi

    This is unbalanced...Even when i put deadly combat, combat evolved and Sands of time+ obis (ofc on legendary)  especialy magick perks.

  • Name anonymisiert

    I don't get any perk points after a level up, even after sleeping. Can someone help me please?

  • Kappa hehe xd

    best mod review i have seen in awhile, even better than brodual's one IMO

  • Amrare Toshak

    This seems highly unbalanced... especially when compared to PerMa.

  • Zachary Damascus

    Superb review - concise, informative, and professional. Great work!

  • ZDninja

    I wouldnt mind watching in-depth video(s) of the perks of this mod. If you felt like it of course

  • 0bsidian95

    how good is this mod vs skyrim redone, and can i put both together (i don't have perkus maximus)

  • Haunted Abyss

    Idk I looked at this and it looks very unbalanced and OP!

  • Jamie Robinson

    I love this mod and I like how he explained it in a short moment of time buuuttttttt can someone tell me what he did to get those perk points? So far the only thing i have been able to do is find the id and then give myself it but I want to give myself the points so I can experiment on what is good and stuff. ya know.

  • Delma 22

    How can i install this mod?

  • supermonkeyCL

    wondering if it's compatible with Apocalypse (apocalypse does not affect perks right)

  • Shelby S.

    Switching to this from PerMa. Could never get the patcher to work correctly. Completely fucked. Hope this is better.

  • Michael_Keehl

    funny thing is - projectiles actually lose their damaging power with distance, so this makes no sense at all.

  • Karlo Schallibaum

    Lot's of interesting stuff in this perk mod. I think if the author tweaks it a little bit, particularly in respect to balancing, then it should be fine. I prefer to use perk mods like this one over huge overhauls like PerMa.

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